Your Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Guide for The Beginners

Your Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan Guide for The Beginners

A ketogenic diet is a diet which requires you to consume very low of carbohydrate. This diet can be your fast fat-burning method. This is good for you ladies who want to slim your body. Keto diet can give the amazing effects to your body such as weight loss, healthier body, and good performance.

Sounds good, right? the ketogenic diet may be similar to other low-carb diets such as LCHF (low carb, high fat) and Atkins diet. When you are going to take a keto diet, you have to follow the ketogenic meal plan diet, supplement, and shopping lists,

This low-carb diet cannot be done without any guide. Before you try at least 2 weeks ketogenic diet meal plan, you have to educate yourselves first about keto diet. check this article out!

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Calculate your macronutrients

When you take keto diet without considering your macronutrients, this way is totally wrong.  It is the most important to know your macros before taking this low-carb diet. here is the calculation of macronutrients which is needed for most people:

  1. Carbohydrate: 5 – 10 %
  2. Protein: 15-20%
  3. Fat: 70-75 %

This is a low carbohydrate restricted diet with high consumption of fat. You have to consume less than 500 grams of carbohydrate per day. And, you may eat so little protein. If you take protein too high, the certain amino acids called gluconeogenic which can be transformed into carbohydrate.

Put high protein means that you also put more carbohydrate on your body. So, you do not need to take the keto diet.  But, when you do ketogenic meal plan diet, you should increase your fat consumption. You may have to eat about 200 grams of fat all in sudden when you have this low-carb meal plan. It is hard to have about 70-75 % fat each day. But, you can take it by eating nuts, butter, olive oils, fatty cuts, and others.

Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Must-Have & Must-Not-Have Foods

Before buying must-have foods for that ketogenic meal plan diet, you are required to get rid of food containing with carb content. Foods with high carb content are forbidden. There are so many foods for your ketogenic meal plan dies such as avocado, cashews, pumpkin seeds, eggs, beef, fat cheese, chicken and its broth, bacon, butter, fatty fish, vegetables (broccoli, asparagus, spinach, and other green vegetables, heavy cream and olive oils. Ready to go grocery shopping?

14-Days Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

It is time for you to challenge yourselves to have 2 weeks ketogenic meal plan diet. this diet will be help for 14 days or 2 weeks by consuming low carbohydrate and protein and eating more fat. You can cook the meal by yourselves. there are two ways of having simple breakfast and lunch.

  1. Simple breakfast

The best way of having all macronutrients for this diet is you can make scrambled eggs. It saves your time and money.

  1. Simple lunch

Cook 2 servings for the dinner. The last one put in the refrigerator and eat it on the next day. Sounds great,t right?

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Here are fast tips that can change an over-weight’s life

Here are fast tips that can change an over-weight’s life

Other than physical appearance weight affects a person in many ways. This could be the overall quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical incapabilities. There are a lot of positive changes once a person experience weight loss. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that will surely trim down those fats and get a super slim head turner body.

The first thing that an over-weight should do is seek a doctor to recommend the best weight loss regimen. This will be done after a full physical examination, which leads to the determination of proper weight loss technique. And to lose weight fast and effectively four aspects of life should be changed: what to eat, how to eat, behavior and activity level.

Here are fast tips that can change an over-weight's life

Here are fast tips that can change an over-weight’s life:

First: Fast weight loss composes of a multi-faceted technique that consists mindset, exercise, and in other cases, diet supplements. Begin by learning a diet food plan that can easily be accustomed with. Incorporate an exercise plan that allows even at least fifteen minutes a day like brisk walking, running, swimming, and dancing.

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Second: Set realistic approaches. The ability to focus and have proper mindset enables someone on a diet to quickly lose those extra pounds. With discipline and proper mind set, a dieter will never be discouraged and lose focus.

Third: Listen as the body speaks. Each and everyone’s body metabolism reacts differently to different fast weight loss programs and plans. Try substituting one program for another to compensate the body’s reaction. Exercise program must be suitable to one’s body, as others are not able to exercise as rigorously as others can. If walking is all that can be done, then walk for this is proven the best exercise. Muscles burn more calories than fats so it’s also best to put on a little muscle and looking good too.

Fourth: Eat more fibers for it makes a person full sooner and stays in the tummy longer, slowing down the rate of digestion. A single serving of whole grain bread moves fat through the digestive system faster. Grains turn into blood sugar that spikes the body’s insulin level. Thus, making the body more energized and ready to tell the body when it should stop burning fats or start storing.

Fifth: Keep away from fried foods especially deep-fried as this contains a great amount of fat. Although fish and chicken appear leaner than beef, this white meat can contain more fat than when a beef is fried. It is recommended for those on strict diet to opt for grilled food as this does not have or contain less amount of fat after the food is cooked.

Sixth: Takes lots of fluid. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day keeps the body refreshed. Since weight loss depends on how the body eliminates body wastes, the body must stay hydrated.

All in all, discipline and consistency is still the best practice and the key to a rapid weight loss success. Light dieting, workout, and right amount of supplementation applied in a regular way everyday will result in faster weight loss than having a massive action only to be followed a return to old habits as this would only lead to gaining more weight than when the weight loss plan has started.

Forskolin for weight loss: Is It Effective?

Forskolin for weight loss: Is It Effective?

Forskolin for weight loss: Is It Effective?, Forskolin is known as a natural compound that is found in the root of Coleus Forskohlii. It is a purple flowering botanical herb and it has been used for centuries in traditional Ayurveda medicine to treat hypertension, digestive issues as well as heal the heart. Nowadays, Forskolin is also used for improving testosterone, building lean muscle mass, optimizing cognitive function and losing weight. But how does forskolin for weight loss work and is it safe?

How does Forskolin Affect Weight Loss?

Forskolin has been dubbed as a miracle for weight loss by experts like Dr. Oz. however, let’s not misunderstand the way this thing works because apparently there is a mainstream idea that forskolin works like some kind of magic pill that can be taken to lose weight without the help of healthy diet and workout routine. This is a false believe. Forskolin for weight loss actually works by affecting muscle and fat ratios in the body, regulating lipid levels, promoting healthy hormonal levels and affecting various positive changes in your body.

Studies have investigated the effect of forskolin on fat metabolism. Forskolin works by stimulating the release of stored fat from fat cells. This same thing also happens when the body needs to use body fat for energy. However, the release of stored fat is not enough to lose weight. It also needs to be accompanied by a calorie deficit. So, to put it simply, in order for weight loss to happen, energy expenditure or (calories out) must exceed energy intake (calories in).

forskolin for weight loss

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Thus, weight loss supplement can support a calorie deficit by:

  1. Reducing efficiency of digestion
  2. Suppressing appetite
  3. Increasing metabolic rate or fat burning

None of these have been proven as results of forskolin. Clinical trials in humans, however, have provided some real promising results in which forskolin promotes fat loss while at the same time preserving muscle mass.

One study shows that slightly overweight women found forskolin to have been helpful in avoiding weight gains but not losing existing weight. Moreover, researchers also noted that people consuming forskolin supplement experienced noticeable decrease in appetite and fatigue. Furthermore, it is really noteworthy that this study conducted with fewer than 100 participants so all of these conclusions shouldn’t be taken into account seriously.

Forskolin Side Effects

Even though, this supplement cannot help lose weight in a drastic and quick way but it is still worth consuming for you may lose appetite and thus avoiding additional weight gains. Moreover, forskolin also has little side effects and even those that have been reported are all generally mild. Some of these mild side effects include rapid heartbeats, drops in blood pressure, throat irritation for those who use inhaled forskolin for asthma treatment. However, given the fact that forskolin has the ability to treat heart attacks by vascular dilation so this blood pressure side effect is pretty expected.

Bottom line, forskolin for weight loss is somewhat true in terms of avoiding additional weight gains but not necessarily losing existing weight.

Reference : Healthline & Organicnewsroom

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan Benefits You Must Know

Today, we would like to share about Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan that becomes viral on the internet these days. Many people are fascinated with this kind of diet plan. Did you know that this is not an actual diet program or plan? It prefers being a lifestyle for modern people. Without further ado, check the descriptions below.

What is it?

You might be wondering about the meaning of Mediterranean diet. For your information, this diet plan tends to rely on the traditional foods. These foods were commonly eaten by people who lived in Mediterranean countries like Greece and Italy in 1960. This diet was introduced by a couple of chemist and scientist, Margaret Keys and Ancel Keys. However, this diet hadn’t been popular before 1990s. The core of the diet is to reduce the risk of health diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetes and many more. Some researchers also claim that these people who lived in such counties had better healthy than people who lived in America. Mediterranean had also low risk of dangerous diseases. This article will talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan.

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Mediterranean Diet Meal plan 2018

Preventing Diabetes

This is the first benefit of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan. If you are afraid of diabetes, you should try this Mediterranean diet. It is able to reduce the risk of the diabetes as well as the stress. A study was conducted in the Athens 2001-2002. The objects were men and women who were asked to complete the questionnaires about their diet and lifestyle. The results showed that people who followed their diet had more than fifty percent of decreased risk of diabetes.

Reducing Stress

Many people especially the modern ones have a depression problem in their lives. You need to know that Mediterranean Diet Meal plan has a benefit to reduce your depression or stress. Once again, this benefit has been proven by a study. It explored some diets programs and their effects to the users. One of the six diets was the Mediterranean diet. The objects of the study were all women in a test group. They had to complete a survey of the food frequency and a questionnaire to know the level of their depression. The result showed that Mediterranean diet has a lower symptom of depressions.

Meal Plans

It is enough to know the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet Meal plan. It is time to see the meal plans in three days. The first day must contain Greek yogurt and slivered almond for your breakfast. Then, you can have a morning snack with an apple and walnuts if you feel hungry. The lunch consists of toasted pita, cucumbers, tomatoes and other veggies. Two boiled eggs are perfect for your afternoon snack. Your dinner must be two servings of roasted lemon and dill salmon. The second day must contain Quiona and banana oatmeal for your breakfast. Your lunch should be Greek style salad and salmons. The dinner can be closed with shrimp skillet. Day number 3 consists of wheat bread in the morning, homemade tabbouleh in the afternoon, and lamb meatball at night.


Juicing for Weight Loss: Straightening out the Misconception

Juicing for Weight Loss: Straightening out the Misconception

Juicing for Weight Loss

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou probably have heard about the benefits of juicing for weight loss as well as for the overall health improvement. With a lot of people trying their best to lose weight, dieting programs are sought after and become popular. Juicing diet program also gains the same popularity – and it is claimed to be the healthiest kind of a diet. However, before you jump to the wagon, make sure that you really understand what you are going through and the benefits of such a juicing. Losing weight is good but not to the extend that can hurt yourself.


Juicing for Weight Loss: Understanding the Concept

Maybe you think, “Ah, juice diet…sounds like an ideal method for me. It sounds easy and I don’t have to worry about the weight gain or whether I will suffer from hunger or crankiness.” Well, if you think that juicing is all you will have to do to lose weight, you may want to think again about the program.

You see, juicing is good if you don’t get enough veggies or fruits in your daily consumption, especially if you don’t really like consuming them. By juicing, you can still enjoy the healthy benefits, getting the needed vitamins, nutrients, and minerals while refreshing yourself. If you are able to combine fruits and veggies on a daily basis, you can get a good combo of minerals and vitamins – not to mention attractive colors for the juice too.

What makes juicing for weight loss interesting is the fact that it won’t only good to help you shed off those extra pounds but also to help you stay in a good shape. Eveyrone knows that fruits and veggies are packed with fiber. Fiber helps improving your digestive system, make your bowel movement better, and make you stay full in a longer time. Too bad most people are wrong in treating the fiber content. You see, when you make the juice, don’t leave the pulp. It has the highest level of fiber. The best way is to get the pulp back into your juice. Sure, your juice may not be smooth – it will be rather coarse – but it has the biggest health advantage.

Juicing for Weight Loss

Juicing for Weight Loss: The Common Misconception

There is a common misconception happening to people in relation to juicing for weight loss. Most people think that they only need to consume the juice ONLY to achieve faster and more effective weight loss result. In reality, though, such a method isn’t advisable – even considered dangerous. You see, your body needs a good combinatio and balance of carbss, protein, and fat. When you depend on juicing alone, you will miss those substances – which can affect your health and well-being. What you actually need is a good balance of healthy menu and regular juicing. You need to make sure that you have the healthy consumption, accompnied by the juicing. So, juicing is a part of your healthy diet program; not a single program on its own.

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Juicing for Weight Loss: The Example

Making the juice is pretty simple. The Collard Cooler juice, for instance, combines apples, collard greens, celery, cucumber, lime, and lemon to create a unique, tasty, and healthy juice. You don’t need to add sugar, using the apple will do.

Of course, starting out may not be easy. It takes a while to get yourself used to the routine or the taste. Combining the fruits and veggies isn’t easy; again, it will take time to get used to it. But once you are able to dedicate yourself to it and make it a daily routine, things will get easier. You will also see the improvement on your waistline with this juicing for weight loss program.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Story and Inspiration with Video

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Story and Inspiration with Video

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]elissa McCarthy weight loss story has become a trending topic that everyone talks about – not only in Hollywood but all over the nation. The super hilarious and witty actress has always been known for her big sense of humor as well as her weight and big figure. But things are about to change as the actress is slimming down. And why does it make such a huge fuss? Because she manages to lose more than 70 pounds within 5 weeks only! Don’t you think it is such an unbelievable story? If you are thinking that it is some other fad stories where she endorses a certain diet product or whatsoever, then you are hugely mistaken because first, she doesn’t do it, and second, her transformation is real.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss and Her Career

Choosing the path of a professional actress has made McCarthy lands herself in Hollywood. She has been involved in some comedies and funny movies and she has done a pretty good job. You probably think that her being overweight is the reason why she is always cast as the leading role in comedies but that’s actually not the reason. McCarthy is known for her bright and fun nature that would bring smile and laughter to everyone around her. And the reason why she is playing in the comedies? Because she loves the smart script and she loves making people happy. If you take a closer look at her roles, you will see that they are all representing a smart, intelligent, and witty woman without focusing on her weight.

This is one of the reasons why she got upset when the show Mike and Molly (where she’s a star in it) was canceled following the fuss about Melissa McCarthy weight loss. She was upset and angry when she was told that the show was canceled because she was considered ‘not fit anymore for the part’. It saddened and upset her that such a great and amazing show had to be canceled just because she finally decided to be healthy. She says that she doesn’t want to be super slim like the supermodel type but she can’t help it if the result turns out to be this way.

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Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss: The Journey to the Weight Loss

Sure, McCarthy admits that there were times when she imagined things might be different if she lost the weight. But she loves what she’s doing and her daily routine and she knows that losing a lot of pounds will be difficult. She just loves herself to go through the difficulties. But she wanted to lose just a few pounds for the Ghostbuster and she started to consume Garcinia Cambogia dieting pills, suggested by her friends.  To her surprise, the pills work like magic and she doesn’t even have to break a sweat for it.

She continues her routine and daily activities like usual. Yes, she is also exercising but not every day and not strenuously. She also takes a healthier approach to a healthier menu but she has always done that so it isn’t something completely different or new. Basically, she doesn’t do a lot of things but now look at the Melissa McCarthy weight loss headlines because she manages to lose more than 70 pounds in only 5 weeks – and without having a drastic change or whatsoever.

Melissan McCarthy Weight Loss: The Inspiration

In the event that you see her story as an inspiration and you want to achieve the same weight loss success, you can consider taking the Garcinia Cambogia pills. It is advisable, though, that you consult it with your doctor first and make sure that you are in a perfect condition to take the pills. Melissa McCarthy weight loss story can be an inspiration but it doesn’t mean that you should risk yourself.

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Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program with Video: What to Expect from It

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program with Video: What to Expect from It

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]mong the many types of dieting programs and weight loss plans, the serotonin plus weight loss program isn’t something new. Unlike the fad diets that are considered dangerous and harmful for the participants, this serotonin plus method is considered quite safe and deliver a real result. Of course, there are some pros and cons about it but as you are well aware of, other weight loss plans have also had their own pros and cons and it doesn’t mean that it is all bad or whatsoever.

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program: Understanding the Diet

If you take a look at the basic plan, there are three basic elements incorporated in the serotonin plus weight loss program. It includes calorie controlled diet, exercise program, and dietary supplement with special formula. This program is designed by a specialist in internal medicine and it has gone through scientific study and research. According to the study, people who have done the program manage to lose weight between 20 pounds and 25 pounds within the course of time of 12 weeks. As you can see, 12 weeks aren’t a short time so it is not a fad diet and such a time length is safe enough for the safe and long lasting weight loss program.

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program

Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program: The Journey

This program started in 2004 and developed by a specialist in internal medicine, Dr. Robert Posner. At that time, he was working together with patients in weight loss centers located in Maryland and Virginia. He was researching the role of serotonin in migraine, fibromyalgia, depression, weight loss, and also appetite. Before developing the program, he has performed studies to see the effectiveness and safety of the Serotonin Plus supplement. The studies show positive outcome: there were no health issues reported and there was a significant outcome of the weight loss of the participants.

The development of serotonin plus weight loss program is based on the research about the neurotransmitter serotonin’s role and function in regulating and managing food craving, satiety, carbs, and also hunger. According to the study, low level of serotonin tends to increase appetite and hunger. On the contrary, high level of serotonin will suppress the hunger. That’s why Posner believes that serotonin supplementation can lead to effective weight loss because the brain is prevented from detecting the decrease in serotonin level and activating hunger.

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Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program and the Controlled Environment

This program is being offered and given only in Virginia, the company’s headquarter, and also the weight loss centers located in Maryland, Alabama, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida. Unlike the other dieting programs where you can do it at your home, this program should be done in under the careful watch and observation of the weight loss team. If you are interested in taking part in this program, you have to enroll in the weight loss program, lasting for 12 weeks, which also require you to take the supplement. Besides the supply of supplement, you will also get the information about the diet plan, the online access of professional trainer that will be responsible for your exercise regime. It is highly likely that you will also have to plan a meet up, at least once a week, with the professional medical staff. In the event that you can’t reach the goal, you can attend another session, lasting for another 12 weeks.

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Serotonin Plus Weight Loss Program: Pros and Cons

The great thing about this plan is that it has gone through scientific studies and they all prove that this is quite safe. With the assistance of the medical staff, you can be sure that your condition is well monitored. However, this serotonin plus weight loss program is also costly – which is considered as the major flaw.

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3 Day Military Diet Reviews: Getting a Deeper Insight about the Program

3 Day Military Diet Reviews: Getting a Deeper Insight about the Program

3 Day Military Diet Reviews

You are thinking about losing weight so it is better if you can read some of the 3 day military diet reviews. It is so easy to get lost in the midst of different types of weight loss programs – especially those promising quick result without you having to suffer from anything.  Some programs, though, have too good to be true promises which can be out of logic, if you want to think about it. That’s why it is advisable that you only choose the real and legit program so you won’t put yourself in a bigger health risk.

3 Day Military Diet Reviews

3 Days Military Diet Reviews: What It Is

The military dieting program has been considered as one of the popular and quick weight loss programs claimed to be effective enough to shed off weights up to 10 pounds within 3 days only – and you can do it without exercising at all or suffering from hunger and such thing alike. If you read the 3 day military diet reviews, you will see that you don’t have to take parts in any costly programs or buy any specific pricey supplements. In fact, you can make use all the foods you generally consume on a daily basis – they are the common foods found in any household.

Unlike what people believe, this diet program isn’t designed or developed by the military – not even the soldiers or the nutritionists. If anyone says that this military diet has to do with the military world, they aren’t telling the truth. This program focuses on the low calorie management that can help you with progressive weight loss result. It is based on the belief that people can lose weight because they limit their intake, not through exercising. Of course, this program will be divided into different stages.

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3 Days Military Diet Reviews: How It Works

Within the first three days, you are only allowed to consume the foods suggested for this program. You should be able to lose weight within these first three days. And what about the remaining 4 days within a week span? It is called the maintenance period where you only consume 1200 calories meal per day to maintain your appearance and the weight loss outcome. For men, the allowed calories are 1500 calories per day.

Based on the 3 day military diet reviews, within the first three days, you only eat 3 meals without snacks. The meals should total for 1300 calories a day – but if you can manage it to 1000 calories, it would be better. After this stage is completed, you will enter the second stage where you are allowed to consume healthy meal with total 1300 calories per day. The program can be repeated several times until you are satisfied with the result or you have achieved the desired weight.

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3 Days Military Diet Reviews: The Menu Arrangement

There is a specific guide and examples of the meal plan for this army diet. You only need to follow the given guidance and program and stick to it. Based on some 3 day military diet reviews, the program is able to give a satisfying outcome as long as you are dedicated.

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