5 Lupus Symptoms In Women, Start To Know Your Body More

5 Lupus Symptoms In Women, Start To Know Your Body More

Lupus symptoms in women are really the information that women should know. Because sometimes they are not aware of the symptoms of this disease. Lupus itself is a dangerous disease that attack your immune. This disease make your immune system confuse, so instead of attacking all of the dangerous virus your immune system would attack your organs like your skin, joint, blood, lungs and also your heart.

Up until now the medicine for lupus itself has not been found yet. All of the things that could cure lupus are only some treatments that could make the patient feels much better and protect the other organs from this disease. This is a serious and dangerous disease, and to make you to know more about this disease. Here are 10 lupus symptoms in women that you need to know:


More than 90% of the lupus patient said that they are experiencing the same thing, and it is fatigue. Even by doing the simple thing would make them tired in no time, sure a quick nap would make it better but it would also lead to insomnia after. So to make you stronger you need to beat the fatigue by doing your daily activities normally. It might be hard for some people, but if you could do it successfully you would get yourself strengthen up.

Lupus Symptoms In Women

Weird Fever

A lupus patient are always getting a weird fever. Without a warning the fever would suddenly come and then go, so that’s why a lot of lupus patients are don’t really care about the fever because it just come and go without leaving any sign of sickness. But it is really dangerous if you are getting this symptom, so if you have it you need to check yourself to the doctor immediately.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is the number one symptoms of lupus. It happens because lupus is attacking the skin cells and then make all the hair fall. Some of the lupus patient would lose their hair by the clump, and the rest are having their hair getting thinner and thinner by days. If you have this symptom, you might only get a regular hair loss, but if this thing also happens to your eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and also the other body hair then you really need to check yourself to the doctor. This symptom is the most visible of lupus symptoms in women.

Skin Rash

This one is also become the most visible symptom of lupus. The butterfly shaped rash that would appear or your cheeks and nose. More than 50% of the lupus patients are getting this butterfly rash on their cheeks. So if you are having one, now you know what to do.

Swollen And Painful Joints

Lupus would also make your joints stiff, and also swollen especially when you wake up in the morning. At first it might be not too painful, but each day the pain would become more obvious. But as the same with the other lupus symptoms, this one would also come and go. So some people might think that it is just a regular swollen. So if you are always having your joints hurt so bad, don’t just rub some hot cream or drink some medicine to make the pain go, but you also need to check it to the doctor to prevent any unwanted things to happen.

All the symptoms above are the lupus symptoms that usually happen to lupus patients. But some of them might not experience it, but still if you are having one of the symptoms above you need to go to the doctor immediately to check yourself. Hope this information would let you to know more about lupus symptoms in women.

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