The Secret Fact of Guillain Barre Syndrome Flu Shot You Must Know

The Secret Fact of Guillain Barre Syndrome Flu Shot You Must Know

The study says that two of six Americans get a flu vaccine. However, many rumors that this vaccine emerges some side effects, one of them is Guillain Barre syndrome flu shot. This issue comes out because of misinformation which has been spread. According to the worry, the flu shot can cause a rare nervous-system disorder or Guillain Barre syndrome flu shot. However, the study from Italian researchers found that taking this flu vaccine can decrease the risk of this disease.

Guillain Bare syndrome is a serious disorder which the immune system in the body damages the nervous system. This causes some muscle weakness and temporary paralyzing. This disease may lead to some symptoms which can stay for a few weeks. One of the symptoms is having difficulty in breathing. Many people can fully recover and some of them may have a long-term of damages. And, in very rare case, people died because of GBS. a little study says Guillain-Barre syndrome flu shot can be the cause .

Now, the question just pops out, what is the cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome? Getting the flu or getting the shot? You may need the answer below!

Guillain Barre Syndrome Flu Shot

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What is actually causes of Guillain Barre syndrome?

There are a lot of things which cause the disease. diarrhea and respiratory illness can be the cause because the people may have Guillain-Barre syndrome symptoms for few days or weeks.The another cause is the infection because of a bacterium. The Campylobacter jejeuni bacteria is the most factor of having GBS. People also may get GBS symptoms after they have flu which is caused by the infection. And, there is a very rare case, Guillain-Barre syndrome flu shot is founded.

Recently, This cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome by getting flu vaccine becomes the hot news. Does flu shot vaccine cause the GBS? The study says that Guillain-Barre syndrome flu shot is not that really true. the findings are when the flu season is coming, the flu occurrences are greater like more than five present. And, you get a flu vaccine, the risk of having this Guillain-Barre syndrome may decrease. The epidemiologist from the Ottawa Hospital says that when you have the flu, and take the flu shot. The risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome does not increase. He believes that the vaccine prevents the flu. The result of the study shows that Guillain-Barre syndrome flu shot is not caused by getting the vaccine. The risks of GBS is likely higher to the person who has the flu than the person who gets vaccinated.

According to CDC, there are 3000-6000 Guillain-Barre syndrome cases in American. The good news that most of those GBS cases are not caused by getting the flu shot. The most common cause of these cases is the flu infection which is called Campylobacter jejeuni. This bacterium is the result of consuming contaminated food.

This finding shows that Guillain Barre Syndrome flu shot is incorrect information. And, you don’t need to worry about the thing now!

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