The dangers of Hepatitis B Virus, the characteristics, Risk and treatment

The dangers of Hepatitis B Virus, the characteristics, Risk and treatment

Hepatitis B virus is a virus that causes acute inflammation that eventually sparked into cirrhosis of the liver and cause liver cancer. Hepatitis B virus that is medically called hepatitis incubation length and spread most easily transmitted through contact of bodily fluids, namely blood, saliva and sperm fluid.


Sign the body were afflicted with hepatitis B virus has been. The body is experiencing a mild fever and flu are easily lost by itself, Body limp and easy feel tired

  • Reduced appetite the drastic
  • Nausea Stomach nausea and vomiting vomiting want to arise
  • Pale yellowish soles and appear rash rash
  • Reduced vision Quality
  • Eyes, nails and skin pale yellowish color
  • When there are sores on the skin so it will be hard to for it dries
  • Body Muscle feels sore and painful at the same time
  • Recurring headaches

hepatitis B virus

The cause of the

Factors trigger the emergence of hepatitis B virus in the body:

  • The use of illegal drugs including drug sold over the counter free consumed carelessly and backed bad habits wear tools or media from the use of illicit drugs in turn.
  • Exposed to splashes of blood, saliva, because of a blood transfusion from a person who is infected with hepatitis B virus and the entry of sperm fluid containing hepatitis B virus into fallopian when there is sexual activity.
  • The use of objects that were once or are used by hepatitis B sufferers such as towels, Glasses, plates, spoons, Handkerchiefs and a toothbrush.
  • The use of needles together same or alternating, for example syringes, needles and tattoo Needles for pierced ears and other needles may be the most accessible media for viruses move and infect healthy people in a matter of minutes.
  • Sexual Relationships that change replace couples who have hepatitis B virus infected or interact directly with hepatitis B sufferers although in reality it is still in the stage of symptoms.
  • The use of sterile medical instruments that are not or had previously worn by other hepatitis patients. This condition can occur because of insufficient handling and sloppy.

hepatitis B virus

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The characteristics of hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis B virus has a uniqueness when it was entered in the human body:

  1. The size of the virus

Hepatitis B virus DNA viruses including the diameter is very small which is about 42 nautical miles but has a strong central core that were consistently coated by a substance-containing lipoprotein antingen viral hepatitis B (HB s AG) active moves and spreads as well as lush as throughout the network settled with blood and plasma in the body.

  2. How the Virus adapt

Hepatitis B virus being able to adapt well in human body temperature and air temperature high or low. A virus that has spread kepembuluh the blood towards the heart will easily create inflammation.

  1. The speed the virus spreads

The movement of the hepatitis B virus is very flexible with different directions and not just huddle in one direction but diverged and to other body network but it boils down to the same network that is the heart. The virus is spread by blood on a network 100 times faster and aggressive than the HIV virus or other sexual diseases.

  1. Old virus resides

Hepatitis B virus residing in the body of between 30 to 80 days that usually strikes adults including adolescents aged above 15 years. When approaching the 80 days then sign sign someone infected hepatitis B was able to diagnose clearly.

  1. Virus in chronic conditions

Please note that when the virus has invaded and liver tissues adapt to the child then the appearance they could’ve seen her skin becomes pale yellow overall and her body is relatively thin. The condition can be ensured a viral hepatitis B in a State of chronic and has settled in the body for 6 months. And uniquely adults can also get infected even though the percentage is only 20 percent only.

  1. There are no symptoms

Hepatitis B virus the first time invaded and eventually settled on a healthy liver organs without always showed the symptoms of what is what. When the virus was first settled in the body then the person who has been exposed to the virus will still appears healthy in a few days the week before or finally nail and the color of his skin turning into yellowing and body felt limp.

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The risk of

What are the dangers of hepatitis B virus if it has been entered in the body?

  • If the body has been infected with the hepatitis B virus then the existence and movement of the hepatitis B virus can not be controlled to the maximum.
  • Special treatment and therapy can be done continuously consistently according to the recommendation and prescription related objective for the blocked movement and reduce the risk of damage to the liver tissue to avoid developing cancer of the liver.
  • Restrictions or consequences Happen not to interact openly and freely with other people in order to prevent unwanted transmission especially through splashing saliva accidentally while engaging discussion.
  • It is forbidden to eat foods containing saturated fat, the kind of fast food, Bersantan, beverages containing alcohol and carbonated, avoiding smoking and avoid all illicit drugs as well as drugs drug stalls without prescription.
  • Consistent and has a strong commitment to maintaining the health of the stomach and the digestive system, because when the stomach and digestion problematic will automatically affect the performance of the liver that can cause damage to liver function gradually land.

hepatitis B virus


Powerful tips to avoid the transmission of hepatitis B virus:

  • Vaccinations

Administering the vaccine HBV done by injection so that the body can actively block the movement of the hepatitis B virus. The vaccine was conducted between 1 and 6 months, especially when still a baby in order to effect its benefits can work with optimum of 90 percent in his body.

  • Improved body durability

Maintain healthy lifestyle patterns include diligent wearing mask to protect the oral cavity and nose from the attack of free radicals include hepatitis virus spread through the air, consume food that is nutritious, Diligently doing exercise, Avoid alcohol, stay away from illicit drugs then drugs consume special supplements to boost the immune system of the body and away from the people who are infected with hepatitis b. If done consistently for many years then look simple way it can be a pretty powerful shield for immune boosting later can be helpful in avoiding the body from the spread of the virus hepatitis B

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