9 herbal remedy for coronary heart disease

9 herbal remedy for coronary heart disease

Coronary artery disease is heart disease that occurs due to damage to the blood vessel walls of the heart itself. Many of the causes that lead to the onset of coronary artery disease are due to smoking, pollution and high cholesterol. Cholesterol on the heart would make on the heart vessels narrowed so as to make the heart must work more extras in the blood pumping and flow it case all the body.

Apart from other causes of cholesterol coronary heart is free radicals, in which free radicals is one of molecular ions that do not have a partner. Certainly these ions have a destructive nature. So he will damage the blood vessels. There are many free radicals that may cause damage to the arteries. For it to know for sure what the cause of coronary artery disease. Symptoms of coronary artery disease, coronary heart herbal remedy and anyone that is easily affected by coronary artery disease.

coronary heart disease

Symptoms Of Coronary Artery Disease

  • Chest pain
  • shortness of breath
  • Feel pain in the neck
  • Jaw pain
  • Body feels achy and sore
  • The arm felt tired easily

There are six symptoms inflicted on coronary artery disease. Apart from the symptoms to know next is a cause that can lead to coronary artery disease causes coronary artery disease include

The cause of coronary artery disease

  • Smoke
  • Consumption of foods that contain a lot of cholesterol
  • Don’t pay attention to a healthy lifestyle
  • Many consume junk food and fast food
  • Obesity
  • Experiencing high blood
  • Many consume alcohol
  • Lack of time to sleep
  • Have a history of heart disease from our suffering families
  • The age of the already vulnerable or is old
  • Experiencing stress at very high
  • Lazy doing sports especially in the morning
  • Often doing therapy treatment in the chest area especially therapy cancer treatment

The existence of a cause of the heart coronary this needs to look out for, and need to be avoided, lest already knowing the cause in fact cannot be avoided. By avoiding the cause then it would not have been possible coronary artery disease. Because it is better to prevent than to treat, prevent from occurrence of coronary heart and treat coronary artery disease. As for coronary heart herbal remedy can be listened here.

  1. Garlic

Garlic can be used as a natural herbal remedy for the heart. Even garlic is not only good for the heart but also can treat high blood garlic is one of the foods for lowering high blood so he is good for the heart. Basically this very heart has an important role in the body, because the heart acts directly to pump blood throughout the body.

Garlic has antioxidants that quite a lot so it’s good for the body, especially for the heart. Antioxidant substances in garlic in able to fight heart disease. In the consumption of garlic is very easy, just need to make it us spicy soy sauce. Can diuleg directly with some Chili, but not too spicy. Could then be mixed with soy sauce. Another way is to seduh then be drunk directly while warm.

  1. Appointment Sleigh

Appointment of the bells is the medicinal plants that are good for coronary artery disease. Appointment shall have the benefit of very high u.s. most plants and herbs. Appointment of the bells is very often used as a medicinal herb. To treat coronary artery disease appointment sleigh just need to drink regularly. Drink once a day in warm conditions to make it more delicious. With consumption each day can help cure coronary heart.

  1. Honeycomb blood

Blood is a herbal concoction made of honeycomb honeycomb plant blood. This herbal plant has very good efficacy for coronary heart. By consuming blood then honeycomb would make it easy for yourself to live more healthily. Benefits of honeycomb blood not only for coronary artery disease, but he also has benefits to stop bleeding when bleeding occurs such as childbirth, can then be discharged to overcome high blood sufferers.

In addition it is also useful for blood honeycomb overcame a fever so fever will be easily reduced temperature and will be easily cured. Honeycomb blood is indeed a highly nutritious plant primarily to treat coronary artery disease.

coronary heart disease

  1. Zedoary

Zedoary is a plant with the same appointment-teuan other zedoary turmeric is a plant with compatriots. Zedoary turmeric this is white. In latin the zedoary has a name of curcuma zedoaria. He is the appointment not aing again in Indonesian society event had almost often used for drugs in the village. Zedoary is not only good for health but he also bik to keep beauty and body immunity.

Zedoary can be used u.s. coronary heart drug, but additionally zedoary can also be used as a anti pain suffered at the time of menstruation. High blood pressure cure and cure gout. As well as the symptoms of diabetes. Although diabetes can be cured by doing recovery using food to prevent diabetes but it is diabetes hereditary so need to be beware of since the beginning. Diabetes offspring so need to look out for from the beginning, that is why the community more ofte

  1. Ant

Ant is an herbal remedy that can cure coronary heart herbal remedies comes from the land of papua which already often applied in indonesia. Ant has a high antioxidant content. High antioxidant content on this Ant is tocopherols and flvonoid substances.

Basically this compound is able to reactivate the heart function and thins the blood vessels in the heart, the coronary heart on the heart so that it can be easily cured with Ant. Ant Dairy can be consumed every day, of course with the dairy that routine Saturday. If not regularly allow healing process would be long.

  1. The Leaves Of The Gods

This medicinal plant is the red fruits contain antioxidants that will higher good for heart health. However, the gods can leaf used drug by doing konsumsnya us vegetables or can be used as an herb. Herb leaves God this made with pounded until smooth, then blend the warm water then filter. This will help launch the circulation of blood in the heart so that it will reduce the bad effects of coronary artery disease.

  1. Noni fruit

Apparently the fruit of noni also including medicinal plants. Pace is indeed very rarely endeared among adolescents. Although he has very many benefits. Pace often disliked because it smelled unpleasant and it feels less deliciously. But it turns out it is the fruit of noni fruits that can provide healing effectively on coronary artery disease.

  1. The mangosteen rind

Mangosteen has a high antioxidant so good for skin health. mangosteen fruit is not only beneficial but also beneficial fruit Peel. Mangosteen rind turns can be made us the most efficacious remedy for treating coronary artery disease. On sebaah research mentioned that by doing the therapy using mangosteen rind can be cure various heart disease especially in coronary artery disease. Moreover, it can also to treat high blood and treat diabetes

  1. Leaves of breadfruit

It has the benefits of breadfruit leaves are good for the heart. Even the leaves contain anti-inflammatory substances breadfruit that nourish the heart and coronary heart can heal. In addition to cardiovascular health leaf breadfruit has benefits for health in the kidneys.

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Nine coronary heart herbal remedy can be found easily on plant medicines. Even medicinal

coronary heart disease

plants on top of the plant is not dangerous, so will not be dangerous if consumed daily. Rather than have to consume a lot of medicines that contain chemicals that will cause addiction.

Tips For Preventing Coronary Artery Disease

  1. Applying the pattern of healthy living

a healthy lifestyle is to consume a healthy diet, such as foods containing omega 3, protein-containing foods, foods that contain calories, and foods rich in fiber. With such ingestion of course in accordance with respective portions will make life to be healthy

Primarily consume healthy foods for the heart so that the heart will look healthy and well there is nutrition. The pattern of healthy living is indeed not easy but has a very good impact for the health of the body. Than have to do unhealthy lifestyle that would be self-defeating. Us for the food that are not us healthy as the dangers of junk food because he was dangerous to heart health.

  1. Not smoking

the dangers of smoking for the human heart is cause of coronary artery disease and other heart diseases, smoking is an activity that emit a dangerous molecule compounds that are damaging, so these molecules “will make the heart becomes difficult doing ektivitas. Carried oxygen from the lungs throughout the body especially to the heart will take effect with heart health. If it’s on oxygen alone is doped with smoke could be blood flowing throughout the body would be contaminated by molecular compounds it.

  1. Avoid stress

Stress has become the main cause of coronary artery disease. Usually sufferers heart shouldn’t feel stress because it will damage the heart itself. The condition of stress on the heart it will add to the bad State of the heart for it to treat coronary artery disease required How to cope with stress so that the heart condition has become relaxed.

  1. Treating hypertension

Hypertension is high blood disease that can damage the heart’s blood. This automatic high blood will worsen the State of heart if not immediately treated high blood. Many ways to treat high blood, and one of them a drug that is to customize themselves to remain relaxed, in addition consumption of some foods can relieve high blood high blood in order to be dropped. High blood descent or blood it can make hypertension on the heart flows with ease and will restore the stamina of the heart itself.

  1. Avoid obesity

Obesity has become the cause of heart unhealthy. Because the heart would be narrowed so that it should be more active in pumping blood. By eliminating obesity means heart help to be able to work with normal coronary artery on especially disease, coronary artery disease would be easily treated with it.

15 Cheap fruit to lower a fever on the body

15 Cheap fruit to lower a fever on the body

When the fever and body temperature increases, the sufferer will probably be lazy to eat and so limp. To lose body heat, there are some fresh fruit which can be used as a choice and consumed every day until the fever goes down and the body improves. Fruit-lowering heat below is also immune system enhancing properties so that when the resistance of the body to return to normal, the body will quickly healthy again.

Pomegranate Red

Pomegranate RedThe berries are also popular with the name of the pomegranate is one of the fruits that contain vitamin C super high and the water so much. This nutritious fruit high in losing body heat because water and rich in vitamin C that last. In fact, 40 percent of the needs of vitamin C in our bodies are able to be filled by 1 pomegranate red as long as it is consumed regularly. For the recovery of any fine and will quickly restore levels of durability body like normal again.

  1. Coconut


Speaking of fruit with refreshing moisture content that can be drunk while on the beach, of course the answer is the fruit of the coconut palm. The water contained in the womb have a coconut fruit is not the same with other fruit. This is because in the coconut, the water contains minerals and ions high so that it can be a replacement of lost fluids.

When the fever, the sufferer will lose quite a lot of liquid and coconut water is one of the most good to replace the body fluids. Note also that any ions including minerals and is good for lowering body temperature as reliable. So, if Your fever or even your family members, feel free to eat of the fruit of this fresh water for a faster recovery.

  1. Melon

Melon Fruits

As one of the fruits that contain high vitamin E, melon is also constituted a lot of water not only can be a good food for sufferers of stomach acid. Melon also have benefits as lowering heat or fever in a person. Because such a high water content, the body of a fever sufferers eat melons will be revived quickly.

Same thing with coconut water, sufferers of body fluid shortage would be restored by consuming foods that contain vitamin A super high. The content of carotenoids in fruit is also high so of course including good for health. Body temperature can be normal again and the metabolism also awake.

  1. Watermelon

watermelon healthy

Included in the type of food, watermelon belly fat destroyer also is one of the fruits with moisture content a lot, which is about 91 percent. When the body temperature rises and the body is experiencing a shortage of the liquid, the name of this fruit is the fruit of the right to be consumed in order for quick temperature drop.

Watermelon is a fruit is right for you who want to maintain the body’s fluid remains at its normal levels. Even the fruit of watermelon is also a type of fruit that is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin B6, potassium and carbohydrates as well. To maintain freshness and body fitness, this fruit can be eaten every day, especially when the fever so that the body becomes cold.

  1. Cucumber


Another type of high water that constituted in fruit actually quite often made into pickles but also very fresh when it is consumed directly. Cucumbers will deprive You of the dangers of dehydration can make the body lose a lot of fluids. Because bodily fluids is very important for the body’s work system, you need a cucumber.

Eating regularly during high body temperature or fever is a good idea because in addition to refreshing the body, the cucumber is also rich in carbohydrates. There is also a high content of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium that you can get from this fruit. The body’s energy will return quickly.

  1. Banana

There are a lot of banana for health benefits certainly already well known, its usefulness as well as heat loss. But nonetheless there is a danger the effects of eating too much fruit banana note and avoided. eat without exaggeration will only bring benefits for both the body of sufferers of hay fever.

Usually people who body temperature rise and heat will be lost quite a lot of liquid from the sweat out excess or even due to vomiting. Potassium and fluid lost from the body will be replaced by this one banana fruit. In addition, the immunity of the body would also be increased so that the sufferer could quickly recover.

  1. Cantaloupe

There are still other fruits with high water content and is beneficial in lowering someone’s fever heat. In addition to being a good food for the eyes minus, cantaloupe is the fruit of choice that you can make a dessert when a fever. Because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, fruit cantaloupe into automatic which will increase system endurance body perfectly.

Well that made the drink juice or even eat directly, the content of a good cantaloupe fruit will satisfy your body so it will quickly recover. You can mix 50 grams 100 grams of meat mangosteen and a cantaloupe is ripe together with half a glass of plain water with blender, then drink.

  1. Orange


When speaking of the fruit with the highest content of vitamin C, oranges for sure is that appear in your mind. Wrong again, not citrus fruits containing vitamin C containing high will be able to help restore the body’s immune system as normal. When a normal immune system, then the body temperature high heat else would quickly subside.

Antioxidant properties in citrus fruits are also high to remain apart from the content of his, then the body metabolism will be increased as well. Directly select fresh natural fruit to be consumed every day rather than fruit products packaging that has already given the artificial sweeteners.

  1. Pineapple

If you do not have a disease ulcer or gastric acid, can also try eating pineapple when temperatures are moderate body . The pineapple is a fruit which also has antioxidant properties and high vitamin C content which is able to support the increased durability of the body system. Than fruit packaging Sweat artificial, natural is always much more advisable.

Same with citrus fruits and also the watermelon, pineapple is a healthy fruit which will help recover the body of fever with fast enough. Canned fruit should be avoided due to the sugar content is very high. With such a high sugar content, the immunity of the body thus will be hampered.

  1. Kiwi

Fruit To Healthy is Kiwi

Kiwi fruit any time not less useful than other fruit that was already mentioned. Been examined by the British Journal of Nutrition eat kiwi fruit that apparently can lower the heat of the fever in its victims. Even the potential risk can be lowered fever symptoms by eating kiwi fruit when the Agency already feels uncomfortable.

For sufferers of the fever and body temperature rising, healing and recovery will be faster when consuming this fruit. There are 132 adults who participated in the study where half of it placed in diet consumption 2 bananas and kiwi fruit in a day. The results are indeed very good for recovery and prevention of fever.

  1. Strawberry

Strawberries are fresh fruit that is also good for the heat loss as a fever. The levels of antioxidants and vitamin C in fruits of Red is high enough so that the same as orange and melon, this fruit is effective in raising the back body durability system weakening. For inflammation and fever, powerful enough for strawberries You rely on.

As long as it’s not canned Strawberry fruit or other packaging, but the original fruit is still fresh, you can certainly feel pleased for the body. Due to sweating, vomiting or diarrhea, heat fever will make the body lose fluids pretty much. Then there is no harm in You eating fruit daily, either as a deterrent or heat, lowering fever.

  1. Wine

Despite being one of the kind of dangerous for diabetes, fruit wine is apparently very good thus to lower the heat of the fever. Because included in foods that contain high antioxidant, no wonder that wine could then be selected for the sufferers consumed cold. As long as it is not the wine that is the product packaging, heat fever certainly can go down fast.

  1. Apple

fruit to lower a fever on the body

As we know, Apple is going to keep us from doctors and this is a real existence because Apples contain plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your body’s health. In fact, which can also to lower the heat when someone is experiencing a fever. Apple is one of the fruits that will speed up the recovery process when experiencing a fever because it is in addition to the many vitamins, fruit is easy to digest.

1 piece Apple is known to have antioxidant effects in improving the health of the body in which it equates with 1500 mg of vitamin c. Additionally there is still also the content of flavonoids can prevent cancer and hepatitis or liver disease.

  1. The Cranberries

Other fruit types that are great for lowering the temperature of the body height and the cranberry is where levels of any anti oksidance not less than other fruits. In each serving, there’s antioxidant content 5 times higher than that of the broccoli. Be one food probiotic bacteria high, both from this fruit will be able to prevent you from flu or even heal more quickly and naturally.

  1. Papaya

Yellow papaya in the garden.

There is another one that is rich in moisture content and are typically also good to overcome the problem of constipation or hard bowel movements. Papaya is a fruit right to lower the heat of the fever which is quite worrisome due to the high vitamin C content. System resilience of the body decreases and causes you to easy fever will again be increased.

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E and betakaroten in papaya is very high so that it will be able to reduce inflammation throughout the body. The presence of these nutrients are valuable, potential effects of asthma on someone can be reduced. So, there is no harm in eat papaya fruit during illness or when already healthy because there are many benefits that are not going to lose you get. Papaya fruit snacks also can support Your diet program.

A great time to see a doctor

Fever is not worth  because many cases of fever that does not immediately dealt with apparently can bring its victims to death. If the following signs have started to appear, do not hesitate to immediately saw a doctor so early handling can be obtained.

  • Pain in the throat.
  • A serious headache.
  • Mental disorders, such as begin to experience confusion.
  • Vomiting
  • The rash appears on the skin surface where it could not be considered normal or reasonable.
  • Irritability and quick temper.
  • The increased sensitivity of the senses sight against the light, especially a very bright.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • The pain appears when the process of urination.
  • Shortness of breath.

That’s the list of most heat loss good fruit that you can consume while being hot and cold. Because of the water content of many, not to mention the presence of antioxidant properties as well as vitamins that are so high, metabolism and the body’s durability will be strong again.

Alternative Cure For Stroke Survivors

Alternative Cure For Stroke Survivors

Stroke survivors now turn to traditional Chinese cures combined with modern technology to speed up recovery and reclaim their lives. Chinese medical theory cites that excesses or deficiencies in food intake, work, exercise, emotions, and so on, can cause illness. More people are discovering just how effective modern alternative health and therapeutic treatment is in healing ailment raging from tension and fatigue to pain and serious illness like strokes.

Majority of stroke patients are left with some forms of permanent disability that interferes with normal daily activities, such as walking, speech, vision, understanding, reasoning and memory. To ease their condition there is various treatments and rehabilitation involves using a mirror. It is believed that if a person who has had a stroke watches how the unaffected side of his or her body moves, it can give visual clues to help the person move the affected side.

Traditional Chinese medicine which is acupuncture employs the additional use of a machine to stimulate the needles and, in effect, provide relief where needed. Acupuncture is one Chinese treatment, which has been intensively researched on, challenged and corroborated by western doctors. The journal of American Association of Anatomist indicated that acupuncture points correspond to areas where connective tissues are thickest and which contains many nerve endings. Far from being a fleeting trend, acupuncture has become an accepted health care practice. It involves science intersecting with nature.

Electrotherapy is among the services, which offers holistic and integrated approach based on the intrinsic flow- and – energy balance theory of health and healing. It has proven to be a very effective treatment, especially when administered within one year after a person suffers a stroke. It is able to help improve blood circulation, speech, and motor facilities. A stoke is a brain damage cause by lack of blood flow to a portion of the brain. It results in permanent damage to the brain tissue- and in many cases permanent disability for the patient. In addition to physical consequences like speech disability and paralysis, stroke survivors often deal with the psychological effects, like feeling depressed, angry and frustrated at their inability to perform tasks that, before the stroke were easy or automatic.

The person’s general ability to take part in a rehabilitation program after the stroke is important consideration when decisions are being made about rehabilitation. Rehabilitation begins as soon as possible after a person is admitted to the hospital

Stroke Treatment Guidelines: Know How to Treat Yourself or Your Loved One during Stroke

Stroke Treatment Guidelines: Know How to Treat Yourself or Your Loved One during Stroke

Stroke is among the leading causes of death for so long. It is an illness caused by a sudden change in the blood supply to a part of the brain, which can cause a loss of the ability to move particular parts of the body. Some of the most popular factors are ruptured blood vessels, blocked arteries and blood clots. Stroke, which is also known as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), is a medical emergency because it can lead to permanent disability or even death. Everyone should know or be educated on or two things on stroke treatment guidelines and what to do to prevent or when someone near them is having a stroke.

Treatment for Stroke

Nowadays exists the ability to restore blood supply to the brain of some stroke victims only if they are presented with medical care early enough. The most popular stroke treatment guidelines are the CABs as in circulation, airway and breathing. This is to ensure the victim still has blood pumping, can breathe and there is no airway blockage so that they have adequate blood pressure control. They then will be established with intravenous lines and administered with blood tests as well as CT scans.

Then if the patient has been properly diagnosed with ischemic stroke, using TPA (tissue plasminogen activator) is optional. TPA can dissolve the clot blocking a brain artery and restore blood supply.

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stroke treatment guidelines

What Causes Stroke?

Generally speaking, risk factors occurring most often for stroke are as follows:

  1. High blood pressure
  2. High cholesterol
  3. Smoking
  4. Diabetes
  5. Aging
  6. Heart valve disease or atrial fibrillation patent foramen ovale
  7. Drugs use (mostly happen to individuals under 50 years of age)
  8. Obesity
  9. Alcohol consumption
  10. Less active

Stroke can also be hereditary so it is advisable to talk to your family if your parents or grandparents have history of stroke. Moreover, it is believed that men are at higher risk for stroke than women.

Other Natural Alternatives to Treat Strokes

Everyone can suffer from stroke at any point in their lives, especially if they don’t lead a healthy lifestyles. The consequences of stroke are way worth preventing. Here is a few home remedies on how to treat stroke at home. All of them are natural so you won’t need to worry about negative side effects.

  1. Try changing your diet. Pay attention to your cholesterol levels because high amount of it can cause blood clotting. Avoid food that’s rich in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol. Better avoid diet soda if you can because it can increase stroke risk.
  2. Eat turmeric because compound curcumin in turmeric is able to reduce blood clotting formation. Curry dishes are rich of turmeric so eating those can actually educe stroke risk.
  3. Eat ginger because it is a cardiac tonic which can treat stroke, help poor circulation, decrease cholesterol levels and prevent excessive blood clotting. 2 tablespoon of ginger a day for a week can help neutralize blood clotting effects of 100 mg butter. You can mix it in your cooking or drink ginger tea.
  4. Carrots are another healthy alternative to prevent stroke. They are high in beta-carotene and other important carotenoids. Women suffer 68% fewer stroke risk when they eat 5 servings of carrots weekly.

Learning stroke treatment guidelines is vital for every individual for stroke is a killer that can stop everything and thus ending someone’s life.

Untreated Yeast Infection during Pregnancy and the Overall Facts

Untreated Yeast Infection during Pregnancy and the Overall Facts

Never underestimate untreated yeast infection during pregnancy because it can lead to other annoying issue – which affects your sexual ability, genital health, and also confidence. You don’t need to overfuss or over worried about this issue, although it doesn’t mean that you should neglect it and not getting the right treatment. So, what should you know about this issue and how should you treat it?

The Facts about Yeast Infection on Pregnant Moms

On the contrary to what you believe, yeast infection is pretty common happening to pregnant women. You see, yeast infection happens when the vaginal’s yeast and acid level is not balance. The imbalance causes the yeast to overgrow. It may cause uncomfortable sensation but it isn’t dangerous, really.

Yeast infection during pregnancy usually happens because of diabetes, douching, intercourse, taking steroids or antibiotics, semen or blood, or hormonal changes (which are quite common during pregnancy). During pregnancy, your body has gone through a lot of changes – and most of them are unpredictable. The issue may not be dangerous at first but if you don’t find the right treatment, the untreated yeast infection during pregnancy can lead to more severe issues.

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The Common Symptoms

There are some common signs for yeast infection. If you suffer from one, or even more, of them, you had better check yourself to the doctor:

  • The color can be tan or white, with the texture similar to cottage cheese with bread or yeast-like smell. But the color can also be yellowish or greenish. If the smell is awful or even fishy, it is time to go to the doctor. The frequency is usually increasing – you feel it more often than usual.
  • Burning sensation during the intercourse or urination
  • Itchiness, irritation, or redness on the vaginal lips

You should have yourself checked so you can be sure whether you suffer from the infection or not. The doctor may take painless swab from the vagina so they can examine it for further check. If it is difficult to determine a diagnose, a culture will be sent to the lab for more detailed examination.

The Proper Care and Treatments

Dealing with untreated yeast infection during pregnancy is a bit tricky because the condition doesn’t allow you to be hasty. You can’t really try dangerous methods or careless manners to treat the problem – not without endangering your pregnancy. This is why you should always have your condition checked, monitored, and observed.

When you consult the doctor, it is most likely that your doctor will recommend only vaginal creams which are applied topically. Oral medication isn’t considered safe so it is better to turn to topical applications. However, not all creams or topical medications are safe. This is one of the main reasons why you should have a regular and continuous discussion with your doctor. If you leave the problem without having proper treatment, you baby can get the infection during the delivery. Also known as thrush, the yeast infection generally happens to the baby’s mouth.

Always pay attention to your personal hygiene and health, especially during pregnancy. And never untreated yeast infection during pregnancy happens because it won’t only affect you; but also your baby.

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Knowing the right sprained foot treatment is crucial when you want to address the issue properly without causing further problem, or pain. Everyone must have sprained their foot at least once in their lifetime so the accident involving it is pretty common. However, a lot of people may perform the wrong care that it prolongs the pain and the issue. Some people may even overreact and overdo the whole thing.

The Common Cause

When you accidentally twist your foot, being hit, or fall, the sprain can happen. The accidents may cause the ligaments (responsible for connecting the bones within the joint) to stretch or tear, moving it out of the natural position. The sprain itself can be mild, or it can be moderate and severe. The sprained foot treatment depends on the severity. In a mild case, for instance, the sprain can heal on its own as long as you give it a time to rest, and you don’t put too much burden on the foot. But in moderate or severe cases, you may have to go to the doctor.

The First Treatment

When you sprain your foot, you will notice a feel of discomfort or pain, and you may not be able to use your foot as usual. You may have the difficulty to walk straight or properly. Don’t force yourself. Don’t strain yourself. There are the first things you should do to make yourself feel better and prevent further pain.

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  • First of all, you need to rest and not using the injured foot to move around. One of the most common methods in sprained foot treatment is simply to lie down after the accident has happened.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on the injured foot. Don’t move around too much. It is possible to use a cane or a crutch so you won’t put too much pressure on the injured foot.
  • Ice compress is great to prevent pain and swelling. It will also ease off any discomfort. You can apply the cold compress for 15 minutes for eight times a day. Just don’t apply the compress for more than 20 minutes because it may lead to injury.

Different Grades of the Sprain

You may not know this but there are different sprain grades resulting in different conditions and also proper sprained foot treatment.

  • In grade 1, the sprain is quite mild because there is only microscopic damage to the ligament
  • In grade 2, the sprain is moderate because there is a severe stretching as well as partial torn ligaments
  • In grade 3, the ligaments are completely torn , causing you not being able to move or bear the weight. It is possible that your doctor may ask you to wear a cast, preventing you from using that foot completely.

Whatever you do, never try to correct your condition by yourself. Don’t massage it or even try to twist it. It will only make the problem get worse and it doesn’t solve the problem. If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, go to the doctor to get the right sprained foot treatment.

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

There are some best scabies treatment over the counter that you can apply, going along with the home remedy treatments. Scabies may be caused by mite bites but you should never underestimate such a bite. It isn’t just a bite – it is a condition that gets worse because the mites will burrow themselves inside your skin and then lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the young scabies will go out to the surface of your skin and start over the cycle.

scabies treatment over the counter

Scabies and the Common Problem

Scabies are highly contagious. Someone who has scabies may transmit the disease to other people making contact with him/her. Because of the repeated cycle where the mites bite you and lay eggs on you and let the new eggs hatch for the new cycle, the only way to stop the problem from developing and spreading is to stop the eggs from hatching. You want to eliminate the eggs so new mites won’t come to existence and begin the cycle again.

Besides the scabies treatment over the counter, you can also try the natural home remedy solutions. The latter one may take longer time to show real results but it poses little side effects and risks. It is crucial, though, that you should always consult your doctor before making experiments with the home remedy option. You should make sure that you are completely fit and okay to proceed with the procedure.

Although some people believe that natural home remedy is the solution, you need to know that prescribed antibiotics is needed. Because of the unique trait of the disease, most doctors will suggest prescribed medication although they may also suggest the scabies treatment over the counter. They can determine what medication will be suitable for you based on your condition and the severe of your issue.

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The Most Common Options

Here are some of the most common scabies treatment over the counter options:

  • Eurax or Crotamiton. It is a scabicidal and antipruritic drug, which is applied topically. It is mostly used for kids or those with low immunity system. This solution should be applied twice or three times with 24 hours gap. If you want to enjoy faster result, you can apply the medicine and leave it for 48 hours – don’t shower or take a bath. Avoid applying the cream on your face.
  • Elimite or Permethrin 5%. It is a repellent for insect that can kill the mites. It is considered safe for pregnant moms and kids, including breastfeeding moms. It can only be applied once a week, unless your doctor instructs you to apply it twice a week.
  • Dr Scabies Cream. It is a popular option for doctor, containing jojoba oil and soy, including chamomile extracts. Once you have cleaned your body, apply the cream and massage it. Leave it be for a day before washing it off.

There are still more options that you can have but always talk about everything with your doctor, to prevent risks and side effects. If you do it right, your doctor will be able to suggest the right scabies treatment over the counter for you.

Coronary Artery Dissection: Things That You Must Know

Coronary Artery Dissection: Things That You Must Know

The spontaneous coronary artery dissection becomes a great deal for modern people these days. It is usually called SCAD. This is a health problem that attacks everyone, man and woman. It is also difficult for researchers to find what causes SCAD. It is a kind of heart attack. We are commonly advised to eat healthy foods and workout regularly to reduce or stop the heart attack. Unfortunately, this advice will always work for SCAD. It can attack young and healthy people as well. In this article, we would like to show everything you must know about this health issue.

What It Is

Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection (SCAD) happens when the blood trapped between the layers of the artery wall. It leads a bulging condition in the artery so that the blood flow will be blocked. When you are in this condition, your blood won’t be able to reach the muscle of heart. As a result, you may get a heart attack soon. Although many researchers can’t explain the causes of SCAD, it doesn’t mean there is nothing to do with this disease. We have collected the important things for you in order to know better about SCAD.

The Most Victims are Women

If you are women, you must be aware about spontaneous coronary artery dissection. This comes spontaneous, meaning that we can’t predict when it will happen and what can trigger it to be happened. According to a study, the eight percent patients of SCAD are women. The average age of the patients is early 40 years-old. Typically, the patients are young who have active lives and healthy conditions. The results also showed that thirty percent of the women have just given birth. In other words, women who have given birth have greater risk to get SCAD.

Coronary Artery Dissection

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It is like a Heart Attack

Most people including doctors recognize spontaneous coronary artery dissection as a heart attack. In fact, SCAD is only a symptom of heart attack. In other words, SCAD may cause heart attacks to the sufferers, and the most targets are women who have age under fifty years old. What makes it worse than a normal heart attack is that there is no sign or warning even for the sufferers who are young and healthy.

Know the Symptoms

Basically, the SCAD doesn’t have any sign or symptoms. But, some studies have shown that the sufferers had some symptoms of heart attack too. In other words, the symptoms are similar with a heart attack. Each patient may have different symptoms by the way. Let’s check them one by one.

  • Feeling pain in the chest
  • Breathing shortly
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Excessive sweating
  • Pain in the left arm and upper back
  • Vomiting gray skin tone.

Be Aware for the recurrence

The spontaneous coronary artery dissection may come more than twice for the survivors. They may experience SCAD if they do nothing for the first attack. Thus, it is important for the doctors who have been handling the patients of SCAD. They have to ensure the heart attack is caused by SCAD or not.

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