Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer Treatment Options and Surgeries

We will never know the best treatment options when we can’t track the stage 4 cervical cancer from the stage 0. So, we really need to know the stage of the cervical cancer before choosing the treatment options. There are many factors that influence or affect the treatment of cervical cancer such as the location of the cancer, the type, the patient’s age and her overall condition. One last thing is whether or not she has given birth. In this article, we will give the best treatment of cervical cancer especially for those who have stage 4.

There are two types of stage 4 cervical cancers by the way. They are stage 4A and 4B. Let’s check them all one by one below.

Stage 4 Cervical Cancer

Stage 4A

This treatment option also works for stage 2B, 3, and 4A. The best way is by doing Chemoradiation. For the chemo can be cisplatin or cisplatin plus fluorouracil. Meanwhile, the radiation treatment can be external beam radiation and brachytherapy. It can also be both of them. It depends on the condition of the patient.

Stage 4B

Now, we are on the second type of stage 4 cervical cancer treatment option. It is called stage 4B when the cancer has been affecting the pelvis and other body parts. Unfortunately, this stage is not able to be cured usually. The doctors who handle this condition must stop the growth of the cancer firstly. It is by using chemo or radiation therapy. They also focus to reduce the symptoms. For your information, the standard chemo procedure of the stage 4B is to combine the platinum drug (cisplatin or carboplatin) and one of these drugs like gemcitabine, paclitaxel, or topotecan. The combinations of the drugs are necessary in order to help the patients. The Avastin or bevacizumab will be combined with chemo.

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 The stage 4 cervical cancer also needs some surgeries for the patients in order to eradicate the cancer. Most women must undergo these cervical cancer surgeries such as cryosurgery, conization, Simple (total) hysterectomy, radical hysterectomy, laser surgery, trachelectomy, and pelvic exenteration.  Here are some benefits of using surgeries or operations as follow:

  • To diagnose the location of the cervical cancer
  • To consider the possible treatment options
  • To know the spread of the cancer

Let’s check the types of the surgery one by one below.

Cryosurgery and Laser Surgery

This surgery uses a cold metal probe. The doctor will kill the abnormal cells by placing the probe to where the cancer is located. It will freeze the cells. This operation can be done in clinic. Meanwhile, the laser surgery is used to launch laser beam to the vagina directly. Then, the abnormal cells will be burnt off. This surgery is also functioned to remove a small tissue so that the doctor can diagnose it.


This stage 4 cervical cancer surgery requires a surgical or laser knife. Then, the doctor will remove a cone-shape piece of tissue from the cervix. Then, the doctor can examine through microscope.


This type of cancer surgery owns two types, simple and radical hysterectomy. The simple one only remove the uterus, not the parametria and uterosacral ligaments, while the radical type removes the uterus and the tissue.

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Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Sprained Foot Treatment and the Right Care

Knowing the right sprained foot treatment is crucial when you want to address the issue properly without causing further problem, or pain. Everyone must have sprained their foot at least once in their lifetime so the accident involving it is pretty common. However, a lot of people may perform the wrong care that it prolongs the pain and the issue. Some people may even overreact and overdo the whole thing.

The Common Cause

When you accidentally twist your foot, being hit, or fall, the sprain can happen. The accidents may cause the ligaments (responsible for connecting the bones within the joint) to stretch or tear, moving it out of the natural position. The sprain itself can be mild, or it can be moderate and severe. The sprained foot treatment depends on the severity. In a mild case, for instance, the sprain can heal on its own as long as you give it a time to rest, and you don’t put too much burden on the foot. But in moderate or severe cases, you may have to go to the doctor.

The First Treatment

When you sprain your foot, you will notice a feel of discomfort or pain, and you may not be able to use your foot as usual. You may have the difficulty to walk straight or properly. Don’t force yourself. Don’t strain yourself. There are the first things you should do to make yourself feel better and prevent further pain.

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  • First of all, you need to rest and not using the injured foot to move around. One of the most common methods in sprained foot treatment is simply to lie down after the accident has happened.
  • Avoid putting too much weight on the injured foot. Don’t move around too much. It is possible to use a cane or a crutch so you won’t put too much pressure on the injured foot.
  • Ice compress is great to prevent pain and swelling. It will also ease off any discomfort. You can apply the cold compress for 15 minutes for eight times a day. Just don’t apply the compress for more than 20 minutes because it may lead to injury.

Different Grades of the Sprain

You may not know this but there are different sprain grades resulting in different conditions and also proper sprained foot treatment.

  • In grade 1, the sprain is quite mild because there is only microscopic damage to the ligament
  • In grade 2, the sprain is moderate because there is a severe stretching as well as partial torn ligaments
  • In grade 3, the ligaments are completely torn , causing you not being able to move or bear the weight. It is possible that your doctor may ask you to wear a cast, preventing you from using that foot completely.

Whatever you do, never try to correct your condition by yourself. Don’t massage it or even try to twist it. It will only make the problem get worse and it doesn’t solve the problem. If the pain doesn’t subside within a few days, go to the doctor to get the right sprained foot treatment.

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

Scabies Treatment Over the Counter Options

There are some best scabies treatment over the counter that you can apply, going along with the home remedy treatments. Scabies may be caused by mite bites but you should never underestimate such a bite. It isn’t just a bite – it is a condition that gets worse because the mites will burrow themselves inside your skin and then lay eggs. Once the eggs hatch, the young scabies will go out to the surface of your skin and start over the cycle.

scabies treatment over the counter

Scabies and the Common Problem

Scabies are highly contagious. Someone who has scabies may transmit the disease to other people making contact with him/her. Because of the repeated cycle where the mites bite you and lay eggs on you and let the new eggs hatch for the new cycle, the only way to stop the problem from developing and spreading is to stop the eggs from hatching. You want to eliminate the eggs so new mites won’t come to existence and begin the cycle again.

Besides the scabies treatment over the counter, you can also try the natural home remedy solutions. The latter one may take longer time to show real results but it poses little side effects and risks. It is crucial, though, that you should always consult your doctor before making experiments with the home remedy option. You should make sure that you are completely fit and okay to proceed with the procedure.

Although some people believe that natural home remedy is the solution, you need to know that prescribed antibiotics is needed. Because of the unique trait of the disease, most doctors will suggest prescribed medication although they may also suggest the scabies treatment over the counter. They can determine what medication will be suitable for you based on your condition and the severe of your issue.

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The Most Common Options

Here are some of the most common scabies treatment over the counter options:

  • Eurax or Crotamiton. It is a scabicidal and antipruritic drug, which is applied topically. It is mostly used for kids or those with low immunity system. This solution should be applied twice or three times with 24 hours gap. If you want to enjoy faster result, you can apply the medicine and leave it for 48 hours – don’t shower or take a bath. Avoid applying the cream on your face.
  • Elimite or Permethrin 5%. It is a repellent for insect that can kill the mites. It is considered safe for pregnant moms and kids, including breastfeeding moms. It can only be applied once a week, unless your doctor instructs you to apply it twice a week.
  • Dr Scabies Cream. It is a popular option for doctor, containing jojoba oil and soy, including chamomile extracts. Once you have cleaned your body, apply the cream and massage it. Leave it be for a day before washing it off.

There are still more options that you can have but always talk about everything with your doctor, to prevent risks and side effects. If you do it right, your doctor will be able to suggest the right scabies treatment over the counter for you.

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment

Friedreich’s Ataxia Symptoms and Treatment You Must Know

You may need to read these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms so that you can check whether or not you are affected by this disease. This is indeed a rare genetic disease, but it is always worth it for us to know what it is and what they symptoms are.

What it is

It is a rare genetic disease as we aforementioned above. In simple words, it is a rare disease that relates to the human’s genetic; and not all humans can be affected with this Friedreich’s ataxia. The sufferers of Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will have much difficulty to walk and even to speak. They are like losing any sensation and feeling especially in their arms and legs. Another name of it is called spinocerebellar degeneration. The main cause is at the parts of their brain and spinal cord, which are likely damaged. Some patients are also affected on their heart. The word “ataxia” meaning is to have a lack of order. Actually, there are many types of ataxia based on their causes. Freidreich’s ataxia is one of them.

This disease can affect any age, ranging from 2 to 50 years old. Commonly, the disease affects children in ten to fifteen years old. According to, this disease comparison is approximately 1:40000. It means there will be one person who is affected by Friedreich’s ataxia among 40,000 people. The world hasn’t found the cure of it yet. But, there are some treatments that we can do to reduce the risk. We concern with the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms firstly so that the treatment will be necessary to prevent the disease.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms

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Let’s have a look to some symptoms aside from difficulty with walking as follow:

  • The sufferer may affect with vision changes
  • They also will lose their hearing
  • Their muscles become weaker
  • The lack of reflexes may happen especially in the legs
  • Their coordination is very poor
  • They can even communicate normally
  • Involuntary eye movements
  • They have foot deformities
  • They can sense any vibration in their feet and legs

One study shows that about 75 percent of Friedreich’s ataxia sufferers have a heart disease, such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is when the health muscle is thickened. In addition, the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsof this heart disease are as follow:

  • Hearth pulse,
  • Pain in the chest,
  • Short breath.

Diabetes is one of Friedreich’s ataxia complications too.

Friedreich’s Ataxia symptomsss


After knowing the Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms, it would be better if we also know the best treatment of it. This disease has no cure. But, some treatments can reduce the symptoms surely. The best treatment is physical therapy as well as speech therapy. Both therapies may help you to stay in a good condition and your muscle will be active. Using walking aids is also necessary to help you stand and walk. To reduce the heart disease and diabetes, ask some medications to your doctor.

Keep in healthy lifestyle; always read information about these Friedreich’s Ataxia symptoms will also help you to increase your morale and psychology. It may require some help from your family or friend by the way. But, the outcome is effective.

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Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Facts and Treatment

Constipation After Gastric Sleeve Surgery Facts and Treatment

If you suffer constipation after gastric sleeve surgery, you are in the right time and place. We will talks about this suffering in this article so that you will have better understanding about this disease in the future. Read them all one by one below.

What Is It?

Constipation is the most common complaints that people get after they have a weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve surgery. In details, the constipation is basically when your body especially your bowels can’t be emptied in normal way. It is usually signed by hardened feces. The movements of your bowel are likely blocked by something. This condition may appear less than once a week. This is a normal side effect of the weight loss surgery like gastric sleeve surgery. However, most people believe that they will have constipation if they don’t do any bowel movement every day. The constipation is probably occurred after the gastric sleeve surgery if there is no bowel movement in your body. It is still a fifty-fifty change whether the bowel movements are the same or not.


How Does it Happen?

Most cases of constipation after gastric sleeve surgeryshow that this disease doesn’t provide serious complications in a short time. But, it will be more severe if you don’t treat it for long time. So, understanding the causes and treatment can be a good thing to do for you who are suffering this constipation at the moment. This untreated condition will provide discomfort feeling to you since the stool is hardened in the large intestine. It is also usually followed by high amount of gas, depending on the levels of your constipation.

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Here are the most probable causes of constipation after gastric sleeve surgery as follow:

  • A quick reduction of food or drink daily consumption
  • Iron supplement
  • Consuming such medications like tranquilizer, antidepressants, etc.
  • Weak muscles of lower body parts
  • Using narcotic pain medications at the early post-op phase.
  • The lack of water or fluid intake in your body so that the stool and feces don’t move properly or even stop from moving to lower area. It is suggested to drink water at least forty eight ounces every day.
  • Avoiding diuretics that are important to increase the production of urine such as caffeine.
  • The lack of exercise. Many doctors suggest the patients of the gastric sleeve surgery to walk as soon as possible after their surgery approximately a month after it.
  • Inadequate fiber intake. High fiber food helps the stool to move and trigger the bowel movements quickly.


Preventing it happens is the best treatment of constipation after gastric sleeve surgery. Some serious complications such as hemorrhoids, intestinal blockages, and hernias may follow the constipation after long time untreated. When you have to consume an iron supplement after the surgery, you may need some stool softeners to help the bowel movements. You can look for Colace, which is over-the-counter medicine that you can find anywhere. You may need this for the first month until you are able to consume high fiber food and drink.

What if the constipation after gastric sleeve surgery has already occurred? Consult to your doctor as soon as possible is the last plan to do. But, you may reduce it by consuming a Dulcolax suppository, Milk of Magnesia, or Fleets enema. Please don’t hesitate to see your doctor or surgeons. Avoid some laxatives because it may prevent the normal bowel movements. However, not all constipation is caused by the surgery. Some bowel function problems or diseases can’t be related to gastric sleeve surgery. It requires the experts’ diagnosis surely so that the evaluation will be more reliable. The doctor or surgeon is your best way to diagnose the current problem of your constipation.

Ankle Popping After Sprain Facts and Treatment You Should Know

Ankle Popping After Sprain Facts and Treatment You Should Know

When you hear your ankle popping after sprain, it may be something wrong at your ankle. Yeah, ankle sprain is a most common disease that happens to active humans like us. It can appear anytime and anywhere. But, what if you heard a popping sound in your ankle right after you have suffered sprain? Find the answer in this article.

What is Ankle Joint?

We have to make sure that the pain and popping is at your ankle first so that it is necessary for us to define what ankle joint is and we are at the same page now. The most stable joint in human’s body is called ankle joint. For your information, this ankle is able to endure about one to eight times of human’s body weight, according to an orthopedic website. You may assume the same thing, don’t you? How come is it so strong like that? Thanks to the ligaments and the two legs bones called the fibula and tibia. They form a socket that is useful for the talus bone. It also attaches the bones of our lower body. Of course, it is very possible for ankle joint to injure and suffer the ligaments when we have an ankle sprain.

ankle popping after sprain

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How It Occurs

There are about one million ankle joint injuries, according to This number consists of eighty five percent people who suffer ankle sprains. In other words, this disease can’t be underestimated surely. But, not all of the sprains contain ankle popping after sprain. The more ankle sprains, the more possibilities of getting ankle popping. This disease appears when you do overstretching on the ligaments of the joint. People typically get twisting ligaments in some sport activities such as running or swimming. It also happens any time, including small activities like walking. These sprains will affect ankle popping immediately.  During an ankle sprain, your ligament will be torn and you may hear an audible popping. It is what we called ankle popping.


Let’s see other symptoms of ankle popping after sprain. Yes, it will be so obvious that your ankle will be bruising and swelling. You don’t take it long because they will appear as soon as you suffer the sprain. Then, you may not be able to move the joint or endure your weight normally because it will be hurt and pain. According to, the popping sound is a sign that your ligament has been torn or crashed. It is also a sign that your sprain is severe and dangerous. It needs professional doctor to care.


We seemingly give treatment segment in each article we publish so that you will know the best way to treat the disease, including this ankle popping after sprain. If you got severe sprains, professional medical attention would be appropriate. The doctors will examine your ankle sprain through an x-ray and an MRI. They will know where the location of the fracture and torn ligament are.  The duration of ankle sprain healing may take 4 to 6 weeks. Please consume non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, namely ibuprofen that can reduce the pain.

5 Methods To Cure Osgood Schlatters Disease Without Medicine?

5 Methods To Cure Osgood Schlatters Disease Without Medicine?

Osgood schlatters disease is a disease that comes to your knees. It is really painful and also would disturb your movement. The specific symptom of this disease is that the pain always come after you do any sport activity, and the pain would get worse if you move your knee joint. So that’s why the patient of this disease is usually an athlete, but there are also some factors that become this disease causes like age, the older the person is the greater percentage of him/her getting this disease. But a younger person could also get this disease, so it is all about lifestyle.

The osgood schlatters disease usually come to a person who loves to do any sport activity every day, working out is really good for your health but if you do one thing too much it would never be good also. If you already get the symptoms of this disease, or you are already get this disease, you don’t have to worry about anything because there are some methods that you could try to cure this disease:

Osgood Schlatters Disease

Take A Rest

If your knee hurts so bad, well it is better for you to take a rest. Don’t do any movement, just lay yourself down and relax. Rub some ice to your knee to reduce the pain, or you could also use some hot cream for it. And don’t do any hard activity for the next 2 weeks or you would end up getting your knee condition much worse than before.

Use A Rubber Protector

And if you really need to working out and do the other activity, you need to remember to always wear a rubber protector for your knee. By using this rubber protector you could reduce the possibility of getting a pain on your knee. But if you just get your knee recovered, It is better for you to not doing any heavy activity for several weeks.

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You could also cure your osgood schlatters disease by doing a therapy, If you go to your doctor, they must told you to get a therapy for your knee. A therapy would be really great for a person who always need to do sport activity like an athlete. This therapy would make your knee more flexible, stronger, and also wouldn’t cause you so much pain. So if you want your knee to get better without any medicine, then a therapy would be a great choice that you could choose.

Go On A Diet

This disease would also come to an overweight person. All the fat in their body, would make give the knee more weight and making it works harder than it should be. So to reduce the pain you need to get a good diet to lose some fat on your body. It might hard at the first time, but with a help form an expert you would get yourself a great time while you do the diet.

Hope all of the information above could help you to prevent and to know more about osgood schlatters disease.

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5 Treatments For Cervicogenic Headache That You Need To Know

5 Treatments For Cervicogenic Headache That You Need To Know

Cervicogenic headache is one of many bad headache that could happen to you. This headache comes from a neck disorder that hurt some nerves and also the soft tissue on your neck. That’s why this headache would always come whenever you move or even crack your neck. A lot of cervicogenic headache patient have said that the headache that caused by this neck disorder is 100 times worse than the regular headache.

But while a lot of people are suffering from this disease the rest are even unaware that this disease is really exist. To make you know about this disease more here are 5 treatments for cervicogenic headache that you really need to know:

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Always Pose A Great Posture

Since this disease is related to neck disorder it is also means that it is also related to your spine. So to treat this disease nicely, and if you want to reduce the pain a little by little then the first thing that you need to do is to always get to stay in a good posture. You need to be careful whenever you get up or even get down, don’t do it to fast or you would end up hurting your spine and neck and then would get the headache over and over again.

Cervicogenic Headache

Change Your Bad Habit

If you love to sit in every position that you like, then you need to think about it again. Since spine is one of the important part that you need to take care of. Then you would also need to change your bad habit while you are sitting. Try to sit in a good position don’t lean yourself too much because it would change the shape of your spine. When you sit try to put rolled towel or rolled pillow on your back to maintain its position. Then after you put it, you also need to use a belt around your hips to make sure that your back is on the chair.

Walk Around

No need to take any expensive treatment to get your back straightened, there is another cheap alternative that you could try to get your back straightened. The treatment that you could do is walking. Try to walk for 20-30 minute without stopping. You could try to walk around the park to get that beautiful view and everything. But if the weather is not possible for you to walk outside, then walking on a treadmill would also be a great option that you could choose.

Take Some Medicine

But if the headache comes without warning and you couldn’t take it anymore then you could always get a medicine to reduce the pain. You could try Ibuprofen to reduce the headache. This medicine is really good for cervicogenic headache, try to drink the Ibuprofen for every 4 or 6 hours. But this medicine has a side effect that could make a stomach acidity. So to prevent it, try to drink this medicine after a meal.

Hope all of the information above could help you to know more about the treatments for cervicogenic headache.

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