5 Methods To Do Chest And Tricep Workout At Your House

5 Methods To Do Chest And Tricep Workout At Your House

Chest and tricep workout are the basic workout that people used to do. The workout itself is used to make the chest part bigger and tighter so it would look so good. And this workout also would make the tricep looks nicer than before. Man usually do this method to make themselves look more muscular. Why chest and tricep workout? Because the first thing that people usually see is the upper part of the body, and that’s why chest and tricep workout is the best workout that you need to do first to get your body goals.

But if you are a busy person that doesn’t have time to go to the gym. Then you don’t need to worry because you could simply do these methods in your house. And here are the best methods to do chest and tricep workout at your house:

Chest And Tricep Workouts

Push Ups

A regular push ups is good to make your chest and tricep bigger. The position and movement are used to pump up your chest and tricep so it would looks bigger. To get the best result you need to it as many as you could, and don’t do it once in a while but do it daily. And if you want to make your chest and tricep to work more you could do a modified push up by putting your feet on higher ground than your body.


This might sound easy and simple to some people. But it is actually a great method to make your chest and tricep bigger. If you are new into plank then you could do it for a minute, but after you used to it you could do it more than a minute. Plank is also really good to make abs on your stomach. So it is really a good method that you could try at your house.

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Handstand Push Ups

This method might not suit really well for some people. Because it is quite hard to do, you need to do a handstand then doing a push ups in that position. If you are not good enough you might end up losing your balance and then fall to the ground. But if you are a beginner and want to try this method, then you could put your body to the wall to get a better balance.

Dumbbell Lateral Rise

This a method where you use a weight to do it. But if you don’t have a dumbbell in your house then you could use any other things as a replacement. You could use a water bottle to be your dumbbell replacement. And to do this method you need to raise your hand straight with your shoulder and then move your hand up and down while you are holding the water bottle on both of your hands.

Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press

Same with the dumbbell lateral rise if you don’t have a dumbbell to do this method then you could do it with a water bottle. To do this method you need to put your hand to your side chest while holding a water bottle on both of your hands. Then raise your hand up over your head, then put it down again at the side of your chest. Repeat this method as many as you could to get the best result.

The methods above are used to make you workout your chest and tricep without have to leave the house. You don’t need any heavy equipment to do these methods just a simple dumbbell or even a water bottle to be your weight. Hope all of the methods above could help you to get the best chest and tricep workout.

Arm Exercise How To Make Them Sexy and Sculpted

Arm Exercise How To Make Them Sexy and Sculpted

Arm exercise creates the sexy sculpted arms I see on other women. I’ve always envied them and thought I’d never have them. I had never seen any very helpful exercises before, but now I know I can. You can too it’s just a matter of knowing some good¬† exercises and your triceps will be firm and not flabby. The 10 Minute Solution:

Arm Exercise – Tone Trouble Zones by Amy Bento is the perfect solution to sexy sculpted triceps, shoulders and back.

You will be able to shorten those shirt sleeves and start showing off in tank tops by doing arm exercises. You can say good bye to the flab. And as you build up muscles you’ll find that you burn more calories, your weight loss answer, burning more calories.

These arm exercises will help you sculpt your triceps once and for all. The 10 minute solutions are very inexpensive and make a huge difference in your muscle tone quickly. Part of the secret is the resistance band included in many of the workout packages absolutely free.

Arm Exercise How To Make Them Sexy and Sculpted

If you feel you can’t afford anything new right now try the free exercise ideas listed below.

The Triceps Firmer

This arm exercise uses dumbbells and is very simple and easy to perform anywhere. Stand comfortably with your feet shoulder width apart and a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your knees just a little you don’t want them locked down tight. Bend over at the waist and holding a dumbbell in each hand bring your elbows back so your triceps are parallel to the floor. Keeping your muscles under control and with a steady movement, bring your hands back straightening your arms behind you.

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Hold this position for a few seconds and lower back to the starting position and repeat. Always keep your abs tight to get even more out of your workout whether your working out your arms or using some of our other free workout plans to sculpt your entire body.

Once you start to see the shapes of those muscles that will give you even more weight loss motivation. Weight loss motivation is a powerful tool that can be gained by using a weight loss journal.

Arm Exercise

Exercise With Weights To Lose Weight

Exercising with free weights is an inexpensive way to build your muscles and lose weight. Free weights can be purchased almost anywhere and come in a variety of weights. I suggest you purchase several different weights to start. 3 lbs. 5 lbs. and 10 lbs. are the sizes I started with.

Using a weight you feel comfortable with, do the triceps firmer exercise three or four times for 10 reps or more. Perform these a couple of times a day. Listen to your body and your muscles. If they are screaming at you back down a day and let your muscles recoup.

Once you’ve become comfortable with your weight loss workouts, increase the length and intensity of them. Add more workouts to your routine and you’ll burn more calories, which is the long term answer to your weight loss.

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