Overcome Dark Splotches On Skin

Overcome Dark Splotches On Skin

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]ark Splotches on skin can appear anywhere, especially on the skin of the hands and also our skin. The emergence of black spots on the skin blemishes can affect the beauty and the beauty of our skin and it certainly can not be left alone if we want to preserve our beauty and skin care.

The appearance of stains black spots on the skin due to the impact of skin melanin we have. Melanin is a giver normal color of the skin, but if the production of melanin in the skin is very excessive, it will cause skin problems emerged in the form of black spots.

Skin to excessive melanin production is usually caused by several factors, one of them because of the influence of the sun’s UV rays. In addition to the effects of UV rays of the sun, causes black spots on the hands generally also under the influence of some vitamin deficiencies as well as for certain disease states.

Black spots found on the skin of the hands can also arise because of the condition of the body deficient intake of vitamin C or B12, impaired liver function or damage causes by sunlight. So it is very important to know what causes black spots are present on our skin.

If the black spots that appear due to the influence of the body have an important nutritional deficiencies described above, vitamin supplementation and increase consumption of fruits and vegetables is the best way to overcome the problem of skin that has black spots.

The following are possible causes of the appearance of dark spots on the skin of the hands, you need to know:

Lack of Vitamin C

Body condition deficient intake of vitamin C can cause the condition of our skin becomes unhealthy that can cause various skin diseases one black spots that exist on the skin of the hands.

Lack of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 deficiency can also affect the occurrence of skin discoloration and lesions, including hyperpigmentation such brownish black spots on the skin.

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Fanconi anemia

Fanconi anemia is a type of anemia that is genetically inherited and not caused because of the body of iron deficiency. The main symptom of this disease is the appearance of brownish black spots on the skin.

Weak Liver Function

Weak liver function can be one of the causes black spots on the skin on the hands and other parts of the skin. As we know that the liver is functioning to absorb nutrients from the food we eat as well as rid the body of toxins contained in the blood.

Liver function is to assist the body in a dirty filter blood, removing harmful chemicals containing free radicals, filter elements that cause damage to the skin cells. Disturbance in liver function have external symptoms such as rash, itchy skin and brownish black spots on Skin

Affected due Sunlight

Damage to the skin from UV rays of the sun such as the emergence of black spots or lentigo. These black spots are most often seen in the area of ​​facial skin and hands. And usually appears after we entered middle age ie 30 years and older. Fortunately the dark spots can disappear by itself when we perform maintenance on our skin

dark splotches on skin

Causes of Black Spots

Black spots appear due to the increase in melanin production melanosome, particularly after exposure to sunlight. Melanin is the pigment that determines the color of the skin, eyes, hair, and certain parts of the human ear. This is why the skin has many melanosome will be darker in color than the surrounding skin, so it looks like spots. Black spots may darken upon exposure to sunlight, so that the use of sunscreen is recommended for people with this trend.

Ethnic groups living in certain areas at risk have more melanin than other ethnic groups, so that the geographical factor also be the cause of black spots. People living near the equator tend to have more melanin in response to sun himself. This process makes them more common skin dark brown. This is influenced by the characteristics of melanin to absorb sunlight, UV radiation as well dispel.

Black spots can also occur due to genetic makeup. People with bright skin and blond or red hair are often experiencing this condition.

Black spots may also appear on older people. These spots are known as liver spots or sun spots.

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Symptoms of Black Spots

Black spots on the skin would look like a speck or point of light brown stain evenly. Spots or stains point is usually circular in shape with a variety of sizes and colors. The spots can start to appear at the age of one or two.

Black spots will fade with reduced intensity of sun exposure. Conversely, too much exposure to sunlight can cause inflammation or sunburn also called freckles.
It’s Time To Call Medical
Black spots are usually not harmful to health and are generally not at risk of cancer. However, in rare cases, black spots may be a symptom of the disease xeroderma pigmentosum and neurofibromatosis.

Black spots that are difficult to distinguish from skin cancer is also dangerous conditions, such as melanoma. Therefore, it is good to be aware of the stain spots or dots. Immediately see a dermatologist to identify and get the right diagnosis

Prevention of Black Spots

Although black spots is a congenital genetic, people who do not have this gene can have freckles on her skin, for example, when too often or live in an area with abundant sunlight. It can not always be avoided, because on the other hand, humans need vitamin D can be obtained naturally from sunlight. However black spots may be anticipated by using sunscreen with SPF 50. In light-skinned people, it is increasingly important to avoid the risk of UV radiation trigger skin cancer.

Some people who have black spots have the option of undergoing laser therapy in an effort to eliminate these spots. In addition to laser therapy, the owner of the black spots can use cosmetics to disguise spots are perceived as annoying appearance.

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