Dengue Fever : Can Be Treated with an Easy Way & at Home

Dengue Fever : Can Be Treated with an Easy Way & at Home

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]urely you are not familiar with the disease whose name Dengue Fever (DB) or also known as DHF (Dengue).

Dengue fever is an acute febrile disease caused by dengue virus and is often found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, especially in the humid rainy season. Dengue virus is spread by the mosquito Aedes aegypti or Aedes albopictus.

Dengue Fever Can Be Treated with an Easy Way & at HomeS

Symptoms of Dengue Fever

There are various symptoms of dengue fever which can recognize, are as follows:

  • High fever suddenly for approximately 2 to 7 days (38-40 degrees Celsius).
  • Chills, headache, and there are some cases with pain when moving the eyes and pain in the early symptoms.
  • There are red spots.
  • Decreased blood pressure that sometimes cause shock.
  • Platelets drops below 100,000 / mm3, as well as an increase in hematocrit of more than 20%.
  • If you already advanced, nosebleeds usually occurs on the nose and gums.
  • Body feels sore and the pain in the joints.
  • Defecation colored black and hard. Usually happens melena (waste water to remove dirt in the form of mucus and blood mixed

Dengue Fever Can Be Treated with an Easy Way & at Home

Prevent dengue

Up to now there is no antiviral drugs or vaccines for dengue fever. So the most appropriate action is to prevent that by controlling the presence of mosquitoes carrying dengue virus. The steps you can take are as follows:

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Prevention of the arrival of mosquitoes causing dengue fever can be done by draining bathtub least once a week, to close water reservoirs, buried tin cans, and so on.


You can keep eating fish larvae and bacteria, so the presence of mosquitoes can be reduced.


Things are already familiar to exterminate mosquitoes is by fumigation or fogging. You can also give abate powder in shelters water.

Treating Dengue

If you find some of the symptoms that occur in the condition of your body, you should immediately consult a doctor or visit the nearest hospital. As mentioned before that there is no specific drug to cope with dengue fever, but here are some tips that can at least be able to cope with dengue fever:

  • Drink lots of water than the recommended minimum (8 glasses a day).
  • Drinks containing electrolytes or ions to prevent dehydration from fever.
  • To reduce fever and pain, consume drugs containing acetaminophen like tilenol.
  • Rest a lot.

For patients with dengue fever that level of severe disease, it is advisable to undergo inpatient care in hospitals, provision of electrolyte and fluid replacement infusion as a body, as well as blood transfusions as a result of the bleeding.

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