Types Of Bone Fractures You Should Know

Types Of Bone Fractures You Should Know

Types Of Bone Fractures You Should Know

If you look for the types of bone fractures, you must read this article. We provide everything you need to know about bone fractures that may threat you at the moment. Please believe that there will be no illness as pain as bone fractures. Check them all below.

What is Bone Fracture?

Bone fracture is a kind of injuries that commonly happens to our bodies. No matter how rugged our body, bone is one of the most important parts of body that must be cared. In simple world, bone fractures mean that a break in a bone. There are many causes that relate to the bone fractures. But, the most common one is caused by sudden external forces that surpass the osseous tissue’s strength in our bone. There is also the rarer type of bone fractures called pathologic fracture. It is usually led by diseases or illness called osteoporosis. This illness reduces the bone strength under normal strain.

types of bone fractures
When you suffer bone fractures, you may feel a various range of severity, depending on the types of bone fractures that you are suffering. It can also be life-threatening injuries and take a long time recovery. Untreated or improper treatment may lead you to the disabilities of body strength. Basically, the bone fractures are divided into two major classes.

Simple fractures

The first type of bone fracture is the simple fractures. Another name of it is closed fractures. It happens when the broken bones still stay with the body. It doesn’t penetrate the skin as well. That is why it called simple fractures.

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Compound Fractures

The next types of bone fractures are called compound fractures. Its other name is open fractures. It happens when the broken bones do penetrate the skin and show the bone and deep tissues outside the skin. Of course, it is worse than the first type. Moreover, it usually comes with some complications like deep infections that are caused by the pathogens, which are able to come inside the body through the wound. The most appropriate treatment is by using antibiotics so that the infections can be prevented effectively.

Specifically, the types of bone fractures can be divided once again based on the simple and compound fractures that you can read below.

  • Comminuted fracture is really serious because the breaking bone is damaged into smaller pieces.
  • Greenstick Fractures happen when the bones are broken at only one side of the bone. It is usually led by a force perpendicular to the bone’s long axis of children because their growing bones are more flexible than adults.
  • Avulsion Fracture is when a small piece of bone is not connected with the main bone anymore. The cause mostly relates to the overexertion of muscles or accident.
  • Transverse Fractures happens when a force damages from the right angle to the bone. It results perpendicular.
  • Oblique fractures appear when a force comes from any angle than the right angle to your bone.
  • Spiral fractures occur when a twisting force pushes to a bone.

Those are the types of bone fractures that you need to know. X-ray is the first thing to do in order to provide the best diagnosis of the bone fractures.

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