What Is the Connection of Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria? Find Out Below!

What Is the Connection of Sickle Cell Anemia and Malaria? Find Out Below!

Do sickle cell anemia and malaria have a correlation? This question may be yours which have been popping in your mind for a long time. Sickle cell anemia is known as genetic disease. This disease modifies the structure of hemoglobin. The hemoglobin is the oxygen which carries protein the red blood cells. The altered hemoglobin which is not carrying oxygen may bunch with the deoxygenated hemoglobin. The deoxygenated hemoglobin deforms red blood cells and causes the blood to mass over the body. A specific gene HBB contains a protein which is known beta hemoglobin. The beta hemoglobin creates the sickle-shaped. This disease is commonly found in the America where the occurrence of malaria is high and it is caused by the sickle cell anemia.

When a person is ready to suffer a sickle cell disease. the red blood cell is more likely shape a sickle. This sickle cell leads to other diseases such as anemia, strokes, and lungs problems. In addition, when this disease leads to the sickle cell of anemia, it may have some effects to the malaria parasite. This disease is inherited disorder when a person has this disease from both his parents. The disease will develop gradually and die early. In contrast with the person who only gets the gene from one of both his parents. He may have a few of sickle-shaped of the blood.

sickle cell anemia and malaria
sickle cell anemia and malaria distributions

How is the sickle cell of anemia and malaria linked?

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There is a correlation which shows that the sickle cell can reduce the growing of malaria parasites especially for the people who lives in the endemic area such as African. The epidemic is higher to the African lowlands than the highland. Here are the correlation of the sickle cell anemia and malaria.

sickle cell anemia and malaria

  1. When the malaria parasite starts to live in the bloodstream of somebody which has sickle cell trait. The sickle cell breaks down and blocks the parasite. This condition makes the malaria parasite will be unable to continue its development. In other words, the malaria parasite is not able to survive.
  2. The hemoglobin is the need for the malaria parasite to grow. the sickle cell traits release the beta hemoglobin which prevents the growth of the malaria parasite.
  3. The malaria parasite needs potassium to grow. However, the less of potassium which is the result of the low oxygen of the sickle cell anemia and malaria parasite cannot continue its growth.
  4. Meanwhile, people with sickle cell disease has red blood cells with very low of the oxygen. when the malaria parasite enters the bloodstream. it reduces the oxygen even more. this condition leads to a destruction of its life.

The relationship between the sickle cell anemia and malaria is irrefutable. we also understand that the malaria parasite grows in the red blood cells. the sickle red blood cells are alleged to reduce and destruct the malaria parasite. Since, the sickle cells have beta hemoglobin, low oxygen, and do not produce potassium, and these things are the important things needed by the malaria parasite to grow up.!

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