How To Beginner Yoga Poses

How To Beginner Yoga Poses

Here are 6 beginner yoga poses.

  • Deep Breathing
  • Seated Twist
  • Warrior
  • Tree
  • Cobra
  • Downward Dog

After a little information on the benefits of yoga, especially at 50 and beyond, I’ll give you more information about each of the yoga poses.

Beginning yoga at any age can be intimidating, and especially if you’re 50 and beyond. When, as you watch, it seems everyone practicing yoga is younger, healthier and stronger. But starting yoga after 50 has some amazing strengthens your bone slower stress levels helps you stay active increases muscle tone increases flexibility enhances the mind it can be safer than other typical exercises And this from the Huffington Post: regular exercise cuts the risk of chronic disease by 40 percent. That’s a huge statement and if you want to be healthy and enjoy your senior years, yoga, as your regular exercise could be very helpful. Just these 6 beginner yoga poses will get you well into yoga and the benefits of it. I suggest you start slowly don’t push yourself too hard and increase the intensity only as your body allows. If you can only do the pose part-way, that’s okay. Do it part way after a few weeks your form will get more and more complete.

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Strive to concentrate on your mind and spirit before form. Before you start please talk to your Dr., know doubt he/she will be thrilled at the idea you want to begin yoga and they may give you the green light immediately, even without any concern. They may also suggest you have a compete checkup before beginning.

Begin by knowing your limitations, doing these beginner yoga poses start slow and use resources available to you. An instructor that specializes in yoga after 50 is your very best option, if that isn’t convenient you can also use books and DVD’s  that can guide you through the beginner yoga poses as you move into this new venture.

If you’ve been physically active all your life these beginner yoga poses will be much easier for you than if you’ve been a couch potato. But either way you can begin and reap the benefits.

Muscle tone is beginning deteriorate by age 50 and as we continue to age we are more susceptible to inflammation of joints, stiffness and other health problems. Yoga has been shown to improve all of these common signs of premature aging.

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A decrease in our range of motion is a natural aging affect. The stretching in beginner yoga poses helps us increase some of the range that we may have lost. This will slow the natural aging process and help prevent injury from falls as we continue to age.

According to Dr. Loren Fisherman of the Manhattan Physical Medicine, referring to a study on yoga said this. “We did a bone mineral density (DEXA) scan, then we taught half of them the yoga, waited two years, and did another scan. And not only did these people not lose bone, they gained bone. The ones who didn’t do the yoga lost a little bone, as you would expect.”

Yoga is a strength training program, using your own body-weight for resistance. By using your own body weight instead of free weights or a weight machine, it reduces the risk of injury, making this a perfect program for those of us 50 and beyond.

There are so many forms of yoga and as the years have passed this ancient art has had branched off in different directions offering a variety of yoga for us to enjoy. I got started in yoga by using Kripalu yoga. Yoga programs speak of the spiritual journey that comes from the intense poses. However Kripalu yoga works on the spiritual aspect first and stresses acceptance of self first, the poses and getting them perfect like the models is not the goal. The goal is improvement of self, both mental and physical.

Deep Breathing:

Deep breathing yoga poses

As explained in the book teaches you to become present and aware of your breathing and relaxation.

Seated Twist:

seated twistThe seated twist another of the beginner yoga poses is a simple and effective stretching pose from the seated position.

Warrior Pose:

Begin by standing flat footed on the floor, start on one side and bend the  knee directly over the ankle.

Bring your arms out to the side and up as shown in the picture to the left.

Breathe, relax and hold this pose. Comfortably bring yourself back to a standing position and repeat the steps on the other side.

Tree Pose:


Stand on your mat facing forward balanced naturally on both feet. Bring your hands up over your head as shown. Slowly shift your weight to one foot being aware of the sensation in your feet.

Find an item that is not moving, but fixed, to focus on. This will help you keep your balance as you shift your weight.

As you shift your weight to one foot lift the other off the ground.

For beginners just place the sole of your foot on your other ankle and rest it there.

Relax and breathe and concentrate on your balance and breathing.

Return to your standing position bring your arms back to your sides and relax. Then repeat on the other leg.

As you get stronger you can use your hands to bring your other leg higher and higher until your foot is on your inner thigh as shown.

Cobra Pose:


Begin by lying down on your front and bringing yourself to a fully relaxed state.

Place your hands, palm down on the floor and begin to come into the cobra pose.  Lift your head up breathe, inhale, slowly roll up and back allowing yourself to feel each vertebra arching back.

Hold this pose, relax into your lying position and repeat.

Bring yourself to the floor on your hands and knees. Hands underneath your shoulders and knees under your hips. Curl your toes and push back raising the hips and straightening the legs. Your butt should be up in the air with your body in a V shape.

Relax and get comfortable, spread out your fingers for a larger base to balance. Let the head hang, relax, breathe and enjoy the stretch.

The Downward Dog Pose:


These 6 beginner yoga poses will give you a great start to yoga and help you regain or maintain your strength and balance. Enjoy!

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