Untreated Sinus Infection and the Possible Further Risks

Untreated Sinus Infection and the Possible Further Risks

Untreated Sinus Infection and the Possible Further Risks

Untreated sinus infection can lead to a bigger and more serious issue. Sinusitis infection, or also known as sinusitis, can be ranging in severity – from mild to severe. In mild cases, you can use natural remedies or over the counter medicines. Feel free to use decongestants, nasal irrigation, and steam inhalation to treat the issue. However, if the sinusitis happens for weeks, or even months, you need to be careful, especially if you don’t treat it carefully. Sinus inflammation is possible and you may have to deal with surgery.

The Facts about Sinusitis

In most cases, sinusitis will resolve itself within one week, two weeks tops. However, there are rare cases where the untreated sinus infection may cause bigger issue. Complications are common, and knowing the symptoms can help so you can keep the issue at bay.

You see, the sinus wall (which is located within the nose) is quite thin and it is at the border with the surrounding tissues of the brain, eyes, blood vessels, and also nerves. When the infection of sinusitis happens, causing severe issue, those areas can be affected. That’s why, it is advisable that you treat the issue right away, including go to the doctor and get the suitable treatment. Never leave any sinusitis to get worse because untreated sinus infection can lead to severe and serious issues.

Untreated Sinus Infections

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The Possible Complications

As it was mentioned before, any case of untreated sinus infection will lead to severe issue, and that includes:

  • Eye Infection. When the sinus infection gets worse, it will spread through the nervous system or blood vessel. When it has spread to the eyes, your eyes may be swollen shut or puffy because the tissue around the eyes are swollen. It is possible that the swelling happens behind your eyes so your eyes will be pushes forward. If this happens, your eyelids won’t be able to close. When the pressure is too strong, it may cause eye damage – which is permanent. Be aware if you start losing your sight.
  • Brain infection. Meningitis, brain damage, seizure, or death are possible in this case. Meningitis bacteria and brain abscess may happen, resulting in stroke, hearing loss, brain damage, and also death. Signs of meningitis include nausea, fever, stiff neck, and headache. If you suffer from them and you start losing function of a certain body part, go to the doctor right away.
  • Bone infection. Also known as osteomyelitis, this issue can be caused by chronic as well as acute sinus infection. Never underestimate this issue because bone infection is pretty hard to cure. One of the most common treatment is intravenous antibiotics for long term.
  • This issue will change your nose’s normal function. You will need surgical drainage to treat the issue.

Treatments and Care

Whatever your case and status (whether it is mild or severe), it is always a good idea to see the doctor and get the right treatment. It will prevent the issue from getting worse and you won’t have to worry about the aftermath of untreated sinus infection.

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