Trying to Lose Weight?

Which One Should You Avoid – Fat or Sugar?

Our bodies need certain amounts of fat for sustaining us in our basic functions.  Good fats exist same as bad ones. Trans fat should never enter a person’s body, for any reason. Saturated fats should only add up to 25% or less of your fat intake. The other 75% should be made up of the GOOD fats. There are mono saturated  and polyunsaturated, along with the Omega 3,6, and 9 fatty acids. You can get these from seeds, fish, and nuts. So far in reference to the question of when you’re trying to lose weight which one should you avoid – fat or sugar?, we find that we can’t avoid fats altogether. Only the bad ones. So what about sugars? Sugar when not in its natural form is never good. There are good sugars from honey and fruits, but the refined sugar is just not a healthy prospect. Once eaten, sugary foods will have a large impact on your blood sugar levels.

Fat or Sugar

These rises in blood sugar levels are what makes the pancreas release the hormone known as insulin. It creates the process of taking the converted sugars which are now glucose, and having them absorbed into body cells, and affecting the fat cells. Sugars contribution to fat is overwhelming. The technical processes of the sugar being taken in and eventually being stored by the body as fat, is a long and boring story, although real and true. The answer we are looking for here is whether or not these sugars should be eaten when you are trying to lose weight. No. Therefore the answer to the initial question should it be avoided is “YES”. So while some fats are to be avoided, not all fats are to be avoided. By the same token most all sugars, mainly refined sugars, are to be avoided as well, with natural sugars being alright. If I had to pick one to avoid, I would pick sugar.

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But to be honest and fair, in answering our question which is to be avoided between the two – a little of both, but not all of both. We need to ingest the good parts, resist the bad. Both have potential harmful forms, and both have beneficial forms. We are responsible for our intake of any of these forms. Let us be sensible about what we put into our bodies, and not be reckless and be caught off guard by an unwanted disorder.

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