How to treat hair loss with alternative medicine

How to treat hair loss with alternative medicine

Hair loss is a problem occurring in women and men since time immemorial, but increased in an alarming way for the past few decades as a result of different causes including genetic factors, stress, contaminated environments, chemical drugs, and many other factors. Every person who is losing hair in a case study apart, but anyone can benefit from those remedies that alternative medicine provides.

In women, hair loss mostly occurs due to stress, abuse of cosmetic shampoos and hair dying, besides exposure to environmental hazards contributed to hair and skin dryness, but this lose is far way less than hair loss in men. For them alternative medicine propose undergo home remedies that a health care provider can point them at, besides the intake of natural supplements and birth control pills.

A popular remedy for those women who are not taking birth control pills, or do not want to take them for pregnancy and other concerns, is add one or two of those pills to a regular neutral shampoo that can be used on a daily basis. Although the most advisable treatment is to include in their diets vitamins and a dietary supplement that contains the nutrients to get their hair growing stronger.

treat hair loss with alternative medicine

For men the problem is bigger and the nature of hair lose only can be determined after studying each case separately. However, 92% of the time hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia, which is a medical, non-harmful condition caused by the elevation of DHT (dihydrotestosterone) that cause male partial or total baldness.

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In both cases, women and men alike can also benefit from alternative medicine that has been proven to stop alopecia. Many of the Chinese herbal medicine to treat hair loss is actually scientific backed after many years of research and testing with modern technique that show us off that ancient were owner of health secrets that modern societies are just discovering thousands of years later.

Nonetheless it is important understand that both traditional and alternative medicine can provide treatments to combat common hair loss, but they will hardly restore the hair that is lost after a persona has undergone chemotherapy or suffered from areata alopecia or scalp trauma.

Even then, an alternative treatment consisting of herbal remedies, vitamins and other natural supplements can improve the above conditions, after which it is possible continue with a regular alternative treatment for common hair loss.

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