Tips When coughing up phlegm

But before discussing about medicine, here are some tips that you can do when you are experiencing cough with phlegm:

  1. Keep the body to keep warm, you can wear a blanket when sleeping or jacket while away from home.
    2. Stay away from dusty, cold places.
    3. Seek shower with warm water
    4. Drink plenty of water approximately 7 to 8 glasses per day. This can help thin mucus.
    5. Get enough rest and do not work too hard.
    6. You can consume vitamin C that can increase endurance.
    7. Stop the bad habits that can aggravate your cough with phlegm like smoke.
    8. How To Overcome coughing up phlegm with Traditional Method

Coughing up phlegm can be treated in the traditional way, ie, utilizing natural ingredients that can be obtained with ease. The following natural ingredients:


Ginger contains anti-bacterial good. In addition to warm the body, ginger can also treat cough with phlegm. Drink warm ginger juice as long as you have a cough with phlegm at least once a day. How to make it pretty easy.

Prepare ginger and kencur as needed and wash and thinly slice. Then the ingredients are boiled, then take the cooking water. Add lemon or honey and drink.


Lime and soy sauce mixture has proven effective in treating coughs up phlegm. But if you do not like soy sauce, you can mix lemon juice with honey. Drink a mixture of one teaspoon of lemon and honey as much as 2 to 3 times a day.

Betel leaf

Betel leaves can also be used to treat cough with phlegm. Take 5 pieces of betel leaves and wash clean. Once washed, boiled until boiling leaves. You can also mix with pieces of ginger.

After boiling, take boiled water and you can drink as much cooking water at least once a day to keep the body warm and healthy.



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