Insanity Workout Calendar Tips and Tricks

Insanity Workout Calendar Tips and Tricks

You must be wondering about insanity workout calendar because you have found this article, right? Yeah, you can find many workout calendars out there but you won’t get as good as we have here. This article helps you knowing some tips and tricks of this type of workout calendar. Let’s have a look about them all below.

What It is

We start from the most common question firstly. What is insanity workout calendar? If you have been involved in workout things, you must be familiar with this calendar. It is an overview of the exercises or workouts that you must do in a particular period such as a week or a month. Basically, it contains some courses for two months or nine weeks. This calendar always consists of FIT Test that you can do either in the beginning or the end of the calendar. To use this calendar, you have to do the exercise of the day that you start. Then, please cross a mark (X) when you have finished the exercise. You must complete the course as a whole based on the days or weeks that you have set. Some physical trainers claim that the users of this workout calendar will feel more motivated to complete and build the exercises.

This insanity workout calendar is really useful to keep on the track. As we know, working out every day is mostly tough and difficult for beginners who want to build their body. So, you can use this calendar as your motivator to keep motivating you in completing the course. Moreover, you can customize the calendar as you wish such as giving desired body photos in order to make your motivation arises. In addition, this kind of calendar can be printed as many as you want.

Insanity Workout Calendar

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Tips and Tricks

Let’s get back to the business. We need the tips and tricks now. These tips and tricks tend to provide the basic things of the calendar. Without further ado, check out the first tops and tricks below.

Placing the workout Calendar

After you have set the insanity workout calendar, it is time to print it and place on the wall. Please place it on the place that you can see it in your daily basis. It is important in order to make you remember about the schedule whenever you pass the calendar.

Make it Bigger

It is also important to set a giant or large schedule calendar so that you can mark with a large X every time you finished the workout. It will give more gratifying and satisfying feel.

Add some Pictures

Because this insanity workout calendar is yours, you can put any picture on it. We suggest you using a picture of a body that you want to obtain. It always motivates you to complete the workout surely.


This workout plan really needs consistency. Without it, you won’t be able to get what you want to get. Moreover, it is also necessary that you are working with your body so that the calorie deficit is your friends now. That’s all tips and trick that you must know as beginners.

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