How to treat pinworms? causes and cures

How to treat pinworms? causes and cures

The scientific names for pinworms are enterobiasis or oxyuriasis. Treat Pinworms are a very common intestinal worm infection and statistics show that there are over 40 million cases of pinworms infection in the United States of America each year.

Pinworms are small intestinal worms that are most commonly detected in children. Pinworms in child are very often detected between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.

Itching – The most frequent pinworms symptom is an itching feeling around the rectal area that intensifies during the night. This pinworms symptom occurs due to the fact that pinworms migrate from the intestines to the rectal area to deposit their eggs.

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When the infected child or adult scratches that area, the pinworms eggs are transferred to the hands of that person and to everything that he or she touches. This way, pinworms spread and infect the family, friends and any other person in the close proximity of the infected person.

Besides intense itching in the rectal area, another pinworms symptom can sometimes be an annoying itching sensation in the urinary tract or vagina of girls, which is caused by the migration of pinworms in these areas. However, this symptom is relatively rare and uncommon.

How to treat pinworms? causes and cures

Weight loss – Another possible symptom of pinworms can be the loss of appetite and, consequently, weight loss. This symptom of pinworms is usually specific to a severe case of infection.

Poor hygiene – The main cause of pinworms is a deficient hygiene. Children often forget to wash their hands and this creates a favorable climate for the pinworms to spread and infect more and more persons in the child’s entourage. Pinworms eggs can live outside the body for about two weeks and this is one of the most important causes for the high frequency of pinworms infection.

Another cause of pinworms is the fact that the eggs of this intestinal worm can be spread by dust and they can end up in your food.

How to treat pinworms? causes and cures

Fortunately, the pinworms treatment is extremely easy and effective. The usual pinworms treatment consists of anti-parasitic drugs that are available in any pharmacy, with or without a prescription from your physician. The most common drug used in pinworms treatment is Albendazole.

The treatment plan requires you to initially take one dose of this drug to kill pinworms in your body and then take another two weeks later to make sure that you do not get infected with pinworms again.

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There are also other anti-parasitic drugs used in the pinworms treatment such as Mebendazole (sold under the name of Vermox) or pyrantelpamoate (also known as Pin-Rid).The treatment plan for these drugs is identical to that for Albendazole. Usually, the pinworms treatment is not only prescribed for the person that has the pinworms infection, but also for all the members of the family that live in the same household because pinworms are highly contagious.

Pinworms prevention Pinworms in a child are a very common condition and they do not pose any grave risk to the general health and well-being of that child. However, you can avoid pinworms in your child by making sure that he or she washes his or her hands before eating or after using the toilet.

Another preventive measure is to wash and change your child’s bedding as often as possible and to make sure that he or she changes underwear every day.

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