Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women

Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women

Drinks could be a problem if you are not careful in selecting them. Because if not, then your health and fetus into the pot. Therefore, be aware of healthy beverage of your choice.

The drink takes part in the health of Your fetus. Pregnancy can position You in the risk of dehydration, especially if you suffer from morning sickness (lightheaded, nausea and vomiting which generally occurs in the morning until noon). One of the best advice for your pregnancy is to consume plenty of fluids. This is very effective if you choose a healthy drink anyway.

Here below a few fresh healthy drinks menu.

White water

White water becomes the best option, but it would be very useful if it is supported by other types of healthy drinks for your pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water is beneficial to the process of detoxifying the body, releasing the sewers to bind, reduce the swelling or edema, and lowers the risk of developing urinary tract infections while pregnant.

Healthy Drinks For Pregnant Women

Green tea
When consumed with a reasonable measure, then green tea is safe for drinking by pregnant women and thus help reduce the stress and antioxidants in it will improve your health.

The NHS recommends that consumption of caffeine on pregnant women must not be more than 200 mg per day. It is equivalent to approximately 2 cups of coffee. A cup of green tea per day is certainly good for you.


Milk is also one of the best drinks for consumption of pregnant women because its function in providing intake. In addition, the milk can also increase serotonin levels and will cause you to feel calm and relaxed. Drink milk twice a day is recommended during pregnancy.

Avocado Smoothie
The avocado is a fruit that does have a lot of content and is effective for the health of the pregnant woman. So that the fruit was also very good smoothie to help pregnant women and fetuses in the abdomen to maintain blood pressure remained stable and regulate hormones caused by stress.
That’s some healthy drinks menu is good for pregnant women. Hopefully the article is useful and thank you.
Obesity is becoming a trigger for bone disease

Obesity is becoming a trigger for bone disease

One health problem in bones that often complained of Indonesia society is osteoarthritis or joint pain which is a disease that makes its victims often feel pain even resulted in the onset of disability. If it is severe, it can interfere with your daily activities.

According to specialists in orthopedic and Traumatology of the Jakarta Hospital, Dr. Adrian W Tarigan SpOT, people who are at risk of joint pain is disease affected both men and women who are obese, women of menopouse, people who do strenuous sports, as well as people with structural abnormalities of the feet and knees.

The way of prevention that the doctor recommended, among other things, keep the weight to avoid obesity, diligently perform the stretching or stretch before exercise, and that is not less important is to maintain a balanced nutritional intake. However, for those who already suffer from this disease should consult a doctor, drug consumption is recommended, and when you need to perform the operation. How To Prevent Osteoarthritis


According to Dr. Adrian W Tarigan SpOT, to prevent disease osteoarthritis should patients need to pay attention to some of the following, among others, are:

Maintain weight

It is aimed so that the bone joints do not sustain excessive weight of our body, thus maintaining an ideal weight is considered very important.

Regular exercise

Important sports are conducted to train stretching muscles and joints so as not stiffly. However, it should be noted in order to exercise that is done is not too heavy and burdensome body especially joints.

Avoid sleeping after meals

Some people often sleep after meals, but eat a lot then straight to bed can result in a build-up of fat in the body.This will cause fat deposits are overweight (obesity) that can make bones and joints are not able to support the weight.

Regularly consult a physician

Special for women aged 45-49 years of age and have been menopausal so avidly consulted a doctor. This is due to women who have been through menopause porous susceptible bones and joints or joint erosion.

Radiology examination is useful to know the shape of the bones. In addition, it is also useful to know that there are abnormalities in a person’s bones
Well, it turns out that obesity is not just trigger heart disease, kidney, diabetes, but also trigger the onset of arthritis. It would be nice, so you are always in control of your weight.
9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

9 causes of obesity in children and toddlers

Have a healthy and intelligent child is a dream for all mothers and parents, but what would happen if the child is not as expected. One of them is the child is obese. Indeed while still aged under three years or the toddler’s parents love to see children who are obese, it is because the fat kid is more cute and fun to look at. However, when the above three years of age, many parents who thought that his son’s weights were far above normal weight. That’s when parents start panicking and worried if her child exposed to obesity. Assuming the parent about the child with chubby and cute to be changed. Kids with skinny bodies (not under normal weight) yet active and nimble much healthier compared to infants or children with obesity. Not affected by obesity, parents should know what is the cause of obesity in children:


Instant food and drink

Causes of obesity in children was child liked to consume food and drinks that instant. Indeed so much that modern convenience like this now lots of food and drink that is instantaneous. For example, is the instant noodles, canned food, beverage cans and also drinks in bottles. Try us out for the case of Aryan children who are obese Solanki because likes to consume food and drinks that are instantaneous. Therefore, parents should take heart in providing food and drinks to children children’s instantaneous. Instant food and drinks could cause obesity because the fat content, oils and glucose in it.


Poor eating patterns

Causes of obesity in children to look out for is a bad diet. The poor eating patterns such as only eating irregularly and not familiarize yourself with breakfast. People who diet by avoiding breakfast is wrong. It is because people will eat just about anything to get rid of his hungry. So that’s getting used to have a good diet and regular is an effective obesity prevention.

obesity in children

Like Snacking

Causes of obesity in young children is like snacking, especially unhealthy food eat. Unhealthy foods such as French fries, potato chips and other foods that should be avoided is from children. In addition to containing lots of MSG and preservatives, thus making the snack appetite declined. When lust child meurun, children just want to eat food with the savory flavors as has been mentioned above. If it is left continuously as a result is the child could be affected by obesity.


Lack Of Exercise

The most frequent causes of obesity for children and also dominates other adults because they lack of exercise. Sports is a healthy way of life that has to be done by many people. With the sport existing fat deposits in the body can be eliminated. Fat aan expelled through the urine and also through sweat. Fat deposits in the body that is what makes someone look fat. Fat deposits that exist within the body is very dangerous for the health of blood vessels and other organs.



Causes of obesity in children of this one also tend to be dominant. If the father or mother are obese or obese-body then children are obese and obesity tend to be large. Therefore, for mothers who are obese should take heart since the start of the fetus is in the womb. It is because the mother who suffered from obesity and a mother who suffered diabetes at risk of giving birth to infants with a weight over normal size.



The cause of children are obese more is because of the disease. Some diseases that can lead to child obesity terken is nerve-related disease or neurological and endocrine as well. If the child is already consuming a healthy diet every day coupled with healthy living patterns but the child still obese, parents can consultation to the doctor. Obese children may not because of the diet and an unhealthy pattern of his life, but due to the disease.

childhood obesity


Children who experience psychological disorder usually have body fat or obesity. The reason is the child who suffers from psychological disorders will be taking medication to cope with the disorders of his psychology. Not only that, the medication to address steroids can lead to fat and obese as well. The reason these medications can cause obesity because one of the side effects in the form of increased appetite.

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Children who are obese can also stress. Many things can be the cause of stress in children, one of them is the pressure from those people that are in the vicinity. Children who are extremely dangerous, in addition to stress can improve appetite and make the child obesity, stress will have a change in behavior.



Stress in children is not addressed properly, the child may become depressed. Depression is the cause of children experiencing obesity so that parents should know the traits of depression in children. If depression is not soon resolved, it will be very harmful because children could undergo psychiatric problem with them.


How to overcome Obesity in children

Tackling obesity in children is not as addressing the problem of obesity in adults. It was because of the way in adult people have not certainly fit for children, because if you don’t know the correct way the child can instead be experiencing health problems like disease typhoid and others. The following is the proper way of addressing obesity in children:

  • Change a child’s eating habits.
  • Parents make a program that can be used to control the weight of the child.
  • A healthy diet and avoid instant food or junk food.
  • Doing enough physical activity.
  • eat healthy.
  • Avoid eating in front of the television or on the computer.

That’s the range of causes of obesity in children and how to cope with it. Parents who have children should avoid the causes of obesity and implement healthy life patterns on her children.


7 Remedy Arthritis – Natural and efficacious

7 Remedy Arthritis – Natural and efficacious

Pain due to arthritis or arthritis can be so dangerous and even make you uncomfortable while doing daily activities. Quite a number of people who complained of inflammation in joints, whether elderly or people who are still on the productive age. There are many drugs that are indeed circulating in the market to create a sense of reduced joint pain, but whatever remedy joint pain that is really nice to be consumed?


1. Ginger

Although the side effects of ginger quite got around to make you worry, as long as

consumption is not excessive, ginger will bring benefit both to you. Joint pain remedy this one very natural and potent anti-cancer properties caused the high inflamations
Here’s how: every day, you could consume 2-3 cups of ginger tea and to make it, you need to set up a small piece of ginger and then shredded. Boil together with a cup of water about 10 minutes before it is filtered and added honey to taste. Or, can also direct You to chew a few slices of ginger that is still fresh for the sake of healing your joints.
2. Cinnamon
Other highly potent herbs to treat Your arthritis is the cinnamon with the nature of the antioksidan. Do not forget also, anti-inflammatory properties in cinnamon was able to overcome the pain and swollen due to arthritis.
Here’s how: combine the cinnamon powder as much as 1 teaspoon honey with a dollop of packed into a glass of warm water. For optimal results, you can take it in empty stomach every morning after waking up. Or, make a paste of ground cinnamon with a little water, add honey if necessary, then make this a liniment that can be massaged to joint pain a day 2-3 times.
3. Green tea
Green tea is not only beneficial in weight loss programs, because in fact this natural substances capable of inhibiting the development of the symptoms of arthritis. Antioxidants and anti inflamasinya so high that will reduce swelling and pain.
Here’s how: Provide as much 1 cup hot water, add a spoonful of tea green tea leaves into it. Seduhlah for a few minutes before you can filter it and add a little honey. Daily drink 2-3 cups for maximum healing.

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4. Black Caraway
Well it is joint pain knee or hand or any part of the body that, black cumin with anti-viral properties inflamasinya would be helpful. Natural aspirin in it, i.e. salicylic acid ever undertook to treat the pain unbearable.
Here’s how: Provide as much water 300 ml and also black cumin as much as 2 teaspoons. Rebuslah until the water is left up to 200 ml, after boiling can be lifted and let stand to cool first. Drink every night right towards the bed and every after waking up the next morning on a regular basis.


5. Yoga
Doing Yoga is one way the potent drugs or for Your arthritis. The reason why Yoga is physical exercise can be an effective medicine is because Yoga is able to increase the flexibility of joints and muscles. Even the perpetrators of muscle exercise or Yoga practice will be much stronger so that it will not be easy the pain again.
6. Turmeric
Still there is another natural ingredient that is safe and ready to be effective any drug causes of arthritis you are experiencing. Turmeric compounds Curcumin in it will be antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Here’s how: Prepare a glass of milk, then add a dollop of tea of turmeric powder to it, then rebuslah. Add a little honey, and drink 2 times a day and in a few days you will feel the difference. Or, just add the turmeric powder to Your cuisine every day because of the

consumption in this way would be equally effective. It’s just, do not consume more than the recommended measure in blood-lowering medication are high.
7. Salt
To cure Your arthritis, also a simple way to use the material on a daily basis there must have been at home. Salt is a source of magnesium that will relieve inflammation, heals the pain and swelling when there are deflating.
Here’s how: In your bath water, add 2 cups of salt. Heated in the water for approximately 20 to 30 minutes to make the muscles and joints You feel more relaxed. Each week, you can repeat 2-3 times for a few weeks. Stop the treatment with this method when inflammation, pain and swelling are no longer perceived by you.
14 dangers of pokemon GO, ye must know

14 dangers of pokemon GO, ye must know

Don’t be a stranger to the teens and even adults though, pokemon GO already rampant everywhere, pokemon can GO practically already occupies the first rank in the world of gamers, pokemon GO is a game released in America and Australia, but this game can be played in Indonesia as well, even this game is very easy to download. Initially the pokemon GO stated would be beneficial for health, a person should play because road (walk), but in fact now pokemon GO has many dangers for the users. Such dangers such as:

14 dangers of pokemon GO, ye must know

1. The incidence of malware attacks

Basically to download this game requires third parties, where a third party it will not guarantee the security file for the mamu you have, even with playing pokemon GO to this third party can access what is around you so that third parties can know your locations. If this third party is a person who is not responsible, it is not impossible existence of Indonesia will be threatened.

2. The robbery
Robberies may occur when you play this game pokemon Go, sure you will focus on your smartphone screen, this will cause your easy dirampik, when about to play this game so you are not alone, because it’s very dangerous, in addition to the smartphone that can be easily stolen goods taken would also be easily robbed.
3. appears State dangerous environment
The State of the environment can be dangerous, of course, like the proverbial saying “take the opportunity in every opportunity so that when people focus so gadgets that play opportunity creates a dangerous environment, whether it be a thief or even hustle and dispute
4. The large number of costs incurred
When playing pokemon Go, then an awful lot of costs that will be incurred to play this game, such as for mobile phones and for yourself, like drinking ice while standing and eating while standing whereas we know the dangers of eating while standing and the dangers of drinking while standing is not very good.
5. Will arise out of contention
Contention can occur anywhere and anytime, even so it happens because things trivial, surely one of them is because pokemon GO.
6. The emergence of Competition
Fellow road users will appear Go pekemon competition to win it, so it’s not impossible that competition between individuals is going to happen.

14 dangers of pokemon GO, ye must know

7. Injuries
Although only minor injuries, but this game can cause wounds, whom for not carefully, for example stumble which injuries due to falls, or kesleo and so on if it is ksleo then do ksleo on how to overcome an ankle so that ksleo can be quickly cured
8. Mugging
Mugging not foreign thing again, as muggings will see Smartphones that you hold, and when you off guard so muggings will begin action to grab you.
9. The social gap
Getting closer to a smartphone is getting social relations being decreased, the incidence of mobile among teenagers alone has made the existence of the social gap, let alone with the game that arguably this exclamation. For it is necessary all learn good habits of other countries such as the good habits of Americans, the good habit of Malaysians, good habits good habits of Japanese people, Arabs, Koreans have good habits, good habits and good habits of the Dutch people to the West, so that you can learn from others and can become better still.
10. Traffic accidents
Even it’s not taboo to mention this game make traffic accidents, a lot of people who play games while you drive, so when driving becomes focus and finally happened traffic accident.
11. Relationship of damaged 
It is not impossible a relationship be damaged only because of the game play, this may occur when playing games constantly and forget about her partner, so the couple being bored.
12. Interfere with comfort

With often play this game would certainly be disturbing comfort, be it the comfort of people’s home and the convenience of the users of the road.

13. battery Wastes
In the play the pokemon need gps and camera connection, so this will definitely be in playing wasteful batteries, even this could damage the phone and smartphone beterai.
14. Damage eyes
the food was good for the eyes minus is food containing vitamin A is good for eye health, but despite consuming foods with a routine but playing in front of the screen smartphone also this routine will also damage the eye.
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