3 Magical Steps for Removing Blackheads with Tweezers You Should Try!

3 Magical Steps for Removing Blackheads with Tweezers You Should Try!

3 Magical Steps for Removing Blackheads with Tweezers You Should Try!

As women, beauty is the most important and the major concern, right? when acne and blackhead come to your face, it would be a disaster! This two things could make your face does not look flawless and healthy. and, what will you do if you have blackheads on your nose? If it happens, you have to try a way of removing blackheads with tweezers.

What are blackheads?

Blackheads are actually the bumps which are commonly found in acne vulgaris. They are commonly found in the nose, chin, cheeks, forehead, and skin. Blackheads which is found in the nose is known as the most persistent blackheads because they cannot easily be removed. These clogged pores are produced by excess oil and oil grand. Blackheads can be in yellowish or black color. The yellowish blackheads mostly affect to people who have oily skin. They contain two things including keratin and sebum.


removing blackheads with tweezers

We believe that some people may have blackheads and have a problem to remove them. Maybe, removing blackheads with tweezers can be the best way of getting away from them. And these steps are recommended to use for removing the blackheads on nose. Here are the steps:

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Step 1: Before removing blackheads with tweezers, please make sure that your skin is clean. First, you have to do some important thing which may treat blackheads easily to remove. First, take hot water, wait for it for a while until it is not too hot. Then take face towel and pour the water on it. Used the watered face towel to wash blackheads. This way helps to open up the pores and makes them easily to extract.

Step 2: Before removing the blackheads with tweezers, you may need to make a mixture or a remedy for the blackheads. It is quite simple and easy to do. You only need honey and an egg. Then, take a bowl and crack the egg white into it. After that, add honey, stir it until mixed.  You may also add lime and baking soda to make it perfect and better as a home remedy for the blackheads. The blackhead or the clogged pores are produced by the excess oil. This mixture can remove the excess oil on your skin. So, do not miss this step, ladies!

Step 3: you can apply the mixture which you have prepared in the earlier step above to the area where the blackheads found and leave it for 10 minutes or wait until it dries. Then, rinse your skin with cold water until it is clean.

Step 4: after 20-30 minutes, you can see that the blackheads are bubbling out from your skin. Then, prepare your removing blackheads with tweezers. Use the tweezers to remove the blackheads easily.  The use of tweezer is the efficient tool to remove the blackheads without inflammation.

However, the wise way of getting away from the blackheads is you have routinely do face cleanse, eat healthy food, and also do some exercise. We do believe that the good lifestyle can be the best cure. Right?

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