95% Success-How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

95% Success-How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

Parents often have a preference for the sex of their child and are generally unaware of the ability to improve their chances of conceiving a girl, outside of contacting an IVF clinic. This article will outline some of the theories and beliefs that may help you to conceive a girl naturally, rather than engaging in the moral dilemmas and risks of in vitro fertilization.

A variety of myths exist about how to improve your chances of conceiving a girl naturally, but as time has progressed the Shettles method has emerged as the most useful for couples wishing to have a baby girl.Developed by Landrum Shettles, the method is created to exploit the differences between the X and Y sperm, or ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ sperm respectively, to improve your chances of conceiving a girl naturally. Although influential, the method does not appear to have been subjected to rigorous scientific testing.

How to Conceive a Girl Naturally

In order to conceive a girl naturally, Shettles argues that timing intercourse is the most important factor and in order to conceive a girl naturally, the couple should have intercourse until between two and four days before ovulation, which is the ‘cutoff’ point. Sexual positions are an important part of Shettles’ method to conceive a girl naturally, as different positions result in the sperm being deposited closer to or further away from the cervix. The missionary position results in shallow penetration, and therefore causes the sperm to be deposited further away from the cervix so that the X sperm, which are slower but able to live longer, have a better chance of fertilizing the egg. The natural acidity of the vagina may be beneficial in conceiving a girl naturally, and as a result Shettles advises that female orgasm be avoided, as the cervical fluid is more alkaline and creates a situation more hospitable to the sperm, and consequently a situation that favours the faster moving Y sperm.

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What the mother eats can be a factor in conceiving a girl naturally, and it is recommended to eat foods high in calcium and magnesium, whilst avoiding those rich in sodium and potassium. Caffeine should be avoided as a general rule, because of links to a decrease in female fertility. Although many have attributed success in conceiving a girl naturally thanks to the suggestions of Shettles’ method, it is worth taking into consideration that a single ejaculation releases millions of sperm, and consequently there may not be a great deal of impact. Thus there is no guarantee that following any of the above will mean you conceive a girl naturally.

For further information it may be worth contacting your general health practitioner, as the article provided above is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace any medical advice from your health practitioner.

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