The cause of cervical cancer

The cause of cervical cancer

Causes of cervical cancer or better known as cervical cancer is infection with Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are currently 138 types of HPV that can already identified that 40 of them can be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Some types of HPV viruses cause rare low risk cancer, while the other types are high risk virus. Both types of high risk or low risk types can cause abnormal growth of the cells but generally it is only high risk types of HPV that can trigger cancer.

cancer-causing serviks Di indonesian, cervical cancer is a cancer killer of women of Indonesia No. 1 highest moment. Each woman during her lifetime risk exposed to the virus that causes cervical cancer, especially at high risk for those who smoke, gave birth to many children, using birth control pills in a prolonged period of time, as well as those with HIV/Aids.

cervical cancer

As in most cases of cancer, cervical cancer is occurring characterized by the presence of growth of cells on the cervix is unusual (abnormal). However, before these cells turn into cancer cells, occur some of the changes experienced by the cells. Changes the cells usually takes up to the years before the last cells turn into cancer cells. During the pause, the right treatment will soon be able to stop the abnormal cells before turning into cancer cells.

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Abnormal cells that can detect its presence with a test called a Pap Smear Test, so the more abnormal cells early last detected, the lower is the risk of someone suffering from cancer of the cervix. A Pap Smear is a test that is safe and inexpensive and has been used for many years to detect abnormalities-abnormalities that occur in cells of the cervix. Examination of Pap Smear Test regularly is very necessary to know and detect the presence of cervical cancer in a woman.

Generally the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer is vaginal bleeding after the onset of sexual activity or between the time of menstruation. Meanwhile, another sign that may arise among others;

  • Loss of weight eating and talking lust
  • Pelvic bone pain and spine
  • Pain in the limbs (legs)
  • Swelling in blood walk
  • To expel feaces accompanies the urine through the vagina
  • To pelvic fractures occur

Well, hopefully with a bit of information you know pengenai causes cervical cancer can help you to be more alert and able to undertake precautionary measures as early as possible to reduce the rate of cervical cancer patients in Indonesia. May we as women can be given health and always bless her. Thank you for your attention and your visit on our website, greetings!

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