Top Pressure Points For Nausea Problem

Top Pressure Points For Nausea Problem

You need to see these pressure points for nausea because they will be your first aids against this disease. As we know, nausea doesn’t pick the sufferers. Everybody can get nauseas anytime and anywhere for some reasons. Check them all below.

What is Nausea?

Nausea commonly leads our body to vomit as soon as possible. Yeah, that is why it is also known as vomiting. Did you know that nausea is also the most common symptom of many physical sicknesses? If you didn’t know it, you must have read this article entire. The most common ailments in regard to nausea are like pregnancy, indigestion, chemotherapy, empty stomach, and sea-sickness. Some people don’t treat nausea too much because they believe it will be eradicated by itself through time. This is not true because this small problem may lead us into risker illnesses and it may turn out to be more dangerous if untreated.

The negative stimulants for our body and mind such as trauma, stress, alcohol, pain or sad feeling may trigger the appearance of nausea. However, most people rely on some pills to reduce or stop nausea. The reason is because those pills are easy-to-find and fast. You have to know that home remedies with natural method can also help you deal with nausea. Moreover, it is more comprehensive and effective because you don’t need to consume some pills. The very popular method is through acupressure. What makes it special is that acupressure will stave-off nausea due to any cause and ailment.

How Does It Work?

The acupressure therapy is easy and simple. You just need to remember the pressure points for nausea that we will show after this paragraph. Acupressure is to give mild pressure on several locations in our body. This is actually an ancient Chinese that has already been proven by scientific researches. Basically, our body has a positive energy called Qi or Chi. This therapy can trigger this energy to cure any ailments, including nausea. There are about fourteen vital meridians in our body, and they are connected each other. This energy must be channeled by giving mild pressure to certain part of body.

Acupressure depends on a single point only. It will stimulate the Chi to heal one particular ailment that physically harms our body. This approach is so popular out there so that people just don’t have to rely on some medication anymore. Let’s go to the first point below.

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Large Intestine Point IV

The first one of pressure points for nausea is the large intestine point IV. This point can be found between the thumb and index finger. It is like connecting your thumb and finger. It also connects with your large intestine. Once you have found it, use another hand to give pressure on that point about three to four minutes. It will eradicate the nausea and other discomfort feeling.

Pericardium III

The second point is the pericardium III. For your information, this point can be found inside your elbow. Please fold your elbow first and look for the end of crease. There is where you have to put a gentle pressure for three to five minutes. This pressure helps you from suffering chest congestion, indigestion, and other problems related to your stomach.

Stomach 36 Point

The next one of top pressure points for nausea is the stomach 36 point. For your information, this acupressure point will be helpful when you find yourself in nausea condition. By pressing this point, you can relieve the nausea as soon as possible. Just look for the point underneath the knee. It is also located near your shinbone. Apply the pressure for four minutes and you will have the effect soon.

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