Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

We will never know the best treatment options when we can’t track the stage 4 cervical cancer from the stage 0. So, we really need to know the stage of the cervical cancer before choosing the treatment options. There are many factors that influence or affect the treatment of cervical cancer such as the location of the cancer, the type, the patient’s age and her overall condition. One last thing is whether or not she has given birth. In this article, we will give the best treatment of cervical cancer especially for those who have stage 4.

There are two types of stage 4 cervical cancers by the way. They are stage 4A and 4B. Let’s check them all one by one below.

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

Stage 4A

This treatment option also works for stage 2B, 3, and 4A. The best way is by doing Chemoradiation. For the chemo can be cisplatin or cisplatin plus fluorouracil. Meanwhile, the radiation treatment can be external beam radiation and brachytherapy. It can also be both of them. It depends on the condition of the patient.

Stage 4B

Now, we are on the second type of stage 4 cervical cancer treatment option. It is called stage 4B when the cancer has been affecting the pelvis and other body parts. Unfortunately, this stage is not able to be cured usually. The doctors who handle this condition must stop the growth of the cancer firstly. It is by using chemo or radiation therapy. They also focus to reduce the symptoms. For your information, the standard chemo procedure of the stage 4B is to combine the platinum drug (cisplatin or carboplatin) and one of these drugs like gemcitabine, paclitaxel, or topotecan. The combinations of the drugs are necessary in order to help the patients. The Avastin or bevacizumab will be combined with chemo.

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 The stage 4 cervical cancer also needs some surgeries for the patients in order to eradicate the cancer. Most women must undergo these cervical cancer surgeries such as cryosurgery, conization, Simple (total) hysterectomy, radical hysterectomy, laser surgery, trachelectomy, and pelvic exenteration.  Here are some benefits of using surgeries or operations as follow:

  • To diagnose the location of the cervical cancer
  • To consider the possible treatment options
  • To know the spread of the cancer

Let’s check the types of the surgery one by one below.

Cryosurgery and Laser Surgery

This surgery uses a cold metal probe. The doctor will kill the abnormal cells by placing the probe to where the cancer is located. It will freeze the cells. This operation can be done in clinic. Meanwhile, the laser surgery is used to launch laser beam to the vagina directly. Then, the abnormal cells will be burnt off. This surgery is also functioned to remove a small tissue so that the doctor can diagnose it.


This stage 4 cervical cancer surgery requires a surgical or laser knife. Then, the doctor will remove a cone-shape piece of tissue from the cervix. Then, the doctor can examine through microscope.


This type of cancer surgery owns two types, simple and radical hysterectomy. The simple one only remove the uterus, not the parametria and uterosacral ligaments, while the radical type removes the uterus and the tissue.

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