Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Scabies Home Treatment and Some Home Remedy Recipes

Some people may turn to scabies home treatment that is said to provide soothing relief without the possibility of further risks and side effects. Such a treatment is possible, but it would be more effective if you can accompany it along the prescriptive medication that you get from your doctor. And don’t forget to always check with your doctor so you can be sure about your own condition as well as the safety of your own home treatment medication.

Understanding Scabies

Scabies is basically a skin condition or rash, triggered by mites bite. The mites burrow to your skin, creating discomfort and itchiness. Redness, blisters, and rashes are also common. The problem with scabies is that the female will burrow into your skin and lay eggs When the eggs hatch within a few days, the young mites will move to the surface of the skin – and the cycle will start over again. Scabies is super contagious and it should get the right treatment; otherwise, the problem won’t resolve on its own. Besides scabies home treatment, prescribed medication is advisable.

scabies symptom

The Most Common Issue

It is super vital that you get prescribed medication because it will increase your chances to get better – and to get rid of the problem for once and for all. Although many believe that scabies home treatment is possible, you still need prescriptions and antibiotics to eliminate the mites – as well as eliminating the eggs and the youngs. It doesn’t hurt, though, to try some of the home remedies, as long as they can deliver soothing effect and comforting feeling.

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Some Possible Home Remedies

Here are some of the effective scabies home treatment options that you can try, such as:

  • Tea tree oil. It is a quite potent and effective topical solution for the skin rash. However, this topical application only works on the surface – it won’t be able to penetrate into the depth of the skin so it won’t be able to reach the eggs. If you want to prevent further expansion, put some drops of the oil within a spray bottle and you can spray it around the bed. You should also remember that some people are allergic to tea tree oil so you want to be extra careful about it.

  • It can be available in various forms, such as creams, soaps, and oil. It contains analgesic, antibacterial, and anti inflammatory traits. Based on scientific studies, neem oil has been proven to treat scabies on dogs.
  • Aloe vera. The gel has a nice and soothing effect. Not only it is able to cure sunburn, it can also get rid of the itchiness. When you apply the aloe vera gel to the itch, it can provide soothing effect without any side effect.

There are still other possible alternative that you can try for your home remedy solution. It is advisable, though, to see the doctor and discuss the most possible and viable solution – without having to endanger yourself. Do the scabies home treatment if your doctor approves and there will be a close monitoring and observation.

What Happens If A Herniated Disc Goes Untreated

What Happens If A Herniated Disc Goes Untreated

What Happens If A Herniated Disc Goes Untreated: Three Things You Must Understand

What happens if a herniated disc goes untreated will become a tough topic for us today. This disease will be long lasting on your body and health if you have failed to treat the problem. Untreated herniated disc will become worse and provide permanent damage for your health. Here are some facts and tips to treat the disease and provide better understanding of what it is below.


Before we discuss more about what happens if a herniated disc goes untreated, it would be better if we know how it occurs to humans’ body. This disease appears when the annulus of the human’s intervertebral disc is broken. It also becomes worse when the soft inner material of the nucleus pulposus ruptures out of the appropriate position. As a result, the spinal canal area will be torn by the annulus and the inner core material will spot the canal. It may also occur in the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. It is very dangerous for your health because there will be a few space only on your spinal cord. You may feel painful and discomfort feeling when the space is harmed.

what happens if a herniated disc goes untreated

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The pain isn’t the only symptoms of herniated disc so that you need to pay more attention when it becomes an untreated bulging disc. For the details here are the other causes of a herniated disc as follow:

  • Lift too many heavy things
  • Fall from ladder in a sudden
  • Degenerative disc changes
  • Auto accident injuries
  • Slip and fall injuries

What Happens if the Herniated Disc Goes Untreated?

Now, we are back to the business. What happens if a herniated disc goes untreated? The answer is simple. The effect will be lasting in your entire life. This disease is actually able to be treated naturally. In this case, you don’t need surgery. But, you must catch your breath with the time. Too long untreated herniated disc may cause you to undergo invasive surgery soon. Some extreme results of untreated herniated disc are like paralysis or serious physical inability because you will suffer the pain in a very long time.

what happens if a herniated disc goes untreated

How to Treat It?

You can reduce what happens if a herniated disc goes untreated as well. It may even alleviate more serious risks surely. But, it requires a medical examination such as muscle strength test, nerve function and response, and palpation. This is a very initial step to consider where the pain comes from. Of course, medical or professional doctor is required to do the examination. It will use X-ray, MRI or CT scan. The diagnosis depends on the exam findings.

Those exams aren’t the end of the treatment. You may conduct some physical therapy to restore the functionality of your nerve and muscle. Spinal decompression is worth it as a non-invasive alternative. It will heal your body and prevent future injuries effectively. Then, this long lasting pain can be completely healed. What happens if a herniated disc goes untreated depends on your treatment. Read and understand this article and you will get inspired of what you are going to do next.

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Untreated Yeast Infection: Know It Deeper Now

Untreated Yeast Infection: Know It Deeper Now

The untreated yeast infection may give you discomfort feeling. You can’t just leave this infection affecting your body forever. Contact a doctor or go to the nearest hospital are the most recommended things to do. Read the details about this disease below.

What it Is

Untreated yeast infection might bring something bad for your health. But, what exactly is yeast infection? This disease has another name called candidiasis. This infection is commonly managed by a candida albicans, which is a type of fungus or yeast. There is also a vaginal form of yeast infection. If it comes as vaginal form, it is usually called as vulvovaginal candidiasis.

How It Occurs

Basically, every human body owns an amount of yeast cells. However, the discomfort or bad things happen when these cells multiply themselves into a greater number. How does it occur? It is caused when the balance of the cells is hindered by candida albicans and some other factors. These factors vary from some common activities of human body such as stress, pregnancy, and other diseases that relate to our immune system. Even some medicines also become the cause of this illness such as steroids and birth control pills. When we treat some diseases such as strep throat, we usually rely on some antibiotics that can actually kill the good bacteria as well. Then, there is no left that can resists the growth of candida in the vagina. Yeast is also able to sprout itself when our sugar level in the blood is on the top. It makes sense now why the diabetes sufferers have a greater risk for affecting yeast infections.

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When It is untreated

Now, we will find out what happens if untreated yeast infection comes to our body. For your information, this infection usually affects women. Although you will feel extremely discomfort when the infection is attacking you, this isn’t a major health threat in this world. However, a yeast infection can be dangerous when it is untreated for a long time. Common people think that this infection can easily be disappeared even without any treatment. This is absolutely wrong because we find a rare case with no treatment at all. Living with yeast infection may not stop you to do some activities. But, it is a miserable experience because you will feel itching sensation in inappropriate times and it does affect your work or anything you do. Here are some effects when you keep a yeast infection untreated as follow:

  • constant itching,
  • burning,
  • difficulty urinating and
  • the impossibility of having sexual relations during an active yeast infection

There is no reason for you keeping untreated yeast infection will all of the available natural treatments that you can do these days. They will eliminate all the suffering effects quickly.

If you still keep untreated yeast infection over the years, it will turn into chronic yeast infections, which will risk your life as well. You will feel a high level of inconvenience for sure. It isn’t a good idea to let the infection affect your body. Eliminate your embraced feeling because it could save your life and body.

Untreated Strep Throat Complications and Prevention

Untreated Strep Throat Complications and Prevention

Please don’t keep untreated strep throat as long as you wish because it is very uncomfortable and dangerous for your health. In addition, this disease is commonly underestimated by people. It may cause complications if untreated. You should know these facts.

What It Is

Strep throat is basically a bacterial infection that will affect your throat for only a small portion of the sore throats. So, it is only affecting the throat in a small area. The sufferer of strep throat will feel sore and scratchy on his throat.

What happens when this disease untreated? The most common thing that will happen with untreated strep throat is to cause many complications. You may have kidney inflammation, rheumatic fever, and many other complications. The worst one is rheumatic fever that may give you painful and inflamed joints. The heart valve will be damaged and the sufferer may risk his life with this complication. For your information, this disease commonly affects our kids. But, it doesn’t close the possibility that strep throat also affect adults. Seeing your doctor as soon as possible when your kids have some symptoms of this disease may reduce the risk.


It is always important to see the symptoms of strep throat because we can immediately go to find a doctor to treat our illness. They are as follow:

  • Pain in the throat
  • Painful swallowing
  • Red and swollen tonsils, sometimes with white patches or streaks of pus
  • The back of the roof the mouth usually shows some tiny red spots
  • Swollen, tender lymph nodes in your neck
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Younger kids may vomit frequently
  • Body aches
  • Headache

untreated strep throat

There is also a possibility that we have those symptoms but it doesn’t affect strep throat. On other hand, those symptoms may lead us to other diseases. That’s why we should see a doctor and do some treatments ASAP. According to some health websites, strep throat also occurs with no any symptoms.

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Here are the complications that may be suffered by adults as follow:

Tonsillitis is when the tonsils that usually aids he body to sort out the microorganism in preventing infection can’t do its job in filtering out the bacteria of strep throat. They will be swollen with some white spots on the top of the throat.

Scarlet Fever is when your skin comes out with a red rash over your chest and abdomen. If you keep it untreated, it will be spreading over your body.

Post-streptococcal Glomerulonephritis is when your kidney is infected with the untreated strep throat. It causes inflammation and kidney malfunctions so that your urine won’t be filtered normally. So, the symptoms can be identified through the urine output. It may include visible blood and some swelling face, eyes or abdomen. Chronic kidney failure is the worst thing that you may suffer if it is untreated.


Stay in healthy life style may help you to prevent untreated strep throat. Of course, it will prevent the risk of affecting by strep throat. Clean your hands, cover your mouth when coughing and don’t share personal item to others are the best examples of prevention.

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a Top 4 Home Remedies For Earaches You Should Try

a Top 4 Home Remedies For Earaches You Should Try

a Top 4 Home Remedies For Earaches You Should Try

We have 4 best home remedies for earaches today. This disease may be frustrating, but you don’t always need prescription medication or antibiotics. We live on modern days now. You shouldn’t rely on the medication anymore because home remedies also provide the same outcomes. You are able to save your money as well with these remedies. Without further ado, let’s check them all one by one below.

Over-the-counter Medicines

Yes, you can rely on some over-the-counter medicines as your home remedies for earaches. What does it mean anyway? Over-the-counter medicine refers to some drugs that you can buy without prescriptions such as pains, aches, and itches relievers. According to the suggestions of American Academy of Pediatrics, OTC pain relievers are able to control your earache pain or infection. You can look for some OTC pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen to reduce or even eliminate your pain. The most painful type of ear infection is usually called acute otitis media (AOM). Moreover, OTC medicine is secure to consume with no antibiotics. But, you must pay attention to the dosing instructions.

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Talking about the use of antibiotics, AAP also provides some guidelines that the doctors who handle ear infections to focus on the pain control of the patients. Thanks to some ear infection cases that usually disappear even without any treatment. Instead, using too many antibiotics may cause other infections such as antibiotic-resistant infections. It may be helpful for the children.

home remedies for earaches

Using Compresses

The second one of our home remedies for earaches is by using compresses. It can be either warm or cold compress. People usually rely on ice packs for the cold compress, while warm compress usually uses a heating pad or damp washcloth. It will relieve the pain on the ear. Both adults and children sufferers are able to use this method. Please locate the compress over the ear for 10 minutes. It can be simultaneously. Change the compress every ten minutes with one or two compresses.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is very useful to relieve the ear infections. Although it isn’t proven by the scientific evidence yet, the drops of olive oil can calm down the ear pain. It is absolutely safe and effective. If you consider this olive oil method, please drop them in your ear canal. For children, you can consult with the doctor first so that your kids will have the best treatment for the ear infection. When you want to use olive oil drops, please check the temperature of them firstly. Ensure it isn’t warmer than the temperature of your body. Thermometer can be useful tool to use. Why you should do this is to prevent the olive oil to burn your eardrum.

Chiropractic Treatment

Last but not least, the next home remedies for earaches are through chiropratic treatment. This treatment requires professional chiropractor in order to adjust the affected organs or muscles related to your ear. A study has proven that most participants of this treatment got some improvement to relieve their earache pain. This one can’t be ignored if you don’t want to use prescription medication.

Appendicitis Symptoms In Kids and How to Make Them No Fear with Surgery

Appendicitis Symptoms In Kids and How to Make Them No Fear with Surgery

The appendicitis symptoms in kids cannot be underestimated. Although the appendix is one of small human’s organs, it owns large risks for our body in some bad conditions. So, knowing and understanding the symptoms may help considering the next move to do.

What Is It?

Appendicitis is the infected appendix that causes inflammation to sufferers. It blocks the appendix somehow and leads some complications such as inflammation, hardened stool, and infection. If it triggers inflammation, it usually damages the lymph nodes in your intestines. Appendicitis commonly attacks children. The Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic surgeons say that about 70,000 kids undergo this disease in USA every year. This number of sufferers may increase every year. Both boy and girls are affected by appendicitis. However, the superior is boy.

The appendicitis will take the sufferers in a serious condition. It must be treated under stomach surgery. What makes it worse is when the appendix ruptures. The bacteria will come to the abdominal cavity soon. As a result, the sufferers will get more severe infection than before. The Cleveland Clinic claims that there are about twenty to thirty percent of kids have a ruptured appendix so far.

appendicitis symptoms in kids

What Are the Symptoms?

Now, it is time to see the appendicitis symptoms in kids. Parents may have some difficulties to recognize whether or not their kids are affected by appendicitis. The reason is that our kids can’t always tell or express their feeling and symptoms. Mostly, this disease comes up from the kids’ bellybutton firstly. Then, check these other symptoms to your kids:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Get more urination as well as the pain
  • Low level fever
  • Don’t want to eat or low appetite
  • Vomit
  • Feel pain on the lower right of their stomach.

The most affected ages of these appendicitis symptoms in kids are between eight to eighteen years old. But, the children under 5 years are also able to get this sickness. The worst thing is their ages are more dangerous and serious because the children in this age can’t speak up about their pain. You as the parents have to monitor and check their activities and expressions. The pain is usually noticeable when they do some active activities such as moving, playing around while touching their stomach, sneezing, and coughing.

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Please consider these symptoms as well because they are similar with appendicitis symptoms in kids as follow:

  • urinary tract infection
  • kidney stones
  • severe constipation
  • pneumonia

appendicitis symptoms in kids

Recognizing the symptoms of this disease challenges us as the parents to check and know what is going wrong with them. For your information, undiagnosed appendicitis within forty eight hours may cause the rupture increase maximally. It also makes the painful feeling for our kids. You must take them to get medical attention as soon as possible. This condition is also worse by vomiting, fever, and stomach pain.

Once you get your doctor, he or she will ask you some questions in regard to the appendicitis symptoms in kids. Then, they will ensure the diagnosis with CT scan and an ultrasound. Some blood and urine tests are also commonly used by the doctors. To get the complete data and diagnosis, the doctor may conduct a surgery. Although it isn’t easy to explain about the condition and the surgery thing to our kids, just try to explain the condition as simple as possible. It is important to calm them down so that they have no fear to undertake the surgery. Don’t forget to say that surgery can help them to fix their disease. Tell them that it won’t hurt them during the surgery. Instead, they will go to sleep. Hopefully, they will understand what they are going to do so that the fear of surgery won’t make them afraid.

Men’s Lifestyle and Diseases for Men

Men’s Lifestyle and Diseases for Men

Men’s Health

The life-expectancy gap between men and women has shrunk to 5.2 years, the narrowest since 1946. But men still need to pay more attention to their health. Why?Compared to women, men are more likely to:

    • . Smoke and drink more, and generally lead less healthy lifestyles
      . Smoke and drink more, and generally lead less healthy lifestyles

    • . Join in fearless, risky, and dangerous behaviors

Greater understanding of women’s health issues had been one of the successes of the feminist movement, Men and women share many health problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure. However, certain conditions, including prostate disorders, testicular problems and impotence are specific to men. Men’s Health addresses emotional issues, as well as fitness, health, grooming, stress.

Various diseases seen in men

Heart disease

Heart disease claims more men’s lives than any other disease. If you have a family history of heart disease, you have a greater chance of developing it. Changing your lifestyle can reduce this risk significantly by:

  • stopping smoking, if you smoke
  • maintaining a healthy weight
  • exercising regularly
  • controlling your blood pressure and stress levels
  • eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • keeping to a low salt intake

These lifestyle changes may also reduce the risk of many other diseases such as lung cancer, bowel cancer and stroke.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major risk factor for heart disease. If you have high blood pressure over a long period of time, you are more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or kidney failure. If it’s high on several separate occasions, your doctor may recommend medication to bring it back to normal.Blood pressure is usually considered high if it measures more than 140/90.

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Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is more common with increasing age and is usually found in men over 50. The causes are unclear but there is an increased risk if a close relative such as your father or brother have had it. Prostate cancer can press on the urethra and block the flow of urine. As a result you may have difficulty urinating, have to urinate more often, experience pain on passing urine or have blood in the urine. Prostate cancer is often slow growing. Surgery, radiotherapy or hormone therapy may be considered for treatment.

Testicular cancer

Cancer of the testicle rarely causes pain, but may cause the scrotum to swell and requires prompt treatment. The most common symptoms are a painless lump and swelling due to the collection of fluid in the scrotum (hydrocoele). It’s most common in men aged between 20 to 45.

Men’s sexual health

Impotence (erectile dysfunction)

Impotence is an on-going inability to achieve or to maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. The likelihood of being affected increases with age. Anything interfering with blood flow to the penis can lead to impotence. Disease, injury, medication, anxiety and depression are common causes.

A range of treatment options are available including psychotherapy, prescription medicines and devices. Drugs like sildenafil (eg Viagra) are highly effective in treating some forms of impotence.

Prevention of disease – a healthy lifestyle

A healthy diet doesn’t mean you have to stop eating certain foods, it just means eating a wide variety of foods as part of a balanced diet. Ideally, this should include:

  • carbohydrates, such as bread, milk and rice – making up at least a third of your daily diet
  • protein, such as meat, fish and beans or lentils
  • fats, such as butter, which should be no more than a third of your daily diet
  • fruit and vegetables, at least five portions a day
  • less than six grams of salt per day
  • Watch your weight. When it comes to long-term health, keeping your weight from creeping up on you is more important than the exact ratio of fats to carbohydrates and amounts of antioxidants in your food.
6 Thyroid Storm Criteria That You Really Need To Know

6 Thyroid Storm Criteria That You Really Need To Know

Thyroid storm criteria is the information that you need to know. Thyroid storm itself is a disease where all of your organs are not working as it should be because your thyroid hormones are increasing. This thyroid hormones is formed when you are getting a mumps, a normal level of thyroid hormones would only give you a mild effect like sweating a lot, heart beating so fast, losing your weight, and many more. But it is a condition where your organs still could tolerate it, all of the organs still doing their jobs perfectly.

But different when your thyroid hormones are above the normal level. You would get the thyroid storm disease, it is a condition where all of your organ wouldn’t work as it should be, and it could be really dangerous for yourself. You could even die from it. And to make sure that you get the best treatment and medicine first you need to know about the thyroid storm criteria:


The first criteria of a thyroid storm is getting a mumps. When you get a mump disease the thyroid hormones would form in your body, it is still okay if the thyroid storm level is normal, but when the level is above normal then you need to take another action to prevent any bad things. Because the thyroid storm is really dangerous you could get yourself sleep into a coma, or even death.

Thyroid Storm CriteriaFever

The next criteria of getting a thyroid storm is that you would get a fever. But not a regular fever that usually only reach 37° or 38° Celsius, but the fever that caused by thyroid storm is really high, it could reach up to 40° or 41° so if you are having a mumps and you get a really high fever then you need to go to the doctor immediately.

Heart Beating So Fast

The thyroid storm would also make your heart beating really fast. It could even go up to 140times per minute. And if you already feel this situation then you need to go to the doctor before it too late. Because the thyroid storm is really dangerous and could lead you to death.

Mentally Down

The next thyroid storm criteria is that you would have a mentally down. The patient with high level of thyroid hormones usually get a mentally breakdown, they would looks confused, hallucinating, and many more. The patient might looks like a mentally ill people, but it is actually because of all the thyroid hormones.

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In some cases, the thyroid storm would even put someone in a coma. It happens because the thyroid hormones are taking over all or the organs functions. Before it all too late, you better check yourself to the doctor regularly.

Women Chances Are Bigger

A result has shown that thyroid storm are attacking women 9 up to 10 times more than men. Because the percentage of women getting a thyroid disease are bigger than men, so that’s why women are having a higher chances of getting a thyroid storm.

Since the thyroid storm are coming without any warning, so the treatment and medications are also need to be perfect. The thyroid storm could be cured by doing an operation, medication, or even Iodium. The treatment and medication are different for each person, so that’s why if you are having a thyroid storm you need to rush yourself to the doctor immediately.

Hope all of the information above could help you to know more about the thyroid hormones, and also the thyroid storm criteria.

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