Coughing Up Yellow Mucus Causes and Home Treatment That You Must know

Coughing Up Yellow Mucus Causes and Home Treatment That You Must know

Coughing up yellow mucus is a sign that you are sick. Most people don’t know these facts. What you are going to do is to read this article and follow some home remedies that may eradicate the yellow phlegm inside your throat. Check them all below.

What is it?

For normal or healthy people, their mucus must be clear and transparent when we check it up. On other hand, yellow mucus leads you to some symptoms of ailments. Mostly, they are caused by a bacterial infection. This infection forces you to cough up mucus. The color isn’t as clear as the longer infection. This is also the sign when your system immune fights with the bacterial infection. You might not see they are fighting but you can absolutely feel it inside your body. So, it is important to help your system immune by knowing and determining the cause. After knowing the cause, you can consider the best treatment for your body. Home remedies are the most natural cure for cough.

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Here are some causes of coughing up yellow mucus. If you get yellow mucus after coughing, the most sicknesses that affect you are as follow:

Cold or Flu

Cold or flu is a common symptom that usually relates with yellow mucus. You will feel discomfort during coughing up. The phlegmy cough is the main complication of flu besides of fever. So, you must know the symptoms so that you can find the best treatment for this disease.

Coughing up yellow mucus


The next infection that may result yellow mucus is bronchitis. Commonly, this disease will lead inflammation and irritation in the primary airways of your lungs. The causes are brought by bacterial and viral infections. Coughing up yellow mucus is only one of many symptoms of bronchitis. Other major symptoms are fever and sore throat. If you are curious about the best home remedy of bronchitis, you can rely on this method. Use infused warm water with eucalyptus oil. Many people have proven this method will eradicate the bronchitis symptoms effectively.


Pneumonia is the next disease that may trigger the mucus because it induces inflammations in your lungs as well as the bronchitis. But, pneumonia tends to attack the air sacs. It can affect both lungs, too. You will feel your lungs are full of fluid. It is the pus or phlegm. This disease is also signed by heavy breathing and fever.

Home Remedies

Actually, there are many diseases that may cause coughing up yellow mucus. But, it will waste our time to explain. Instead, we are going to see the home remedies that you can do to eliminate the phlegm or mucus effectively below.

Lemon and Honey

This is the best fruits to reduce and break up the mucus. You can find lemon tea at the store easily these days. In addition, you can also make them at your home. The formula is two teaspoons of lemon juice and a cup of warm water. Mix both ingredients with honey in order to calm your throat effectively.

Gargling with Salt Water

The idea here is to clear the trapped mucus on your throat. It is very effective and has been proven by many people. Prepare a teaspoon of salt and a cup of warm water. Then mix both ingredients. Drink the water but don’t swallow it until you see the ceiling and gargle for couple times.


Last but not least, buy some expectorants at the nearest drug stores. They are very good to scatter the mucus so that it will be eradicated from your body. This is actually kind of medication. But, it must be the best way to do in eliminating coughing up yellow mucus because the expectorants are easy to find.


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