Green Tea and Weight Loss: What to Learn from the Connection?

Green Tea and Weight Loss: What to Learn from the Connection?

Green Tea and Weight Loss

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat is the connection between green tea and weight loss, anyway? Well, you probably know that green tea is considered one of the healthiest drinks in the world. It is rich in natural and healthy minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that can do a lot of good things for your health and overall well-being. Although green tea is always associated with the skin health or flawless complexion, it can also help you lose weight. Do you even know that? So, how is green tea beneficial for your weight loss regime, anyway?

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Green Tea and Weight Loss: The Important Substances

One of the main reasons why green tea is super handy and helpful is because it is packed with the important substances with potent biological miracles. First of all, the caffeine is lower in green tea when compared to the coffee and yet the effect is still strong enough. Everyone knows that caffeine is a type of stimulant that has been used in the weight loss industry to burn off fat while improving exercise strength and performance at the same time. The relation between green tea and weight loss in this matter is that you don’t have to worry about losing your energy or getting exhausted by the end of the day. Simply sip your tea and you will be energized in no time – and you don’t have to deal with any jittery or nervousness that may be associated with caffeine from coffee.

Moreover, green tea is packed with antioxidants, one of them is the catechins, that can help  you improve your health, get rid of the dangerous and harmful free radicals, and keep your skin beautiful and glowing even though you are on a diet. Another substance to find in the green tea is the Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which is believed to boost the metabolism. All these things can have a direct effect on your metabolism, which can lead to an improved performance and weight loss.

Green Tea and Weight Loss

Green Tea and Weight Loss: The Fat Burning Process

The body will burn fat by breaking the fat first within the fat cells and then move it to the blood vessel. There are handy compounds inside the green tea that can boost the performance of the fat burning hormones. The EGCG can generate the production of hormone norepinephrine and give them signals to break the fat. The more norepinephrine you have, the stronger the signal will be. As the result, the more fat will be broken down. The broken fat will be transported by the blood and used by the body as energy. Not only you can have more energy, you don’t have to worry about your body storing up excess fat.

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Green Tea and Weight Loss: Consideration

Now that you understand the relation between green tea and weight loss, there are some important considerations to think about. Yes, green tea is beneficial for your health but it doesn’t mean that you should consume it in excessive number. By consuming around 2 cups to 3 cups a day, you can enjoy the health benefits.

Also keep in mind that there are some proper ways to brew the tea – if you do it wrong, you may miss the healthy benefits. After you boil the water, let it rest for a while – 10 minutes should be enough. Pour the water over your tea and brew for only a minute before you finally serve it. Don’t pour boiling hot water over your tea as it will damage the precious catechins. If the catechins are damaged, then what good does it make to consume it, anyway? Moreover, it is suggested that you limit the sugar or honey. If you can drink the tea without sugar, it would be better. Now that you understand the relation between green tea and weight loss, don’t you want to try it?

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Juicing for Weight Loss: Straightening out the Misconception

Juicing for Weight Loss: Straightening out the Misconception

Juicing for Weight Loss

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou probably have heard about the benefits of juicing for weight loss as well as for the overall health improvement. With a lot of people trying their best to lose weight, dieting programs are sought after and become popular. Juicing diet program also gains the same popularity – and it is claimed to be the healthiest kind of a diet. However, before you jump to the wagon, make sure that you really understand what you are going through and the benefits of such a juicing. Losing weight is good but not to the extend that can hurt yourself.


Juicing for Weight Loss: Understanding the Concept

Maybe you think, “Ah, juice diet…sounds like an ideal method for me. It sounds easy and I don’t have to worry about the weight gain or whether I will suffer from hunger or crankiness.” Well, if you think that juicing is all you will have to do to lose weight, you may want to think again about the program.

You see, juicing is good if you don’t get enough veggies or fruits in your daily consumption, especially if you don’t really like consuming them. By juicing, you can still enjoy the healthy benefits, getting the needed vitamins, nutrients, and minerals while refreshing yourself. If you are able to combine fruits and veggies on a daily basis, you can get a good combo of minerals and vitamins – not to mention attractive colors for the juice too.

What makes juicing for weight loss interesting is the fact that it won’t only good to help you shed off those extra pounds but also to help you stay in a good shape. Eveyrone knows that fruits and veggies are packed with fiber. Fiber helps improving your digestive system, make your bowel movement better, and make you stay full in a longer time. Too bad most people are wrong in treating the fiber content. You see, when you make the juice, don’t leave the pulp. It has the highest level of fiber. The best way is to get the pulp back into your juice. Sure, your juice may not be smooth – it will be rather coarse – but it has the biggest health advantage.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss: The Common Misconception

There is a common misconception happening to people in relation to juicing for weight loss. Most people think that they only need to consume the juice ONLY to achieve faster and more effective weight loss result. In reality, though, such a method isn’t advisable – even considered dangerous. You see, your body needs a good combinatio and balance of carbss, protein, and fat. When you depend on juicing alone, you will miss those substances – which can affect your health and well-being. What you actually need is a good balance of healthy menu and regular juicing. You need to make sure that you have the healthy consumption, accompnied by the juicing. So, juicing is a part of your healthy diet program; not a single program on its own.

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Juicing for Weight Loss: The Example

Making the juice is pretty simple. The Collard Cooler juice, for instance, combines apples, collard greens, celery, cucumber, lime, and lemon to create a unique, tasty, and healthy juice. You don’t need to add sugar, using the apple will do.

Of course, starting out may not be easy. It takes a while to get yourself used to the routine or the taste. Combining the fruits and veggies isn’t easy; again, it will take time to get used to it. But once you are able to dedicate yourself to it and make it a daily routine, things will get easier. You will also see the improvement on your waistline with this juicing for weight loss program.

Functions and Benefits of Lemon for Health

Functions and Benefits of Lemon for Health

Functions and benefits of lemon, Lime has many benefits. In addition to being a refreshing drink, a fruit that has been consumed for thousands of years could also prevent the passage and cure various diseases. Indeed, there are so many oranges, among others, tangerines, sweet oranges, lemon, orange sauce, lime, mandarin oranges, and much more. However, in terms of benefit none that matched the lemon.

Lime is a herbaceous plant with many branches. The height can reach six meters. The leaves are oval and stemmed. White star-shaped flowers. The stem is woody hard and usually bear fruit after 2.5 years. The fruit is round with smooth surface, thin-skinned, and yellowish green if it is old. Medicinal Plants is thought to originate from the area north India. Lemon fruit contains a lot of water and vitamin C is high. Leaves, fruits, and flowers, fly oil contains limonene and linalool. Usually lime grows well in lowland areas exposed to sunlight.

functions and benefits of lemon
People in the Netherlands mainly living in large cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam, have known the benefits of lime since several centuries ago. Similarly, people in the United States. They begin to recognize the benefits of lemon since the time of ancient Indians. Ohio State Biotechnology Centre in the city of Columbus, Ohio, USA, has done research on the lemon.

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As a result, lemon juice is rich in vitamins and contains a number of minerals. Lime merit is still fresh lemon, thin-skinned, and yellowish green. In addition to fruits, roots, leaves, and flowers of lime is often used as a medicine. According to Dr. Prapti Utami, citrus fruit juice contains several substances that are beneficial for the body, among others, citric acid, glucose, fats, essential oils, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and amino acids. “Much of the content contained in the lime make this fruit is widely used as a drug, lime leaves Essential oils can inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus (the bacteria on the skin).

Lime juice can be used as a mouthwash in pain sufferers tenggotokan. Smell the fragrance of making tasty, savory when we rinse. Her skin, when held in the mouth, can scent or reduce bad breath odor and inflammation resolve because they contain acids that can kill germs. Due to various kandungnan oils and substances contained in it, lime is also used to overcome dysentery, constipation, hemorrhoids, menstrual irregularities, diphtheria, acne, dizziness or vertigo, hoarseness, cough, body odor, increase appetite, prevent hair loss, dandruff, flu, fever, too fat, tonsils, Anyang-anyangan disease (painful urination), nosebleeds, and inflammation of the nose

Want to lose weight – Try Juicing

Want to lose weight – Try Juicing

Juicing can really one of the best option which can seriously help you to lose weight and gain a good body metabolism with great skin. Juicing is a one stop shop for all health benefits. Let us know the process related to juicing which can help us to lose weight much faster than ever and get the glow.

Juicing help us to enhance the process of body toxicity elimination by natural methods. Juicing allows the body toxins to get removed by urine and thus allows the immunity to grow.

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So, there is no possibility that you will get problems while shifting to juicing. The elimination of the body toxins increases the metabolism and completely utilizes the nutrient that we eat. This process helps in the non retention of fat in the body. If one can include citrus fruit juicing then the fat reduction process gets much faster than ever before. Due to sticking to juice and fulfilling our hunger then body naturally stops, its urges towards one time excess eating and also within weeks one can see that the habit of fast food eating has gone.

Want to lose weight
Juice Nutrition

This way one can detox the body and reduce wait.

Try to include the juice whenever one feels hungry. The hunger will get fulfilled but the body does not get excess fat instead gets filled up, with fully utilized nutrient. The body metabolism gets adjusted to juice diet within days and starts loosing excess body fat. The best thing about juicing is that your body starts glowing as you detoxify your cells and loose fats. Try to include workouts with juicing. This conjunction helps to get the perfect body shape within two weeks of juicing diet.

Enjoy good taste with great health by inclusion of juicing in your diet and stay fit for ever.

Aloe Vera Juice Health Benefits Reviewed

Aloe Vera Juice Health Benefits Reviewed

There are a number of ways to lose weight and, when you put them all together, you can turn your body into a mean, fat-burning machine.

But, for me, the major obstacle to weight loss has always been my diet.  I used to hit the gym on a nearly daily basis, training for hours on end.  Unfortunately, I was just wasting my energy because I would pile on frozen pizzas, gyros, brats, beers and (my favorite) bacon.

Unfortunately, my diet was devoid of many essential vitamins and nutrients.  As a result, I felt as though I had issues with my colon.  I was irregular as well as unsatisfied.  My digestive abilities were sub par and my metabolism had slowed to a lurch.  Subsequently, the weight was piling up.

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

I lost interest in training because I was not seeing the results I desired.  The hard work simply wasn’t paying out.

It wasn’t until I began to incorporate Aloe Vera juice and Apple cider vinegar into my diet that I began to lose weight naturally.  I learned, by simply ingesting mere ounces of these liquids into my daily regimen, that I would be able to overpower my deep addiction to food as a drug.

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You see, it’s not just junk food.  Any food that I eat, I feel like I need to consume pounds of it.  The food being fatty, cheese and salty only made the gorging of myself a slightly fun activity.  I definitely think that nasty food has an ingredient that strictly delivers guilt into its consumer!

But my appetite is entirely different now, and it’s all thanks to me taking shots!  How often do you get to say that?  I simply take a shot of Aloe Vera juice in the morning (in my orange juice, so it won’t taste nearly as terrible).  And, before each meal, a quick shot of apple cider vinegar and honey.

Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

What the apple cider vinegar has done, as far as I’m concerned, has made me feel satisfied with regular amounts of food.  On top of that, it’s a serious appetite suppressor.  Just knowing I have to drink vinegar makes me not want to start a new meal.  Aside from that, I feel as though my body is, quite simply, healthier.  I just kind of feel full all day and, when I think of eating, I’m not driven wild by the thought of putting something in my mouth just to taste it.  Instead, I just don’t feel the need to prioritize the desire for food.  It’s kind of hard to describe in words but, honestly, that’s all you really need to know about my experience.  Hippocrates, when he recommended consistent usage of apple cider vinegar circa 400 B.C., really knew what he was doing.

If you are like me, you will feel the results of apple cider vinegar immediately.  The same goes for Aloe Vera juice.

I am digesting my food so much better now and I’m not overeating, thanks to the pH balance-balancing properties of the Aloe Vera juice!  It immediately cured the indigestion I didn’t even realize I had!  I have yet to be driven by a sudden urge for junk food (and lots of it) for any reason.  I am just finishing my first 16 ounce bottle of Aloe Vera juice and my second 16 ounce bottle of (unrefined) apple cider vinegar.  It’s been approximately 3 weeks since I began this regimen.  Not only have I cleansed my colon, but I’ve also calmed my stomach.  I am never gassy any more and that alone is one reason I’ve loved this new lifestyle change!

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