Can Allergies Cause Fever: Find the Answer Here

Can Allergies Cause Fever: Find the Answer Here

Can allergies cause fever? This question becomes one of the most asked questions among people on the internet. Basically, allergy symptoms will contain watery eyes, skin rash and sneezing. Allergens, the cause of allergies, are able to cause anaphylaxis that is more life-threatening than fever. Check the answer below.

The Answer

So, what is the answer of this question “can allergies cause fever”? The general answer is simply no. But, some allergens may also get fever for some reasons, such as the bacterial or viral infection. This infection may affect the sufferers with a fever. In other words, the allergy may indirectly affect fever to the sufferers.

For better understanding and satisfaction, please check the common allergy symptoms firstly. For your information, the symptoms rely on the main cause that leads you to have an allergy. The cause of the allergy is called allergen. It can be any substance, which can cause an allergy. When someone gets allergic to something, her body will act to the allergens. The most common way is through histamine. It is a chemical product of body reaction against the allergens. Here are the common symptoms of allergy:

Can allergies cause fevers

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  • You may feel your nose full of liquid
  • You get watery eyes
  • You will sneeze immediately
  • You may cough for no reason
  • You will get a headache or sinus pain
  • You get sore throat for no reason
  • Your nose will be heavy to breath or producing rough noise somehow
  • You may post nasal drip
  • Your skin has swelling or skin rash

The food allergies commonly cause nausea or vomiting or even diarrhea. At some condition, the allergic sufferer may feel losing her consciousness and the breath is harmed. This condition is known as anaphylaxis. As we stated earlier, it is a life-threatening condition when the medical attention is really important for her.

What About Fever?

Can allergies cause fever is the main question, and it has already been answered above. But, what if you get an allergy and a fever immediately? If this is the situation, the answer is changed. Yes, the allergy may cause fever when you develop congestion. Congestion is an abnormal accumulation of your body fluid. It is the chance for the bacteria to breed themselves in your sinuses. You will be affected with an infection soon. Then, fever will be the result of it all. It takes several days to ease the fever by the way. The serious version of congestion may give you the flu virus. It all comes from congestion. People usually sum up their cold or flu illness as the cause of fever. But, it isn’t always true. Cold or flu can be the signs of an allergy as well. If the fever doesn’t ease, please see a doctor for medical treatment.


Antibiotics are the worst enemies of bacterial infections. According to the answers above, fever can be eliminated with antibiotics while a virus can disappear with the time. Can allergies cause fever? It depends on the cause. You should discover the cause of your symptoms from the mildest to the toughest ones.

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