Symptoms & How to Treat REM Sleep Disorder

Symptoms & How to Treat REM Sleep Disorder

How to treat REM sleep disorder

REM sleep disorder plagues many people in the world. It can make one’s life nearly come to pieces. People with REM sleep disorder feel very tired, as their body is almost never completely at rest.

NREM (non rapid eye movement) sleep is where the human body is in its most restful state. REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is when, during sleep, the brain most closely resembles itself during an “awake” state.

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Narcolepsy is an REM sleep behavior disorder in which people fall into REM too quickly, meaning their body and brain is never completely rested. Some people suffer from an insomnia sleep disorder in which they can never fall asleep, let alone REM sleep (also known as “dream sleep”). For a great deal of people suffering from REM sleep disorder, it is only a matter of discovering the right sleep disorder remedy.

Symptoms & How to treat REM sleep disorder

First and foremost, if you suffer from an REM sleep disorder, “collision proof” your bedroom. That is, move objects that might cause you harm should you bump into them during the night. Many people who suffer from REM sleep disorder do not become physically paralyzed while in REM sleep (as normal sleepers do). REM sleep is very violent and vivid at times, and without that healthy paralysis, people act out their dreams and can often injure themselves or their partner.

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Regular sleeping pattern

Pay special attention to bedtime routine. Do not participate in activities immediately prior to bedtime that might accelerate hear rate, such as exercise (though exercising early in the day promotes a great night of sleep).Avoid caffeine, sugary foods, and alcohol at least four hours prior to bedtime.

How to treat REM sleep disorder

Sleep apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea (a disorder that often times is coupled with REM sleep disorder), you stop breathing during the night and therefore wake up. In this situation, you might require assistance of what is called a c-palp mask. This mask assists with breathing so that it does not cease during the night.

A medication that acts as a sleep disorder remedy that might be of some assistance in getting the rest that your body (and brain) needs is Clonazepam. Clonazepam is a popular prescription medication given to those that are suffering from REM sleep behavior disorder. This medication can assist one with the transition from NREM sleep to REM sleep and can assist in the body’s paralysis so that violent tendencies do not occurring during the middle of sleep.

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