Third Trimester Nausea Factors and Things You Should Know

Third Trimester Nausea Factors and Things You Should Know

Is it possible to get third trimester nausea for pregnant women? This is one of the most frequently questions that our readers have asked to our site. This article would talk about it in catchy and understandable words.

Morning sickness is actually the most recurring topic when we talk about pregnancies, and it always happens during the first semester only. On other hand, getting third trimester nausea might not at the top list of pregnancy topic. But, we got a lot of the same questions about this nausea as well as the number of morning sickness, too. In other words, it is also important to talk and know about this kind of nausea, right? So, let’s get started now.


The most factor that trigger the nausea especially in pregnancy is the hormone fluctuations. Many people have been blaming this issue during the first trimester. But, here comes where the nausea occurs. The fluctuations of your hormone will always appear even until the end of your pregnancy. This is the only way of your body to find the balance. So, it is a common thing for women who are in pregnancy situation.

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The next reason that why the third trimester nausea is very possible is about the size of your body as well as the baby. Yeah, every woman who is pregnant has the baby bump on her stomach and it is really possible to have expanded uterus. Of course, you feel the bump larger and larger throughout the time, right? It really matters when you are in the third semester because the pressure is getting bigger especially from the lowered body parts. For your information, it may lead you to feel uneasy and discomfort felling during the third trimester pregnancy. The feeling is caused by the stomach acids that are pushed to the lower area of esophagus. Then, the heartburn will be your problem at this phase. The pain usually appears when your stomach is getting full after the meal time. It is recommended to consume over-the-counter medicines.

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How Does It Occurs?

The third trimester nausea usually appears after you have eaten. It happens because your stomach has no space anymore to hold the foods after the ingestion. Due to this issue, you have to maintain and check what food that you will ingest or eat especially the size. Make it as small as possible. Instead of having large dinner, consuming some snack of fruits and other nutritious meal is a good idea. It also keeps your energy as long as you need. Small portion of food or meal will help your stomach to deal with the ingestion process. So, the nausea can be reduced and managed.

Seeing your doctor about third trimester nausea may help you as well. They will diagnose the symptoms and give the best treatment for both of you and your baby. Please don’t hesitate to tell everything about your feeling when having nausea. It helps your doctor effectively to choose the best decision of treatment. Physicians will have no doubt to test your body in order to ensure that the viruses or illness are the responsible ones for your nausea. So, some tests may be required to know what viruses that may harm your body.

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There is no specific treatment for the third trimester nausea. But, we have mentioned how to trick it up previously. Getting morning sickness in the third trimester may be so depressing, and it might interfere your meal times and appetite. Stick with what your goal is. Keep your baby healthy by consuming healthy and nutritious foods. Don’t forget to stick with the schedule as well to ensure your baby has no problem with your current sickness.

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