Surprising Facts About Obesity

Surprising Facts About Obesity

Surprising Facts About Obesity

We have some surprising facts about obesity you must know today. As we know, the number of obese people is increasing every day. This isn’t equal with the answers from the experts who have been working with this problem for over the years. However, they never get the exact answer about it. Then, we just blame our genes, which derive from our parent. If it is true, here comes the question why our parents bring this legacy for a long time?

What is Obesity?

Obesity means fatness in someone’s body, which is called obese people. In other words, people who have too much fat or weight around the body especially stomach are called obese people. There are many factors that affect the obesity. But the most common one is about the consumption of high-energy foods. Basically, people need to burn more calories than what they have eaten every day to avoid the obesity risk. We don’t want to talk about the factors of obesity today. We prefer showing you the surprising fact about it instead. This article may open your eyes wider to know the long-term effects of obesity. So, you will be more motivated to keep your body in the shape.

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No One Gets Obesity When he was Born

This is the first one of facts about obesity that you must know. People weren’t born with obese. How come does it affect our body? It is like a sneaky thing for us. A study was undergone by Prof. Claude Bouchard. He says that obesity is made by weight gain of about one until two kilograms every year. This happens for over 15 to 25 years. What does it mean? It means that we get obesity unconsciously. You should know that one until two kilograms a year or 365 days can’t be easily recognize by us, right? it is so difficult to see the main culprit why we become obese. Researchers can only assume that sedentary lifestyle, excessive eating habit, and food preference are the most factors of obesity.

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Birth Malformations

You must know about this one of surprising facts about obesity. The obese women with pregnancy will bring birth defects to their children. In simple words, the baby may not have a normal human body. A study was conducted in Sweden from 2001 to 2014. This massive study took about 1 million births. The result shows that there was 3.5 percent of the overall rate of major congenital malformations. You must know about your body mass index (BMI) while you are pregnant. If the number shows more than 35, it will provide greater risk of birth malformation around 23 percent.


This term will close our surprising facts about obesity today. Macrosomia means that obese mothers may give birth to large babies. For your information, this condition doesn’t provide any benefits. Instead, it may put the babies to get bone breaks during the birth. Extensive bleeding is also the great possibility to the mothers. These babies may have larger heads and longer bones. The bellies are also unnatural because the sizes are larger.

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