What is an ultrasound

What is an ultrasound

The question often asked is what is an ultrasound?  It is a repetitive sound that creates pressure with a frequency that is in the upper ranges outside of normal human hearing.  It is not distinguished from regular audible sound in its actual physical properties, but rather only in the fact that it cannot be heard by human ears. Ultrasound has been applied to various differing fields of industry, but is best known to most people for its uses within the medical field. There are many other applications as well.

An ultrasound is most well known for its uses in medical imaging for diagnostic purposes. This kind of imaging is known as ultrasonography or medical sonography. Sonography is used regularly by obstetricians to produce images of the growing fetus within the wombs of pregnant women who may ask what is an ultrasound?  These pictures can be used to identify conditions that maybepotentially harmful to the unborn child and mother during the course of the pregnancy. Ultrasound sonography is also used throughout the pregnancy by obstetricians to follow the progress and growth of the fetus as it matures. This technology is the same ultrasound sonography which is used for a variety of purposes in general hospital facilities.

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Ultrasound sonography can be used for several purposes with a mother and her unborn baby. They include the determination of sex, checking fetal movement, indication of heartbeat, discovering abnormalities, determining the number of fetuses, locating the placenta, confirming the viability of a fetus, dating gestational age of the fetus and make predictions of intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy. Although useful in all these areas, sometimes the results can be inaccurate or produce a false positive reading about information relating to the unborn fetus.

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What is an ultrasound used for in other medical related industries?

Diagnostic medical imaging has been using ultrasound technology for over 50 years. It has become one of the most commonly used diagnostic tools in the practice of modern medicine. Ultrasound sonography is used to give visual imaging of tendons, muscles and internal organs without surgery or using other devices. It can capture the size of the organs that are imaged and allows the sonographer to gather information about organ structure or determine if there are lesions from the images. It is the cheapest and most portable kind of technology that allows for this in modern medicine.

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Ultrasound sonography technology is used in several other areas of the medical fields. It is being commonly used by EMT and first responder teams as a diagnostic tool for trauma or first aid. It is also used in procedures like fine needle aspirations, biopsy for cytology, breast testing and histology for several areas of the body.Ultrasound sonography is one of the most versatile diagnostic tools to be utilized in the realm of modern medicine and science. It is also used for other fields. In the medical field today the better question might actually be,what is an ultrasound not used for?

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