5 types of infectious diseases, we can prevent with a cause

5 types of infectious diseases, we can prevent with a cause

An infectious disease is a disease that can be transmitted or move from the sick to the healthy. Contagion of the disease can occur either through middlemen or directly.

Here is the list of 5 infectious diseases and ways of prevention

1. Influenza

Influenza or who is more commonly known by the flu is the most common infectious disease suffered by people. Influenza is caused by viruses. The influenza virus is a virus that mutated, so every time the system of immunity of the body difficult to detect viruses on this one. Because of the difficulty of the body’s immune system to detect this influenza virus, the body tends to be more easily exposed to the flu. Even the body can be exposed to the flu several times in time.


Contagion Media

The flu can be transmitted through the respiratory system as well as through saliva. Then if we are close to the person being the flu, our chances of contracting the flu is very large. Intermediaries media flu contagion air is the fastest.

The Way Of Prevention

Keep the body’s durability so as not susceptible to the virus. For example, by eating regularly, enough rest, drinking plain water as needed, work out, and have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, maintaining the durability of the body can also be supported with the intake of vitamins especially Vitamin C in fruits or vitamin sold in stores.
Other prevention is to use a mask, especially for a public place suffering from influenza.

2. Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is a disease of the respiratory tract infections caused by the bacteria Bacillus. Bacteria is a bacteria which infects basil basil is very strong. as a result, it will take a long time to treat this disease. These bacteria are 90% likely to infect the lungs if compared to other organs in the human body. The disease is usually characterized by coughing continuously.


TUBERCULOSIS is a disease that attacks the breathing. Then any contagion is through breathing. Adjacent to the sufferers of TUBERCULOSIS can allow us to contracting. In addition, when TB sufferers cough, may be it is a means of contagion of tuberculosis.

In addition, the use of personal belongings interchangeably with active TB sufferers, like glasses and spoons can also be a bridge for contagion of tuberculosis.

The Way Of Prevention

Reduce active TUBERCULOSIS sufferers with box. If you want to contact, please use respiratory masks to protect us. And avoid using personal items that alternately with active TUBERCULOSIS sufferers.
Administering BCG Vaccine (given at the time of toddler)
Keep up the good life with a nourishing food intake and exercise regularly.

3. Vomiting

Inflammatory bowel disease is vomiting caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites such as fungi, protozoa and worms. In addition, therefore, vomiting can also be caused by poisoning food or beverages that contain bacteria or chemicals. The bacteria is usually a cause of vomiting was the bacterium Escherichia Coli.

Environmental conditions, especially clean water and sanitation is one of the major factors in the spread of this disease.


Through the liquid from the mouth (gag) that are not cleaned properly
Through the rest of the shit that spread the water initially
Through the drains. Especially if the sanitation of the water around the environment is still bad.
Environment that is not clean or are in such a condition that did not allow flood have clean water.

The Way Of Prevention

Keep your intake of food consumed in sufficient and balanced
The use of clean water for daily activities especially drinking water
Wash your hands regularly to avoid bacteria stick to the hands. Especially before and after eating
Maintain the cleanliness of the home and surrounding environment
Dispose of fecal matter in place and clean up well
Wash whole food ingredients before entering cooking
Maintain the cleanliness of food and beverage equipment

4. Chicken pox

smallpox Chicken pox water is a disease caused by infection of the varicella zoster the cause redness in skin that freckles distended or not, blisters, and itch. The virus causes chickenpox incubation period is around 2-3 weeks. The initial symptoms are usually marked by a rise in body temperature.

sample photos of chicken pox disease


Chicken pox can be contagious through direct contact with sufferers. Like shaking hands, or get in touch directly with the bubbles that burst spots.
Chicken pox can also be transmitted through the air. For example, when smallpox sufferers breathe, sneeze, or cough and inhaled by the air towards us, we can be infected with chicken pox.
Through personal items, such as clothes sufferers

The Way Of Prevention

Do chicken pox vaccination
Keep clean themselves, clothing, and the environment
Consuming nutritious food
Avoid sources of contagion

5. Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is an infectious disease in the intestine that is caused by the salmonella bacteria. Usually marked by fever where temperature rises gradually to make sufferers shivering. Fever usually occurs at night and subsided, then going up again in the next night. Other symptoms may include headache, pain in the abdomen, heart rate decreased, until the loss of appetite.


Through food contaminated with salmonella bacteria. This can occur because the source of unhealthy food or cleaning were not good before the food was eaten. Even in some cases, there are caused by sticking flies on the food that had previously stood in the feces or the feces belonged to sufferers of typhoid. Finally the flies become the intermediary for contagion of typhoid.
Through the hands and nails are not clean, so without us even realizing salmonella bacteria that could be present on the hands and nails we enter into the mouth.
Through water used for drinking or washing dishes and glasses and other tableware. For that reason some experts say that the danger of drinking water refill is obligated to look out for.
Through the skin. These bacteria can enter through the skin is torn apart due to injuries. Could former wound surgery, fall, or other injuries.
Typhoid can also be transmitted through an environment that isn’t clean.

The Way Of Prevention

Ensure the cleanliness of food ingredients before cooking it
Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after meals
Clean the wound and immediately treat it
To avoid the run on the roadside that looks not hygienic
Keep your body’s endurance.
Eating food to disease typhus.

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