some medicine headache with how easy and cheap

some medicine headache with how easy and cheap

Here are a few ways to cure a medicine headache cheap and natural, the headaches became one of the most influential disturbance on activities performed in everyday. This condition certainly requires a solution quickly but with an overall efficacy without the hindrance of the same disorder again at a later date.
Well, for those of you who experienced headaches and confused should utilize drugs? We recommend that you switch on some healthy tips solution headaches naturally here.
Solutions for headaches


medicine headache

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drink the headache medicine

Cold water

Dehydration can be one cause of headache, so with a glass of cold water can help relieve the pain and help increase blood flow to the brain.


Coffee became one of the solutions to relieve headaches due to the caffeine in coffee is the main substance used as an ingredient of drugs such as aspirin and headache midol.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea has often used to help relieve headaches in a quick and instant.

Green tea

Green tea contain antioxidants and nutrients that can stimulate the brain and reduces the pain that one of them caused by stress.

Black tea

Black tea has been researched also represents the same caffeine in coffee to help relieve pain compared with painkillers. You can use black tea with lemon which will be very beneficial to relieve headaches quickly.


The scent of the peppermint turned out to be very useful to control the flow of blood in the body, thus giving the m’s a soothing effect. Peppermint tea will be the right drink to relieve da soothe headaches are usually caused by stress and sinuses.
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