Some skin diseases that need to be controlled

Some skin diseases that need to be controlled

Skin disease can interfere with the activities that we run. Never mind the work, while skin diseases attack just sometimes it is hard to move. The skin may become red, festering with a combination of itching and the heat is very disturbing. This can be caused by many different causes. Causes that affect them are namely climate, environment, housing, less healthy life habits, allergies and others. One of the causes that are quite popular are the fungi and bacteria. When skin diseases attack, often makes the sufferer minder and low self-esteem. Strange-looking appearance and the possibility of menularnya various skin diseases make the sufferer is often avoided by those around him.

Skin Disease

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a variety of skin diseases And some type of skin disease that can invade our bodies, including:

Skin Disease Panu

The cause of the disease is panu mushrooms. On the affected part panu, usually colored a bit whitish. In places this is the fungus grows on the skin. The skin on the affected spot panu it will itch. To treat it, you can apply the cream medications sold in pharmaciespharmacies.

There are still many types of skin diseases that can infect humans. Clean living is one effort to avoid different kinds of skin diseases. When problems occur on the skin, immediately consult with a specialist so that no skin disease to spread throughout the body.

Skin Disease Ulcers (Furunkel)

Boils is one of skin disease. An incredible pain in the part that attacked boils resulted in disruption of some activity.

Skin disease called ulcers are caused by the presence of an infection from bacteria Stafilokus aureus on the skin. Penginfeksian by Stafilokus aureus bacteria usually enter through the oil glands, hair follicles and sweat glands, which then lead to local infection.

As was the case in other skin diseases that ulcers are also caused by the less white garment is someone in keeping it clean. Not only just but also hygiene problems due to the use of cosmetics that are too long and the process of pembersihannya a less tidy so cosmetics clog skin pores.

Other causes are also capable of bringing in diseases of ulcers on the skin is an open ulcer and eventually exposed to a bacterial infection Stafilokokus aureus. In addition it is also caused by the occurrence of attenuation due to diabetes.

Diseases of ulcers is indeed very troubling. Moreover, this skin disease often come in areas that are often used for activity so that when used for activity then the pain will come to strike.

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The Ringworm Skin Disease

Ringworm is a skin disease caused by a fungus. Symptoms that are capable of is given by the panyakit skin ringworm is the thickening of the skin accompanied with embossed circles. The skin will become scaly, watering, and it will feel very itchy on the affected part of the fungus. Eventually these symptoms would cause a whitish spots on the skin caused by mold growth on the skin. Ringworm skin disease arises due to lack of ringworm disease sufferers in maintaining the cleanliness of the body. Usually the area that many stricken by the fungus that causes ringworm is part of the nape, neck, and scalp. Prevention efforts can be done so as not to be exposed to disease ringworm is to always maintain the cleanliness of the body especially at the areas most often absorbed by the fungus that causes ringworm disease occurrence in the area of the nape, neck, and scalp. Ringworm skin disease is a disease that is contagious. Contagion caused by the fungus can occur through direct contact with sufferers or indirectly. Indirect contact is usually transmitted through most clothes and towels.

The towels or clothes that have been used by people suffering from ringworm has the potential to spread the fungi originally present on the body of the sufferer moved into a towel. Therefore make it a habit to use goods bisafat pribadai individually and keep always the cleanliness of the body so as not to developing ringworm. For the treatment of ringworm disease that can be done is to put the drug on the afflicted by fungus. The drug is a medication used as antifungal drugs containing mikonazol and kloritomazol.

Skin disease chicken pox

The cause of the occurrence of this skin disease is a virus. When the disease struck, the body will experience a fever early. After that, on the surface of the body will appear red spots that will quickly spread. The spots it contains fluid and please note that never scratch the spots this because later will leave scars after recovering. After a few days, spots the watery it will dry up and slowly disappear one by one. To speed up the healing process, a lot of breaks and food consumption bervitamin especially fruits.

To reduce the itching caused by the smallpox disease then can use powders that contain menthol. The content of menthol in the powder will give you a taste or cold sensations on the skin so that the itching is slightly reduced. Yet if sufferers highly sensitive skin then it is recommended to use powder that does not contain menthol.

Skin Diseases Measles

Does not vary much with her smallpox, the disease is also caused by a virus. When a person is suffering from measles, he must be cautious because this disease can be transmitted easily. Symptoms of the disease begins with fever and cough. After that, it will appear red splotches on the skin. For the process of healing, the patient should rest and increase the consumption of foods with a high nutrient.

Skin Disease Melanoma

Disease melanoma skin cancer is a disease that is able to cause death in patients. Disease melanoma is very berbaha if hanyadibiarkan alone in the absence of treatment efforts of the sufferer. The chances of someone for letting this disease is due to two things. The first is due to lack of funding or cost which is owned by the sufferer, so not being able to hold a surgery to remove the melanoma. The second is the lack of seriousness remove it because it is only regarded as a mole. Melanoma in contrast to Mole, although its shape is almost the same as moles. Melanoma will continue to evolve rapidly and enlarged later entered into a network system. If it has been entered into the system the network then operations efforts can not be done, but done the therapy first. Other differences from melanoma moles is the pigment that is owned by melanoma. In addition it will also cause inflammation or vapors in the vicinity of the affected skin melanoma.
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