The Difference Between Sprain And Strain That You Must Know Plus Treatment

The Difference Between Sprain And Strain That You Must Know Plus Treatment

The difference between sprain and strain won’t be easy to find for common people like us. It takes times to differentiate and identify whether it is sprain or strain. In this opportunity, we would like to help you in identifying this problem. We will see it from a various factors such as symptoms, causes, and treatment of sprain and strain.


This is the clearest way to see the difference between sprain and strain. They may be similar and interchangeably, but the symptoms can be felt differently by the patients or sufferers of these diseases. Let’s check out the symptoms of them one by one below.

If you have suffered a joint sprain, it is usually caused by overstretching or tearing your ligaments. What are ligaments by the way? They are the bands of tissues that connect your bone to another in a connection or joint of your body parts. If you wonder the most parts of your body that suffer for a sprain, it must be the ankle joint.

On other hand, a joint strain is caused by overstretching or tearing your muscles or tendons. Tendons are the tight fibrous cords of tissue that link your bones to muscles. When you suffer a joint or muscle strain, the most common places are your lower back and hamstring muscles.

So, the most common locations of both diseases are very different. It is the first difference between sprain and strain. The sprains usually appear with bruising especially at the affected joint, while the strains come with muscle spasm at the affected muscle.

difference between sprain and strain

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Then, the difference between sprain and strain can be identified clearly when we find out the causes. We usually work hard every day doing our daily activities. So, it is very common for us to suffer strain or sprain every day. Some activities that may cause your joints suffered or injured are as follow:

  • athletic activities or exercise such as swimming or jogging
  • Incidental accidents, such as falling or slipping
  • lifting heavy objects from one place to another
  • sitting or standing in an uncommon position
  • Doing repetitive motion in a long time

Meanwhile, the most affected joints of those activities are such as your back, wrist, ankle, knee, and thumb. Those locations should be pain for you. But, it is the point of this section. We have stated the joint strain will affect your back as well as the hamstring muscles. On other hand, the joint sprain mostly affects your ankle.


Although we discuss about the difference between sprain and strain, treating these diseases will use the same or similar technique. But, we always recommend using the professional cares such as medical doctors when you are suffering hard sprain or strain. So, this technique is for mild sprain or strain only. It is called and popular as RICE. R is for resting the affected part of your body. Chill and relax. I standsfor ice. Yes, using ice will reduce the pain. Please don’t take ice directly to your skin. Use some cover. C is for compression by wrapping the joint with bandage. Lastly, E stands for elevation. Elevate the affected joint about a level above your heart.

Three Ankle Sprain Grades for Common People

Three Ankle Sprain Grades for Common People

We will talk about ankle sprain grades today since many of us still don’t know the severe level of ankle sprain. We also provide how to prevent the ankle sprain so that you can follow them and avoid the bad thing happens. Without further ado, let’s check the things that you should do below.


Many people don’t really know how the ankle sprain occurs. What we feel is only when the sprain bruising and swelling. The cause is basically easy. Ankle sprain occurs when you do an inversion injury during your activities. For example, you are running while your foot slip or hit something on the ground so that your ankle rolls outward and your foot turns inward. It must be hurt and painful. As a result, your ligaments are overstretching and torn. Another cause is by eversion injury. It is when the ankle rolls inward and the foot turns outward. As a result, it damages your ligaments so hard and they are tearing apart inside. In simpler way, your foot gets twisted in awkward movement. Ankle sprain is really close with ligaments, which are the main tissue that connect one bone to another above your ankle.

There are three ankle sprain grades that you must know. The reason within these grades is caused by the damaged ligament that varies from mild to torn sprains. Actually, the medical doctor is the only one who can grade your sprain. But, it is nothing to lose for you to learn about it slightly.

ankle sprain grades

Grade I

This is the first grade of ankle sprain. As you can see, this is like a mild ankle sprain where your ligament is only torn or stretched slightly. The appearance is also the most factors that you can do to grade the sprain. Ensure the swelling and stiffness is mild. At this phase, you are still able to walk and the pain isn’t as hard as you think before. The ankle also feels stable to stand or sit whenever you want. This is the lowest and mildest ankle sprain grades.

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Grade II

The second grade occurs with larger bruising and swelling. However, the incomplete tear keeps hurting you in moderate pain. At this phase, you sometimes feel stable with the ankle and are able to stand and walk. But, walking may result painful feel when you aren’t careful. The most damaged areas are from the tender to the touch. Make sure that you don’t walk too much with grade II ankle sprain.

Grade III

Last but not least, the ligaments are completely torn and damaged. It results you suffer the pain so much and you will never be able to walk with this ankle sprain. The severe swelling and bruising will occur on the areas where the ligaments were damaged. You won’t feel stable ankle at all at this rate. It is almost impossible for you to walk. The pain is intense and only your doctor can treat you very well.

How to Prevent

Those all are ankle sprain grades that you must know. To prevent the sprain, reduce your weight and avoid high heels and platform. Warming up before working out will give better result.


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