15 Cheap fruit to lower a fever on the body

15 Cheap fruit to lower a fever on the body

When the fever and body temperature increases, the sufferer will probably be lazy to eat and so limp. To lose body heat, there are some fresh fruit which can be used as a choice and consumed every day until the fever goes down and the body improves. Fruit-lowering heat below is also immune system enhancing properties so that when the resistance of the body to return to normal, the body will quickly healthy again.

Pomegranate Red

Pomegranate RedThe berries are also popular with the name of the pomegranate is one of the fruits that contain vitamin C super high and the water so much. This nutritious fruit high in losing body heat because water and rich in vitamin C that last. In fact, 40 percent of the needs of vitamin C in our bodies are able to be filled by 1 pomegranate red as long as it is consumed regularly. For the recovery of any fine and will quickly restore levels of durability body like normal again.

  1. Coconut


Speaking of fruit with refreshing moisture content that can be drunk while on the beach, of course the answer is the fruit of the coconut palm. The water contained in the womb have a coconut fruit is not the same with other fruit. This is because in the coconut, the water contains minerals and ions high so that it can be a replacement of lost fluids.

When the fever, the sufferer will lose quite a lot of liquid and coconut water is one of the most good to replace the body fluids. Note also that any ions including minerals and is good for lowering body temperature as reliable. So, if Your fever or even your family members, feel free to eat of the fruit of this fresh water for a faster recovery.

  1. Melon

Melon Fruits

As one of the fruits that contain high vitamin E, melon is also constituted a lot of water not only can be a good food for sufferers of stomach acid. Melon also have benefits as lowering heat or fever in a person. Because such a high water content, the body of a fever sufferers eat melons will be revived quickly.

Same thing with coconut water, sufferers of body fluid shortage would be restored by consuming foods that contain vitamin A super high. The content of carotenoids in fruit is also high so of course including good for health. Body temperature can be normal again and the metabolism also awake.

  1. Watermelon

watermelon healthy

Included in the type of food, watermelon belly fat destroyer also is one of the fruits with moisture content a lot, which is about 91 percent. When the body temperature rises and the body is experiencing a shortage of the liquid, the name of this fruit is the fruit of the right to be consumed in order for quick temperature drop.

Watermelon is a fruit is right for you who want to maintain the body’s fluid remains at its normal levels. Even the fruit of watermelon is also a type of fruit that is rich in nutrients, such as vitamin B6, potassium and carbohydrates as well. To maintain freshness and body fitness, this fruit can be eaten every day, especially when the fever so that the body becomes cold.

  1. Cucumber


Another type of high water that constituted in fruit actually quite often made into pickles but also very fresh when it is consumed directly. Cucumbers will deprive You of the dangers of dehydration can make the body lose a lot of fluids. Because bodily fluids is very important for the body’s work system, you need a cucumber.

Eating regularly during high body temperature or fever is a good idea because in addition to refreshing the body, the cucumber is also rich in carbohydrates. There is also a high content of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and calcium that you can get from this fruit. The body’s energy will return quickly.

  1. Banana

There are a lot of banana for health benefits certainly already well known, its usefulness as well as heat loss. But nonetheless there is a danger the effects of eating too much fruit banana note and avoided. eat without exaggeration will only bring benefits for both the body of sufferers of hay fever.

Usually people who body temperature rise and heat will be lost quite a lot of liquid from the sweat out excess or even due to vomiting. Potassium and fluid lost from the body will be replaced by this one banana fruit. In addition, the immunity of the body would also be increased so that the sufferer could quickly recover.

  1. Cantaloupe

There are still other fruits with high water content and is beneficial in lowering someone’s fever heat. In addition to being a good food for the eyes minus, cantaloupe is the fruit of choice that you can make a dessert when a fever. Because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, fruit cantaloupe into automatic which will increase system endurance body perfectly.

Well that made the drink juice or even eat directly, the content of a good cantaloupe fruit will satisfy your body so it will quickly recover. You can mix 50 grams 100 grams of meat mangosteen and a cantaloupe is ripe together with half a glass of plain water with blender, then drink.

  1. Orange


When speaking of the fruit with the highest content of vitamin C, oranges for sure is that appear in your mind. Wrong again, not citrus fruits containing vitamin C containing high will be able to help restore the body’s immune system as normal. When a normal immune system, then the body temperature high heat else would quickly subside.

Antioxidant properties in citrus fruits are also high to remain apart from the content of his, then the body metabolism will be increased as well. Directly select fresh natural fruit to be consumed every day rather than fruit products packaging that has already given the artificial sweeteners.

  1. Pineapple

If you do not have a disease ulcer or gastric acid, can also try eating pineapple when temperatures are moderate body . The pineapple is a fruit which also has antioxidant properties and high vitamin C content which is able to support the increased durability of the body system. Than fruit packaging Sweat artificial, natural is always much more advisable.

Same with citrus fruits and also the watermelon, pineapple is a healthy fruit which will help recover the body of fever with fast enough. Canned fruit should be avoided due to the sugar content is very high. With such a high sugar content, the immunity of the body thus will be hampered.

  1. Kiwi

Fruit To Healthy is Kiwi

Kiwi fruit any time not less useful than other fruit that was already mentioned. Been examined by the British Journal of Nutrition eat kiwi fruit that apparently can lower the heat of the fever in its victims. Even the potential risk can be lowered fever symptoms by eating kiwi fruit when the Agency already feels uncomfortable.

For sufferers of the fever and body temperature rising, healing and recovery will be faster when consuming this fruit. There are 132 adults who participated in the study where half of it placed in diet consumption 2 bananas and kiwi fruit in a day. The results are indeed very good for recovery and prevention of fever.

  1. Strawberry

Strawberries are fresh fruit that is also good for the heat loss as a fever. The levels of antioxidants and vitamin C in fruits of Red is high enough so that the same as orange and melon, this fruit is effective in raising the back body durability system weakening. For inflammation and fever, powerful enough for strawberries You rely on.

As long as it’s not canned Strawberry fruit or other packaging, but the original fruit is still fresh, you can certainly feel pleased for the body. Due to sweating, vomiting or diarrhea, heat fever will make the body lose fluids pretty much. Then there is no harm in You eating fruit daily, either as a deterrent or heat, lowering fever.

  1. Wine

Despite being one of the kind of dangerous for diabetes, fruit wine is apparently very good thus to lower the heat of the fever. Because included in foods that contain high antioxidant, no wonder that wine could then be selected for the sufferers consumed cold. As long as it is not the wine that is the product packaging, heat fever certainly can go down fast.

  1. Apple

fruit to lower a fever on the body

As we know, Apple is going to keep us from doctors and this is a real existence because Apples contain plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep your body’s health. In fact, which can also to lower the heat when someone is experiencing a fever. Apple is one of the fruits that will speed up the recovery process when experiencing a fever because it is in addition to the many vitamins, fruit is easy to digest.

1 piece Apple is known to have antioxidant effects in improving the health of the body in which it equates with 1500 mg of vitamin c. Additionally there is still also the content of flavonoids can prevent cancer and hepatitis or liver disease.

  1. The Cranberries

Other fruit types that are great for lowering the temperature of the body height and the cranberry is where levels of any anti oksidance not less than other fruits. In each serving, there’s antioxidant content 5 times higher than that of the broccoli. Be one food probiotic bacteria high, both from this fruit will be able to prevent you from flu or even heal more quickly and naturally.

  1. Papaya

Yellow papaya in the garden.

There is another one that is rich in moisture content and are typically also good to overcome the problem of constipation or hard bowel movements. Papaya is a fruit right to lower the heat of the fever which is quite worrisome due to the high vitamin C content. System resilience of the body decreases and causes you to easy fever will again be increased.

In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E and betakaroten in papaya is very high so that it will be able to reduce inflammation throughout the body. The presence of these nutrients are valuable, potential effects of asthma on someone can be reduced. So, there is no harm in eat papaya fruit during illness or when already healthy because there are many benefits that are not going to lose you get. Papaya fruit snacks also can support Your diet program.

A great time to see a doctor

Fever is not worth  because many cases of fever that does not immediately dealt with apparently can bring its victims to death. If the following signs have started to appear, do not hesitate to immediately saw a doctor so early handling can be obtained.

  • Pain in the throat.
  • A serious headache.
  • Mental disorders, such as begin to experience confusion.
  • Vomiting
  • The rash appears on the skin surface where it could not be considered normal or reasonable.
  • Irritability and quick temper.
  • The increased sensitivity of the senses sight against the light, especially a very bright.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • The pain appears when the process of urination.
  • Shortness of breath.

That’s the list of most heat loss good fruit that you can consume while being hot and cold. Because of the water content of many, not to mention the presence of antioxidant properties as well as vitamins that are so high, metabolism and the body’s durability will be strong again.

5 types of infectious diseases, we can prevent with a cause

5 types of infectious diseases, we can prevent with a cause

An infectious disease is a disease that can be transmitted or move from the sick to the healthy. Contagion of the disease can occur either through middlemen or directly.

Here is the list of 5 infectious diseases and ways of prevention

1. Influenza

Influenza or who is more commonly known by the flu is the most common infectious disease suffered by people. Influenza is caused by viruses. The influenza virus is a virus that mutated, so every time the system of immunity of the body difficult to detect viruses on this one. Because of the difficulty of the body’s immune system to detect this influenza virus, the body tends to be more easily exposed to the flu. Even the body can be exposed to the flu several times in time.


Contagion Media

The flu can be transmitted through the respiratory system as well as through saliva. Then if we are close to the person being the flu, our chances of contracting the flu is very large. Intermediaries media flu contagion air is the fastest.

The Way Of Prevention

Keep the body’s durability so as not susceptible to the virus. For example, by eating regularly, enough rest, drinking plain water as needed, work out, and have a healthy lifestyle. In addition, maintaining the durability of the body can also be supported with the intake of vitamins especially Vitamin C in fruits or vitamin sold in stores.
Other prevention is to use a mask, especially for a public place suffering from influenza.

2. Tuberculosis (TB)

Tuberculosis is a disease of the respiratory tract infections caused by the bacteria Bacillus. Bacteria is a bacteria which infects basil basil is very strong. as a result, it will take a long time to treat this disease. These bacteria are 90% likely to infect the lungs if compared to other organs in the human body. The disease is usually characterized by coughing continuously.


TUBERCULOSIS is a disease that attacks the breathing. Then any contagion is through breathing. Adjacent to the sufferers of TUBERCULOSIS can allow us to contracting. In addition, when TB sufferers cough, may be it is a means of contagion of tuberculosis.

In addition, the use of personal belongings interchangeably with active TB sufferers, like glasses and spoons can also be a bridge for contagion of tuberculosis.

The Way Of Prevention

Reduce active TUBERCULOSIS sufferers with box. If you want to contact, please use respiratory masks to protect us. And avoid using personal items that alternately with active TUBERCULOSIS sufferers.
Administering BCG Vaccine (given at the time of toddler)
Keep up the good life with a nourishing food intake and exercise regularly.

3. Vomiting

Inflammatory bowel disease is vomiting caused by viruses, bacteria, or parasites such as fungi, protozoa and worms. In addition, therefore, vomiting can also be caused by poisoning food or beverages that contain bacteria or chemicals. The bacteria is usually a cause of vomiting was the bacterium Escherichia Coli.

Environmental conditions, especially clean water and sanitation is one of the major factors in the spread of this disease.


Through the liquid from the mouth (gag) that are not cleaned properly
Through the rest of the shit that spread the water initially
Through the drains. Especially if the sanitation of the water around the environment is still bad.
Environment that is not clean or are in such a condition that did not allow flood have clean water.

The Way Of Prevention

Keep your intake of food consumed in sufficient and balanced
The use of clean water for daily activities especially drinking water
Wash your hands regularly to avoid bacteria stick to the hands. Especially before and after eating
Maintain the cleanliness of the home and surrounding environment
Dispose of fecal matter in place and clean up well
Wash whole food ingredients before entering cooking
Maintain the cleanliness of food and beverage equipment

4. Chicken pox

smallpox Chicken pox water is a disease caused by infection of the varicella zoster the cause redness in skin that freckles distended or not, blisters, and itch. The virus causes chickenpox incubation period is around 2-3 weeks. The initial symptoms are usually marked by a rise in body temperature.

sample photos of chicken pox disease


Chicken pox can be contagious through direct contact with sufferers. Like shaking hands, or get in touch directly with the bubbles that burst spots.
Chicken pox can also be transmitted through the air. For example, when smallpox sufferers breathe, sneeze, or cough and inhaled by the air towards us, we can be infected with chicken pox.
Through personal items, such as clothes sufferers

The Way Of Prevention

Do chicken pox vaccination
Keep clean themselves, clothing, and the environment
Consuming nutritious food
Avoid sources of contagion

5. Typhoid fever

Typhoid fever is an infectious disease in the intestine that is caused by the salmonella bacteria. Usually marked by fever where temperature rises gradually to make sufferers shivering. Fever usually occurs at night and subsided, then going up again in the next night. Other symptoms may include headache, pain in the abdomen, heart rate decreased, until the loss of appetite.


Through food contaminated with salmonella bacteria. This can occur because the source of unhealthy food or cleaning were not good before the food was eaten. Even in some cases, there are caused by sticking flies on the food that had previously stood in the feces or the feces belonged to sufferers of typhoid. Finally the flies become the intermediary for contagion of typhoid.
Through the hands and nails are not clean, so without us even realizing salmonella bacteria that could be present on the hands and nails we enter into the mouth.
Through water used for drinking or washing dishes and glasses and other tableware. For that reason some experts say that the danger of drinking water refill is obligated to look out for.
Through the skin. These bacteria can enter through the skin is torn apart due to injuries. Could former wound surgery, fall, or other injuries.
Typhoid can also be transmitted through an environment that isn’t clean.

The Way Of Prevention

Ensure the cleanliness of food ingredients before cooking it
Wash your hands regularly, especially before and after meals
Clean the wound and immediately treat it
To avoid the run on the roadside that looks not hygienic
Keep your body’s endurance.
Eating food to disease typhus.

The dangers of Hepatitis B Virus, the characteristics, Risk and treatment

The dangers of Hepatitis B Virus, the characteristics, Risk and treatment

Hepatitis B virus is a virus that causes acute inflammation that eventually sparked into cirrhosis of the liver and cause liver cancer. Hepatitis B virus that is medically called hepatitis incubation length and spread most easily transmitted through contact of bodily fluids, namely blood, saliva and sperm fluid.


Sign the body were afflicted with hepatitis B virus has been. The body is experiencing a mild fever and flu are easily lost by itself, Body limp and easy feel tired

  • Reduced appetite the drastic
  • Nausea Stomach nausea and vomiting vomiting want to arise
  • Pale yellowish soles and appear rash rash
  • Reduced vision Quality
  • Eyes, nails and skin pale yellowish color
  • When there are sores on the skin so it will be hard to for it dries
  • Body Muscle feels sore and painful at the same time
  • Recurring headaches

hepatitis B virus

The cause of the

Factors trigger the emergence of hepatitis B virus in the body:

  • The use of illegal drugs including drug sold over the counter free consumed carelessly and backed bad habits wear tools or media from the use of illicit drugs in turn.
  • Exposed to splashes of blood, saliva, because of a blood transfusion from a person who is infected with hepatitis B virus and the entry of sperm fluid containing hepatitis B virus into fallopian when there is sexual activity.
  • The use of objects that were once or are used by hepatitis B sufferers such as towels, Glasses, plates, spoons, Handkerchiefs and a toothbrush.
  • The use of needles together same or alternating, for example syringes, needles and tattoo Needles for pierced ears and other needles may be the most accessible media for viruses move and infect healthy people in a matter of minutes.
  • Sexual Relationships that change replace couples who have hepatitis B virus infected or interact directly with hepatitis B sufferers although in reality it is still in the stage of symptoms.
  • The use of sterile medical instruments that are not or had previously worn by other hepatitis patients. This condition can occur because of insufficient handling and sloppy.

hepatitis B virus

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The characteristics of hepatitis B virus

Hepatitis B virus has a uniqueness when it was entered in the human body:

  1. The size of the virus

Hepatitis B virus DNA viruses including the diameter is very small which is about 42 nautical miles but has a strong central core that were consistently coated by a substance-containing lipoprotein antingen viral hepatitis B (HB s AG) active moves and spreads as well as lush as throughout the network settled with blood and plasma in the body.

  2. How the Virus adapt

Hepatitis B virus being able to adapt well in human body temperature and air temperature high or low. A virus that has spread kepembuluh the blood towards the heart will easily create inflammation.

  1. The speed the virus spreads

The movement of the hepatitis B virus is very flexible with different directions and not just huddle in one direction but diverged and to other body network but it boils down to the same network that is the heart. The virus is spread by blood on a network 100 times faster and aggressive than the HIV virus or other sexual diseases.

  1. Old virus resides

Hepatitis B virus residing in the body of between 30 to 80 days that usually strikes adults including adolescents aged above 15 years. When approaching the 80 days then sign sign someone infected hepatitis B was able to diagnose clearly.

  1. Virus in chronic conditions

Please note that when the virus has invaded and liver tissues adapt to the child then the appearance they could’ve seen her skin becomes pale yellow overall and her body is relatively thin. The condition can be ensured a viral hepatitis B in a State of chronic and has settled in the body for 6 months. And uniquely adults can also get infected even though the percentage is only 20 percent only.

  1. There are no symptoms

Hepatitis B virus the first time invaded and eventually settled on a healthy liver organs without always showed the symptoms of what is what. When the virus was first settled in the body then the person who has been exposed to the virus will still appears healthy in a few days the week before or finally nail and the color of his skin turning into yellowing and body felt limp.

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The risk of

What are the dangers of hepatitis B virus if it has been entered in the body?

  • If the body has been infected with the hepatitis B virus then the existence and movement of the hepatitis B virus can not be controlled to the maximum.
  • Special treatment and therapy can be done continuously consistently according to the recommendation and prescription related objective for the blocked movement and reduce the risk of damage to the liver tissue to avoid developing cancer of the liver.
  • Restrictions or consequences Happen not to interact openly and freely with other people in order to prevent unwanted transmission especially through splashing saliva accidentally while engaging discussion.
  • It is forbidden to eat foods containing saturated fat, the kind of fast food, Bersantan, beverages containing alcohol and carbonated, avoiding smoking and avoid all illicit drugs as well as drugs drug stalls without prescription.
  • Consistent and has a strong commitment to maintaining the health of the stomach and the digestive system, because when the stomach and digestion problematic will automatically affect the performance of the liver that can cause damage to liver function gradually land.

hepatitis B virus


Powerful tips to avoid the transmission of hepatitis B virus:

  • Vaccinations

Administering the vaccine HBV done by injection so that the body can actively block the movement of the hepatitis B virus. The vaccine was conducted between 1 and 6 months, especially when still a baby in order to effect its benefits can work with optimum of 90 percent in his body.

  • Improved body durability

Maintain healthy lifestyle patterns include diligent wearing mask to protect the oral cavity and nose from the attack of free radicals include hepatitis virus spread through the air, consume food that is nutritious, Diligently doing exercise, Avoid alcohol, stay away from illicit drugs then drugs consume special supplements to boost the immune system of the body and away from the people who are infected with hepatitis b. If done consistently for many years then look simple way it can be a pretty powerful shield for immune boosting later can be helpful in avoiding the body from the spread of the virus hepatitis B

Facts About Herpes Simplex

Facts About Herpes Simplex

The herpes virus lives in the spinal ganglia and can remain dormant for years once a person is infected. Find out how the herpes virus can cause itching, burning and pain with help from a physician’s assistant in this free video on herpes.

The virus actually lives in the spinal ganglia back near the spinal cord and can sit there dormant for days weeks years even decades once persons infected different causes stimulate the virus to travel out on the nerve along the dermatome that serves which is an area of the body innovated by that one nerve branch that goes around. The body to the midline in the front and as this virus is progressing out in the nerve towards the area where it entered the body that area starts to burn hich or have pain and then once the virus reaches the surface you get a writ and erythema tiss area that has blisters that have a clearish secretion that crust over and this is time.
Herpes Simplex
Herpes Simplex
The person is most infectious because the active viruses in the secretions but a person can transmit the herpes virus even when they don’t have active lesions through sexual activity by having contact of that area of the skin with another person skin areas that may be not intact and would allow the virus to enter their body.

I have 3 medical degrees, Western medicine is the most useless when it comes to treatment of chronic disease. It’s good for diagnosis disease, once something is broken. Before that? It’s about what the lab test or imaging shows. If it’s normal, they can’t do anything.

They can only do something once it’s broke. That’s retroactive medicine, and essentially incompetence. If you want to stop HSV then Gemmotherapy Acer Campestre and Rosa Canina are shown to work. A person taking 50 drops 4-5 times a day when symptoms begin until the shedding phase is done. If you get it when the symptoms begin, you’ll never even get the hard lump in your lip. Whenever you do start taking it, whatever is there will not progress. They are that powerful. I’ve also treated Gonorrhea or Chlamydia with oil of oregano capsules and nothing else.

I gave 2 capsules 4-5 times a day. Will be one in 2-3 days. Genital warts or bad skin infections: ACV as a base, add 3-5 drops of essential oils tree tea and oil of oregano, crush garlic and onion and have the juice go into the ACV base. Then put the rest of it into it as well. Let is soak. You can then ‘soak’ a gauze pad in it, put it on the area to be treated, place saran wrap over it to lock in the moisture and leave on for several hours. Change twice a day. It will kill just about anything. This is not medical advice, but only what I have seen work. You should contact your physician, of course.

How To Cure Pimple inside Nose ? 6 Treatment You Must Try It

How To Cure Pimple inside Nose ? 6 Treatment You Must Try It

The appearance of pimples on the nose or around the face can cause discomfort and interfere with appearance. Even though it doesn’t look like on the other side of the face, even the zits on the inner nose must be dealt with appropriately. Because if not treated, germs in the nose can spread to the brain.

Acne in the nose can be a sign of infection in the nose. Such acne can be caused by some bad habits, such as picking too much nose or removing nasal fluid hard.

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How to treat deep, painful pimples

How to treat deep, painful pimples
How to treat deep, painful pimples
  1. If it is caused by a bacterial infection, the doctor will usually give antibiotics in the form of an ointment. In addition, there is also the possibility that doctors give antibiotics that must be taken or give both to speed up the healing process. Sometimes, drainage surgery is needed to prevent swelling in the area of ​​infection in the pimples on the inner nose.
  2. For acne on the nose that has become a severe infection, then antibiotic treatment needs to be given by infusion in the hospital. This condition also needs to be monitored by doctors regularly to anticipate the possibility of complications.
    In addition to antibiotic treatment, warm nasal vestibulitis can be applied to the nose three times a day for 15-20 minutes, to help dry out zits and reduce pain.
  3. If pain due to acne on the nose does not improve with warm compresses, painkillers may need to be used. Consult your doctor about the choice of pain medication, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.
  4. Try not to squeeze pimples on the inner nose, because this method will only make the skin pores more susceptible to bacterial infections.
  5. Squeezing zits will make more bacteria hit the surface of the skin, even deeper into the skin layer. Also avoid touching pimples too often on the inner nose, so that the healing process is faster.

Acne in the nose must be immediately checked by an THT specialist if it does not heal or if accompanied by dizziness, fever, confusion, visual disturbances, severe pain in the face and around the eyes, and swelling of the eyes.

Swollen Ankles and Feet: 10 Known Causes and How to Treatmen

Swollen Ankles and Feet: 10 Known Causes and How to Treatmen

In the medical sciences, leg swelling or edema is usually caused by the presence of a buildup of fluid in the body, in the distance. Swelling of the feet are affected by the health condition of the person. Kidney and heart disease sufferers generally will experience swelling of the feet.

Here are a few things that cause leg swelling:

Swollen Ankles and Feet
Swollen Ankles and Feet

Limfedema. Medical conditions due to disorders of the lymph vessels which impede the circulation of fluid in the legs. As a result fluid accumulates and makes the leg swelling.

Injury. Swelling in the feet can occur due to an injury to the foot and ankle. When an ankle injury or wrong step, ligaments (a flexible tape linking bone with bone) will go beyond the normal limits of stretchable. It also results in swollen feet.

Pregnancy. Feet swollen in pregnant women is a normal thing. This happens because major blood vessels in the groin received pressure from the baby in the womb that her body is getting enlarged. That’s why in the last months of pregnancy will generally be swelling of the feet.

However, leg swelling in pregnant women still have to watch out for, especially if the calves also swelled and left a dent when pressed. If this condition occurs in the third trimester of pregnancy, it is likely you are experiencing preeclampsia.

In addition, you also need to be wary if swelling occurs only on one foot and calf blush. This could be a symptom of the presence of blood clots in the blood vessels.

The infection. Leg swelling due to infection is more commonly experienced by people with diabetes and nerve problems in the feet. So, if you are suffering from the disease, you need to really look at the condition of the feet, especially when there are blisters and sores.

Blood clotting. Blood clots in the blood vessels in the feet will result in blood flow from the feet to the heart are blocked. Frozen blood buildup can trigger swelling of the feet.

Contracted the disease. Swollen feet can be indicated that a person suffering from kidney disease, heart or liver. When the kidneys are compromised or could not function well, the fluid can accumulate in the legs that lead to swelling.

Venous insufficiency. Foot swelling can be early symptoms of venous insufficiency, you experience that is the condition when the blood cannot move up from blood vessels in the legs to the heart. This results in swelling of the feet. If left untreated, this condition can cause skin ulcers, infection, and skin changes.

Side effects of the drug. Some medications can cause leg swelling in whom drug diabetes drug, a bitter taste, non-steroidal drugs antidepressants, steroids, drug medication for blood pressure, and the use of oral contraceptives.

Other causes. Women who are in their menstrual cycle may be experiencing a swollen foot. In addition, standing too long, drive a car or travel by plane for a long time can also be a trigger factor for swelling in the feet.

Tips Overcoming Swollen Feet
There are several easy ways that you can do to reduce the risk of swelling in the feet.

Lose weight if it is excessive.
Compress with ice cubes which are wrapped with towels.
You can lie down and lift the leg up.
Reduce your intake of salt.
Use compression stockings.
Avoid standing too long.
Do sports a light that drives away.
Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight, especially on the part of the thigh.
If the cause of swollen feet due to the side effects of drugs, do not immediately stop mengonsumsinya without permission from the doctor. You can see a doctor again to ask for alternative medicine.

Why My Blood Sugar Still High ? 10 Reason Popular, You Must Know

Why My Blood Sugar Still High ? 10 Reason Popular, You Must Know

Glucose is the sugar that is not commonly available in shops or markets, Yes, a natural carbohydrate is glucose that the body can be used as an energy source. Blood glucose levels are controlled by several hormones. A hormone is a chemical in the body that sends alerts on cells to other cells. One hormone that is closely associated with blood sugar are: Insulin is made by the pancreas. When eating, the pancreas makes insulin to send out a message to other cells in the body.

This instructs the insulin cells to take up glucose from the blood. Glucose is used by cells for the production of energy. Excess glucose is stored in the cells as glycogen. At a time when blood sugar levels reach a certain low level, cells break down glycogen into glucose to create energy. In medicine, blood sugar is a term that refers to the level of glucose in the blood. The concentration of blood sugar, or glucose serum levels, strictly regulated in the body.

in the ketogenic, we are trying to suppress our blood sugar levels under normal circumstances. Between 70-100 mg/dl. Here the optimal body will use the energy from glucose or energy from ketones. When blood sugar tends to be high, then the ketones that comes from the breakdown of fat will not be formed.

How to check the GDP

Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart Blood Sugar Level Chart Normal Range Fasting Levels Australia Intended For
Normal Blood Sugar Level Chart Blood Sugar Level Chart Normal Range Fasting Levels Australia Intended For

Can test with portable tools at home test Tool in portable at pharmacies, clinics, or health, or with high-standard tools that are in the hospital or laboratory use. Emang sih how well his fee? If we calculate the cost of portable appliance test with operasinal, at the pharmacy usually around Rp10-15rb for all checkbook. If it had its own tool was probably around 5000an rupiah (cost needles and strips). If the check in the lab around Rp30rb – 50rb.

Since this test can indeed do it yourself, how the hell the way blood sugar check on it? * The recommended measurement: Method for the measurement of own, read how to use the tool. Completeness: Lanset (needles). Lancing device (to hold the needle), alcohol swab, Glucose Meter, test strips. Wash your hands clean with the use of SOAP and running water. Put the device into lanset lancing. Enter the test strip into the meter glucose. Wipe your finger tips with the alcohol swab Prick your finger tips with lanset so that blood can come out and taken.

Put a drop of blood on the strip drops and wait for the results. Typically, numbers that show your blood sugar levels will appear in a few seconds the on screen meter. If the tool you use turns out to be a little bit different, be sure to follow the instructions of use contained on the packaging.


Well after the may results please check: about the value of blood sugar. When running the ketogenic diet fasting blood sugar levels (before eating and drinking) is ideally under 80 mg/dl. Normal levels of GDP there dikisasan 70-104 mg/dl. And then if we get the results turned out to be high (above 104 mg/dl) do not need to panic … Calm !

There are a few things to note and be the means of our evaluation. Remember, there is no Word fails, but the experience or learning experience. Here it is how things to know how blood sugar can we ride: sleep deprivation, sleep is greatly affect blood sugar. If we stay up, then our sleep is interrupted, then the trend of cortisol we will also rise. The hormone cortisol that rose is generally also increases blood sugar. So make sure we sleep quality. Again THINK what the heck ? well … try to relax and keep your thoughts and feelings remain positive.

The condition is also very stress-related hormones we know. Including insulin. So, take the and sigh and ask for instructions on God. Food. The evaluation also eat what last night. You might accidentally consume karbo or sugar in the food or drink. Menstruation (hormonal). When in the menstrual cycle, then the blood sugar will tend to be high as well. So calm aja, kok this normal. Are illness/infection.

We’ve created the perfect body, so the body balance will adjust when there is pain or infection. At this time, even if you’re not consuming high carbohydrates, glucose can be produced by the body through the process of gluconeogenesis is quite a lot of medicines that can increase blood sugar as well.

So, if you have drug consumption, check what type of medication, just look at the side effects of the drug use, or you could also consult with the doctors who prescribe. Hopefully this information is useful to you all. Remember to run this not ketogenic means all your health problems is complete, but you will begin to discover how your body can work well again.

10 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

10 Ways to Cope with Anxiety

If your anxiety is sporadic and getting in the way of your focus or tasks, there are some quick, homeopathic remedies that could help you take control of the situation. If your anxiety is focused around a situation, such as being worried about an upcoming event, you may notice the symptoms are short-lived and usually subside after the anticipated event takes place.

Question your thought pattern


Negative thoughts can take root in your mind and distort the severity of the situation. One way is to challenge your fears, ask if they’re true, and see where you can take back control.

Practice focused, deep breathing

Try breathing in for 4 counts and breathing out for 4 counts for 5 minutes total. By evening out your breath, you’ll slow your heart rate which should help calm you down.

The 4-7-8 technique is also known to help anxiety.

Use aromatherapy

Whether they’re in oil form, incense, or a candle, scents like lavender, chamomile, and sandalwood can be very soothing.

Aromatherapy is thought to help activate certain receptors in your brain, potentially easing anxiety.

Go for a walk or do 15 minutes of yoga

Sometimes, the best way to stop anxious thoughts is to walk away from the situation. Taking some time to focus on your body and not your mind may help relieve your anxiety.

Write down your thoughts

Writing down what’s making you anxious gets it out of your head and can make it less daunting.

These relaxation tricks are particularly helpful for those who experience anxiety sporadically. They may also work well with someone who has generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) when they’re in a bind too!

However, if you suspect you have GAD, quick coping methods shouldn’t be the only kind of treatment you employ. You’ll want to find long-term strategies to help lessen the severity of symptoms and even prevent them from happening.

6 long-term strategies for coping with anxiety

If anxiety is a regular part of your life, it’s important to find treatment strategies to help you keep it in check. It might be a combination of things, like talk therapy and meditation, or it might just be a matter of cutting out or resolving your anxiety trigger.

If you’re not sure where to start, it’s always helpful to discuss options with a mental health professional who might suggest something you hadn’t thought of before.

Identify and learn to manage your triggers

You can identify triggers on your own or with a therapist. Sometimes they can be obvious, like caffeine, drinking alcohol, or smoking. Other times they can be less obvious.

Long-term problems, such as financial or work-related situations, may take some time to figure out — is it a due date, a person, or the situation? This may take some extra support, through therapy or with friends.

When you do figure out your trigger, you should try to limit your exposure if you can. If you can’t limit it — like if it’s due to a stressful work environment that you can’t currently change — using other coping techniques may help.

Some general triggers:

  • a stressful job or work environment
  • driving or traveling
  • genetics — anxiety could run in your family
  • withdrawal from drugs or certain medications
  • side effects of certain medications
  • trauma
  • phobias, such as agoraphobia (fear of crowded or open spaces) and claustrophobia (fear of small spaces)
  • some chronic illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, or asthma
  • chronic pain
  • having another mental illness such as depression
  • caffeine

Adopt cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT helps people learn different ways of thinking about and reacting to anxiety-causing situations. A therapist can help you develop ways to change negative thought patterns and behaviors before they spiral.

Do a daily or routine meditation

While this takes some practice to do successfully, mindful meditation, when done regularly, can eventually help you train your brain to dismiss anxious thoughts when they arise.

If sitting still and concentrating is difficult, try starting with yoga.

Try supplements or change your diet

Changing your diet or taking supplements is definitely a long-term strategy. Research shows certain supplements or nutrients can help anxiety reduction.

These include:

  • lemon balm
  • omega-3 fatty acids
  • ashwagandha
  • green tea
  • valerian root
  • kava kava
  • dark chocolate (in moderation)

However, it can take up to three months before your body is actually running on the nutrition these herbs and foods provide. If you’re taking other medications, make sure to discuss herbal remedies with your doctor.

Keep your body and mind healthy

Exercising regularly, eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, and staying connected to people who care about you are great ways to stave off anxiety symptoms.

Ask your doctor about medications

If your anxiety is severe enough that your mental health practitioner believes you’d benefit from medication, there are a number of directions to go, depending on your symptoms. Discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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