Why My Blood Sugar Still High ? 10 Reason Popular, You Must Know

Why My Blood Sugar Still High ? 10 Reason Popular, You Must Know

Glucose is the sugar that is not commonly available in shops or markets, Yes, a natural carbohydrate is glucose that the body can be used as an energy source. Blood glucose levels are controlled by several hormones. A hormone is a chemical in the body that sends alerts on cells to other cells. One hormone that is closely associated with blood sugar are: Insulin is made by the pancreas. When eating, the pancreas makes insulin to send out a message to other cells in the body.

This instructs the insulin cells to take up glucose from the blood. Glucose is used by cells for the production of energy. Excess glucose is stored in the cells as glycogen. At a time when blood sugar levels reach a certain low level, cells break down glycogen into glucose to create energy. In medicine, blood sugar is a term that refers to the level of glucose in the blood. The concentration of blood sugar, or glucose serum levels, strictly regulated in the body.

in the ketogenic, we are trying to suppress our blood sugar levels under normal circumstances. Between 70-100 mg/dl. Here the optimal body will use the energy from glucose or energy from ketones. When blood sugar tends to be high, then the ketones that comes from the breakdown of fat will not be formed.

How to check the GDP

Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart Blood Sugar Level Chart Normal Range Fasting Levels Australia Intended For
Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart Blood Sugar Level Chart Normal Range Fasting Levels Australia Intended For

Can test with portable tools at home test Tool in portable at pharmacies, clinics, or health, or with high-standard tools that are in the hospital or laboratory use. Emang sih how well his fee? If we calculate the cost of portable appliance test with operasinal, at the pharmacy usually around Rp10-15rb for all checkbook. If it had its own tool was probably around 5000an rupiah (cost needles and strips). If the check in the lab around Rp30rb – 50rb.

Since this test can indeed do it yourself, how the hell the way blood sugar check on it? * The recommended measurement: Method for the measurement of own, read how to use the tool. Completeness: Lanset (needles). Lancing device (to hold the needle), alcohol swab, Glucose Meter, test strips. Wash your hands clean with the use of SOAP and running water. Put the device into lanset lancing. Enter the test strip into the meter glucose. Wipe your finger tips with the alcohol swab Prick your finger tips with lanset so that blood can come out and taken.

Put a drop of blood on the strip drops and wait for the results. Typically, numbers that show your blood sugar levels will appear in a few seconds the on screen meter. If the tool you use turns out to be a little bit different, be sure to follow the instructions of use contained on the packaging.


Well after the may results please check: about the value of blood sugar. When running the ketogenic diet fasting blood sugar levels (before eating and drinking) is ideally under 80 mg/dl. Normal levels of GDP there dikisasan 70-104 mg/dl. And then if we get the results turned out to be high (above 104 mg/dl) do not need to panic … Calm !

There are a few things to note and be the means of our evaluation. Remember, there is no Word fails, but the experience or learning experience. Here it is how things to know how blood sugar can we ride: sleep deprivation, sleep is greatly affect blood sugar. If we stay up, then our sleep is interrupted, then the trend of cortisol we will also rise. The hormone cortisol that rose is generally also increases blood sugar. So make sure we sleep quality. Again THINK what the heck ? well … try to relax and keep your thoughts and feelings remain positive.

The condition is also very stress-related hormones we know. Including insulin. So, take the and sigh and ask for instructions on God. Food. The evaluation also eat what last night. You might accidentally consume karbo or sugar in the food or drink. Menstruation (hormonal). When in the menstrual cycle, then the blood sugar will tend to be high as well. So calm aja, kok this normal. Are illness/infection.

We’ve created the perfect body, so the body balance will adjust when there is pain or infection. At this time, even if you’re not consuming high carbohydrates, glucose can be produced by the body through the process of gluconeogenesis is quite a lot of medicines that can increase blood sugar as well.

So, if you have drug consumption, check what type of medication, just look at the side effects of the drug use, or you could also consult with the doctors who prescribe. Hopefully this information is useful to you all. Remember to run this not ketogenic means all your health problems is complete, but you will begin to discover how your body can work well again.

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