Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

There are some best scabies treatment over the counter that you can apply, going along with the home remedy treatments. Scabies may be caused by mite bites but you should never underestimate such a bite. It isn’t just a bite – it is a condition that gets worse because the mites will burrow themselves inside your skin and then lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the young scabies will go out to the surface of your skin and start over the cycle.

scabies treatment over the counter

Scabies and the Common Problem

Scabies are highly contagious. Someone who has scabies may transmit the disease to other people making contact with him/her. Because of the repeated cycle where the mites bite you and lay eggs on you and let the new eggs hatch for the new cycle, the only way to stop the problem from developing and spreading is to stop the eggs from hatching. You want to eliminate the eggs so new mites won’t come to existence and begin the cycle again.

Besides the scabies treatment over the counter, you can also try the natural home remedy solutions. The latter one may take longer time to show real results but it poses little side effects and risks. It is crucial, though, that you should always consult your doctor before making experiments with the home remedy option. You should make sure that you are completely fit and okay to proceed with the procedure.

Although some people believe that natural home remedy is the solution, you need to know that prescribed antibiotics is needed. Because of the unique trait of the disease, most doctors will suggest prescribed medication although they may also suggest the scabies treatment over the counter. They can determine what medication will be suitable for you based on your condition and the severe of your issue.

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The Most Common Options

Here are some of the most common scabies treatment over the counter options:

  • Eurax or Crotamiton. It is a scabicidal and antipruritic drug, which is applied topically. It is mostly used for kids or those with low immunity system. This solution should be applied twice or three times with 24 hours gap. If you want to enjoy faster result, you can apply the medicine and leave it for 48 hours – don’t shower or take a bath. Avoid applying the cream on your face.
  • Elimite or Permethrin 5%. It is a repellent for insect that can kill the mites. It is considered safe for pregnant moms and kids, including breastfeeding moms. It can only be applied once a week, unless your doctor instructs you to apply it twice a week.
  • Dr Scabies Cream. It is a popular option for doctor, containing jojoba oil and soy, including chamomile extracts. Once you have cleaned your body, apply the cream and massage it. Leave it be for a day before washing it off.

There are still more options that you can have but always talk about everything with your doctor, to prevent risks and side effects. If you do it right, your doctor will be able to suggest the right scabies treatment over the counter for you.

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